Episode #5-6

-For the sake of my story I have re-arranged the chonology of the episodes. "The Mirror", "City of Stone" and "High Noon" now take place after "The Price" in this order. Also the events of the latter two episodes will obviously change. This is extemly important!
-In case you wonder. I left out all flashbacks, and some other scens I not thought of as substantial.
Despite what it may look like on first glance, this is NOT a simple copy and paste job from the script.
-I have no clue of the exact English quotes, so I simply translated the quotes from the German translated episodes.

Previously on Gargoyles:

Demona: "The humans are our enemies, Goliath!"

-The Awenkening, Part I

MacBeth: "I'm called MacBeth. I want your Queen."
Goliath: "Queen? We don't have a queen."
MacBeth: "So? And what about Demona?"
Goliath: "You know Demona?"
MacBeth: "Know her? Ha ha! I NAMED her."

-Enter MacBeth

Demona (thinking): "Well, in a week I will have much fun, so I shouldn't complain."

-Afterschocks, Part III

Broken Mirror

City of Stone, Part I

by Tribun

The night was late over New York. Soon it would be dawn. And after the hostage situation in the bank, the clan was glad that dawn would be within half a hour. Especially the reactions from the hostages weren't that well in their memory, and they would liked for the night to be over sooner than later.

"I tell you, she thought that I was the devil! No 'Thank you!' Just the usual 'Don't come near me!'. I tell you Broadway, the Dragon had cursed me with my appearance. Why the heck have I just to look almost like the Devil?" Brooklyn ranted while wolfing down a sandwich.

"It could have been worse. At least none of them started to plead to God to send you back to hell." Broadway knew what he was talking about. In the middle ages, Brooklyn had been the target of these religious fears several times.

"At least you weren't called a green goblin!" Lex looked up from his programming of the Coldstone program. "I tell you, I really hate this comic villian, and being compared to him!"

"At least you don't have the burden, Goliath is carrying." Broadway whispered, not to remind their leader who was sitting with Elisa at the other end of the room, of the incident. "Remember the little boy who called him Barney?"

Brooklyn had to really restrain himself not to laugh. Despite his burden, he still was able to laugh over someone else's "nickname". That Goliath was compared by a child with a stupid creature from children TV was actually very funny.

On the other end of the room, Goliath was busy to finish a bandage on Elisa's left hand. A week had been not enough to really teach her the finer points of gliding, but she now had mastered the basics of it, and not longer needed his help for just gliding. But manouvers were still very difficult for her. But fighting gargoyle style was obviously still alien for her, since she had no done very well in the bank, resulting in her getting a hand injury.

"Ow! You know Goliath, I still have problems with the concept of simply cimbing up walls with my bare hands. And that despite the strong talons, my palm is still very suspictible to injury." Elisa said while waiting for Goliath to finish.

"We are all mortal. Despite all our strngth, a simple knife could kill us." Goliath knew what he talked about. One of his brothers had been killed by a dagger in the dark ages. "But I'm proud of you, that you have mastered gliding so fast, and you managed to defeat one of the criminals today."

"But nothing compared to how well you fought." Elisa said.

"I have years of training. You still need to get used to your new body. But you have still done well." remarked whle fastening the bandage.

Hudson tried not to grin while he turned off the TV. These two were flirting. He had seen many start this way, and over time it became more. But he would not tell anything. He would merely wait for them to explore this territory by themselves and discover it's wonders.

Ah, young love... I wish my mate would be here to see it. But it was not to be... he mused, still the sadness came, when he thought about his aquamarine angel.

What made him more worry were these three magical beings they had encountered there. What had they wanted to tell them with these words? Why had these children of Oberon decided to talk to them? He had no idea, but it already smelled like trouble.

Children of Oberon were always trouble. Puck had proven this to the best.

...Pack Media studios...

Demona prepared herself for chanting the spell. She had promised Xanatos, that it would grant him immortality, and he had swallowed the bait at once. Of course Xanatos and Burnett would be in for a ugly surprise. Xanatos himself was not there anymore, but this was of no consequence.

This will be finally fighting on even terms. If we turn to stone during the day... Demona then noticed Owen giving her a sign.

Xanatos' secretary was behind the camera, waiting for her to speak, thinking it would grant Xanatos immortality. But he and all others in the city would get MUCH more.

"Begin, Demona." Owen just told her in his dry voice.

"Very well..." she grinned, then started to read from the page. "Omnes conspecti, omnes auditi in nocte usque ad saxum commutate dum caelum ardeat!"

Owen's eyes went wide when he understood that they were duped by Demona. "Stop! This isn't the spell you promised!"

But before he could do something, Demona hit him with lightning bolts, paralyzing him. Quick she tied him with a cable to a chair. "You are too clever for not to take caution!" Activating the playback, she saw the the spell was recorded perfect. Good, now I just have to wait until next night, then the fun will start.

Demona left Owen alone. He cursed in his mind. Damn! Demona only makes trouble. And again a spell that will cause havoc on the city! Queen Titania won't find it funny if the spell also hits her daughter! Owen slowly came out of the paralyse, but to actually get free, he would need hours.

The trickser had been tricked.

...in front of a electronics store...

"Omnes conspecti, omnes auditi in..." The spectators wondered who this strange woman in TV was, who chanted these words again and again, but three nearly identical woman actually had waited for this to happen.

"Isn't that exciting Luna? It starts again!" the blond one told her black and silver haired sisters.

"Hold back sisters, otherwise we will stand out." the black haired told her while they walked away.

"Luna, Seline, have patience. We have waited 975 years, so we can wait a little more." the silver haired said.

Walking to the park, they started to talk more freely. "Still I wonder if what we intend to do will break the rule. You know, it could have ugly consequences for us." Phoebe, the black haired said while they walked by the resvoir.

"As the archmage had said, the rule can be bent. What interests me more at the moment is the doing of Puck. You know, the female creature smells of his magic, it is not her natural form. He had permanently changed her." Seline said while sitting at the edge of the lake shore.

"But at the moment we have more pressing objectives." Luna said while joing her sisters at the shore. "We can still still see if we actually can gain something of it later. For now we need the bring the Archmage what he needs to drive our enemies off Avalon."

...23rd precinct, 10 minutes to sunset...

Matt had no idea why, but nearly everyone in the squad room was complaining about the strange TV program today. Matt himself could not say why, because his TV was broken, and it would be still days until he would get a new one.

"Bluestone, in my office at once!" Chavez shouted. As soon as he was in, she locked the door and indicated to a portable TV. What Matt saw, made him stop.

On the screen was a blue skinned gargess, chaning the same words again and again. Matt had no doubt, that despite never meeting her, this was Demona, the psychopatic gargess.

"Is this the gargoyle psycho who is on all TV channels in New York?" Chavez asked. When Matt nodded, she added: "Go upstairs and tell them. Regardless what she plans, it can't be good considering all what was told me about her."

Matt not needed anymore encouragement, and started to jog to the upper stories to reach the ladder to the clocktower.

...Eerie building...

Xanatos looked to his pilot Bruno while the helicopter took off. Fox had wanted to fly the copter but Xanatos had forbidden it, and ordered the trusted leader of his commando team to do the piloting.

"Hey boss, I bet Demona won't have much chance in Hollywood with this performance. Very lame stuff." Bruno told him while turning the machine into the right direction.

"You saw it?" Xanatos asked.

"I was curious. Well, she..."

"Wait a moment, the phone is ringing." Xanatos interrupted him, then pressed a button to put the telephone on his headphones. "Xanatos here!"

"Sir! Demona duped us!" Owen was on the other side of the line. "Her spell will cause..." suddenly the line went dead.

"Owen?...OWEN? What...?.. ?" Xanatos felt the helicopter loosing attitude, and when he looked over, Bruno had turned to stone! "Oh no!" Switching control, he grabbed his own flightstick, to get the helicopter to land safe on the street. Finally he had landed. Looking to Bruno, he wondered how this could have happened, then he looked over the street.

Everyone was turned to stone! Men, woman children, even some animals! Finally Xanatos became aware what Demona had done. Picking up his weapon, he made his way back to the studio. Demona would pay for this betrayal. But more pressing was how to rescue the city now. Even Xanatos knew, the curse had to be broken. Even he wanted to free them of this spell.

"Well, I think there is no way to get a taxi right now..." he mused while continuing his way to the Pack Media studios.

...the clocktower...

Sunset had brought the clan back to life. Stretching themselves, they greeted the new night. Hudson had promised them to introduce them to his friend Jeffrey Robbins tonight, but first they wanted to see if any news had happened, that needed their attention.

There was a montionless shadow on the stairs, they knew this silluette. "Hey Matt, have we scared you so much that you not wanted to move anymore?" Elisa teased. No reply.

"Matt...?" walking over to the stairs, the froze when they saw it. There was a stone statue of Matt Bluestone on the stairs, looking as if he was just literally running up the stairs and frozen in the motion. As if Matt Bluestone had just turned to stone.

"I must say I'm confused... Who would send us a statue of our frien'? An' in such a strange position...?" Hudson asked himself while looking at the statue. It looked too perfect, even a piece of paper stuck out of his coat pocket.

"Guys...it is so quiet outside!" Broadway said while he was still at the door to the balcony. "As if the whole city had fallen asleep... Almost like a graveyard."

"Like a graveyard..." Elisa then raced down the stairs.

"Elisa wait! You can't walk down there!" Goliath called after her, but she not listened, and they had to follow her. Walking through the corridors of the precinct was strange, and it was here quiet too. Deathly quiet.

Storming into the squad room, Elisa stopped dead. The whole squad room had turned to stone. All of them frozen just in the task they were doing. "Oh God...no. This can't be possible! This can't be happening!"

She looked at the statue of Officer Morgan, he was just pouring himself a coffee. Even the coffee was frozen together with him. Or Officer Johnson, just getting up from his chair. It was a bizzare view.

The clan simply was shocked. All humans had turned to stone. Then there was a noise from the office of the captain. Walking into the office, they saw captain Chavez turned to stone in her chair, looking on a portable TV. And on air was Demona, chanting something!

"Quick, turn it off!" Goliath shouted when he recognised it as latin she was chanting. Brooklyn wasted no time and simply smashed the TV.

"Sorry Captain..." Elisa told the statue of Chavez. Looking at her, Elisa had no doubt that it was her. "I would have never guessed, that Demona could have such power... what if this had happened to the whole city?"

"I think we will find out soon..." Lex said and walked to the front door with the clan in tow. On the street was the same situation. All people were turned to stone. Demona had managed to make them all turn to stone. The clan was quite shocked that she had managed such a thing.

"She HAS turned the whole city to stone!" Brookly said in awe. He had witnessed Demona doing magic, but this was a completely new level. He suddenly felt really helpless.

"I had no idea that she has so much power..." Goliath was also awed.

Elisa looked to Hudson "Look for a telephone and tell Robbins that we can't come and that he should stay inside... It will be a hard night."

Brooklyn on the other hand, went to Goliath. "Goliath, how are wo going to find Demona? She could be everywhere!"

"I fear her trail will be too clear..." Goliath had no illusion, what Demona would do. Elisa paled. She knew that Demona will kill in her hate. And no one would stop her now from murdering her helpless victims.

Goliath continued "Broadway, get Bronx, we need to find the last place of her crimes, and then let him pick up the trail!"

...in a other part of Manhattan...

"Ha ha ha! That is really fun!" Demona laughed while she smashed a man with her mace. She had smashed in the short time nearly two hundered or shot them with her laser gun. She enjoyed it very much.

"Another one bites the dust, meaning he becomes rubble. Haha!" she then walked over to a stoned woman. "Should I relieve you of your bags, madame?" she asked sarcastically, before shoorting the arms off.

"So much to do, and so few time..." Demona mused while walking by a clock store. She had enjoyed to finally destroy the humans the same way they kill gargoyles. And she could do it every night from now on, until the city was empty!

"That was fun, but Xanatos is propably already waiting for me in the studio. Better give him a reciption." Aiming her laser to smash to last humans, she climbed up a wall. Xanatos had to be eliminated now, since he was one of the few with the knowledge to get out how to break the spell.

She not wanted him to destroy her playground. With this thought, she took off to the studio.

...at the same time over Manhattan...

"Identify the broadcast station." The man in the mask instructed the computer.

"Broadcst comes from Pack Media studios."

The man turned around, the mask of the Hunter clear to be seen. He was calm and determined. "Soon I will have you, Demona."

...Eerie building...

Queen Titania feared the worst. When suddenly a humans in the city had turned to stone at sunset, she knew that something was very wrong. And finally she found the cause. The broadcast of this gargess had cursed the entire city. Only thanks to the fact the she hadn't used the TV today, she had escaped the same fate.

Now she wanted to check on her daughter. Opening the door, the queen of the fey stopped, shocked. Her daughter had also turned to stone with her grandchild deeply burried in her! Checking her, she was reliefed, she and the child were still alive, this was like a gargoyles' stone sleep.

The worst thing was, that she was unable to do anything against it. It was mortal magic and therefore couldn't be broken with fey magic. To mix them would cause death and destruction.

"Fox, I will watch over you. And should anyone try to harm you while you are helpless, he will feel my wrath!" She then placed the spell that would alert her in case of trouble, before she vanished.

...Manhattan, later...

They had searched through Manhattan. They had also checked the labyrinth and on Elisa's parents. They were spared, because, in the Labyrinth nobody had a TV, and Pater had turned it off as soon as he had heared Demona starting to chant. He had suspicted after being told that magic was real, that something was amiss. Then they had continued to search.

They had already wanted to give up, when Elisa saw the carnage Demona had caused. Landing, she looked shocked of the massacre. Dozends of destroyed statues all over the place.

"No..." She felt sick. Demona had killed all these people, and if the city would return to normal, the bodies wouldn't be ever found. Instead the rubble would be swept away with the cleaning of the road. Forgotten forever.

"Wyvern all over again." Lex breathed, shocked as well. If they knew Demona was evil before, now she was a meance to everyone.

Standing in front of the rubble, Goliath tried not to loose his composure "Has Demona learned nothing? Every life is precious." Goliath felt his heart crumble again. After Demona hurting him personaly, now she proved her will to murder. He felt so helpless about it.

"Goliath, look at this!" Elisa called. There were three statues, excatly looking like the three fey they had met in the bank yesterday. Goliath wondered what their game was, to appear like stoned human children.

"Regardless who they are, this stinks big time to me, Goliath!" Elisa concluded, wondering herself, what these fey could want.

Broadway looked at the broken statues, fighting hard not to vomit "One of these could be one of our friends."

"Never!" Goliath shoted. "We will put an end to Demona's evil, once and for all." It was clear, Goliath was angry over his former mate, now feeling right to despise her.

"Yes, she must be stopped." Elisa pulled her hand back when the statues suddenly began to speak, their eyes glowing blue.

"But remember your own words, Goliath. "Every life is precious." Take care not to become what you fight against. Vengeance begets nothing but a vicious cycle of further vengeance." the other statues continued.

Curious, Elisa touched one of them, and suddenly they crumbled to dust! "Goliath, I have the feeling, that something more is going on than we know at the moment! Since Puck I really distrust any fey! And these seem to plan something."

Suddenly Bronx howled. "Bronx has catched Demona's scent! Ye' all follow me, and we will find her!" Hudson said, then then followed the beast to a rooftop, so that they could carry him, to follow the scent in the air.

The sisters looked after them. "Everything proceeds excactly as we want it to be." said Luna.

"Yes, but I can't stand to be near the female. She really stinks of Puck's magic! It is so digusting, I nearly had to sneeze." said Seline.

"Is is disgusting, but also it makes things more interesting. Have you seen how the leader looked at her the whole time? But I get off-topic. We are needed elsewhere." Phoebe decided, and they vanished into thin air.

...some time later in the Pack Media studios...

The studio was a mess. The fighting in it had nearly destroyed the whole interitor, rendering it useless. Xanatos was already toying with the idea to simply demolish it after this fiasco was over.

Xanatos still was working to erase the whole recording. Demona should not be able to infect anymore people with her spell. That her fight with this Hunter had saved him and Owen from certain death was just luck, and now he had to wait until dawn, so he could speak with Owen.

At least he hoped that the humans were only stone during the night. Also he hoped that Demona or this Hunter wouldn't return. Suddenly someone entered the studio through the door. Goliath's clan had arrived.

"Ah, the cavallery is here!" he commented, a little disappointed that they have shown up so late.

"Xanatos..." Elisa growled, her eyes glowing a little red. But then she controlled herself. Xanatos was like a red cloth for her, alsways making her anger appear.

Xanatos knew why she growled at him, but he decided to play cool. "You missed the best part. Demona already left together with some Hunter."

"So you worked together with her!" Brooklyn's hate of Demona threatened to overcome him, but he held back.

"She said she would give me what I wanted, so I let her in."

Goliath walked into front of him. "You fool. You should also pay for all her innocent victims of tonight!" Goliath not liked Xanatos' cool attitude. Even if it only was a emotional mask, it annoyed him.

Xanatos was not intimidated. "You want vengeance or a solution? This is bigger than anything either of us has ever faced. We'll have to work together to stop her." Xanatos then held out his hand. " Truce?"

Goliath looked to his clan. Elisa obviously thought about ripping Xanatos to pieces, Brooklyn hated the man for working together with his nemesis Demona, Lex not liked to be in the Pack studio, Broadway had to hold back Bronx and Hudson played with his sword, as if to intimidate Xanatos. But he knew, they had no choice. And they knew it as well.

He held out his hand. "Agreed."

to be continued...