Episode #5-6

Broken Mirror
City of Stone, Part II

by Tribun

Demona leaned back in her seat in her human form, while watching the news about the "lost night". She had brought the television set yesterday, just to see the news of her doing. And what she saw made her forget the little trouble she had with the Hunter last night. Of course she knew who he was, but she would confront him the next time they would meet.

He was stupid to confront her. As stupid as he always was since the day he planed to betray her. Too bad that she had bonded her life to him, or she would have enjoyed dissecting him for him interfering in her affairs.

Then another report came up, explaining the disappearance of three hundred people without a trace. The reporter asked how so many people could simply disappear. Demona grinned evil. Even thinking what would happen to the remains, made her realize the perverted humor of the situation.

They disappeared, because they were swept away when the road was cleaned, human! Ha ha. Interesting thought that they simply will throw thier remains on the junk or make concrete out of them.

All the relatives crying that their ah-so-loved ones were gone during the time of this strange collective 'blackout', made Demona look in distgust and evil happiness at the same time. While she despised the display itself, the pain of these humans was very pleasant to watch.

And to think that I can do this now for every night...

But then her mood turned sour. Xanatos of course would try to sabotage her plans. And his assistant would surely tell him how to break the spell. She had no illusions, he also had the means to do so. Unlike other spells, the condition how to break it was simple. Too simple for her taste.

She had to prevent him from doing so. She also bet, that Xanatos would even ask Goliath the fool for help. She hadn't encountered the clan last night, but even Goliath wasn't so stupid not to notice that all humans had turned to stone. So they would pose a problem.

But dispite her planning to sabotage their possible plan, Demona not wanted to meet Elisa again so soon. She still had not gotten over the fact, that his female, this former human, would now surely start to replace her. Maza would most likely soon fill the place at Goliath's side that was hers before. It made her angry and at the same time she tried to forget it. Meeting her would over bring up that thought. And she had no desire to get reminded of it now.

Shaking her head, Demona turned off the TV. For now she had some other things on her mind. Nightstone was still only a project, but already some hired architects were making plans for refitting a empty building for her pruposes. They said that in three weeks things were ready to start.

But more important, it was a long night, and she really needed some sleep before becoming active again next night.

...at the same time, 23rd precinct...

The 23rd precinct was a hive of activity. Nearly all of their work was concerned with phone calls and reports from frightened citizens concerning the 'lost night'. The whole city was in a state of confusion, and strange reports came from sources outside the city. Reports of people turning to stone.

Detective Matt Bluestone and Captain Maria Chavez were in the Captain's office, the door locked. They had a very good idea what had happened, after puzzling together the pieces.

"...and suddenly it was dawn, and I was still standing on the stairs. The clan was not there. Regardless what Demona had done, it had made us not remember the whole night. Hell, the reports of people turning to stone can be quite true." Matt Bluestone was still unsure if this had happened, but he was sure of one thing. Demona had done something to them. And he not liked it a bit. "At least we know that the clan was down here, judging by the appearance of the TV..."

"Ah yes, that." Maria Chavez. "Put that on their bill. But more important is now to locate from where the transmission came. Our best men have some data collected yesterday before the connection was cut. With some luck we will have a rough position soon. Do we know how many people have vanished?"

"A little over 300. Most of them have disappeared in a radius around a city block, but some disappeared all over the city. Interesting is, that the ones that have vanished all over the city had smashed statues of them in their homes or work places. And there was rubble that had to be cleaned away at this city block... I can think we know what happened to them."

Chavez sighed. "And no way to either get this murderess nor to actually punish her for this... Bluestone. Get out who enabled her to send that broadcast. We can't do anything to punish the one responsible with the help of the law, but at least he or she should know that we know who is guilty."

Matt was unhappy about that too. The best they could do was to charge him or her for pirating the broadcast frequencies. No much, but better than nothing. "I will see if we already have results Captain..."

Then he left the office, leaving Chavez alone with her thoughts.

...in the Eerie building...

"She fooled you big deal David, I hope you can clean up this mess before it becomes even worse." Fox said while standing beside the desk where Xanatos and Owen went over the plan how to break the spell.

"Trust me darling, I already know how to do it. And with the help of our dear friend Goliath and his clan, this madness will soon be over... Demona might have done a mighty spell, but the condition to break it is easy. Setting the sky alit won't be such a big problem." Xanatos absently said, while he pointed out to Owen how to alter the Steel Clan robots.

"Setting the sky alit? You want to fool me, right?" Fox knew, that even David Xanatos couldn't do that.

"Mrs. Xanatos, it only needs to look as if the sky is burning. A certain amount of special gas ignited a kilometer above the city will be enough to fulfill the condition." Owen answered.

Fox not knew a bit about magic, so she accepted this explanation. "I hope so... By the way, my mother called me on the phone this morning. She sounded pretty much concerned about me. I wish she would not do that, I'm a adult woman who not needs her mother to worry over her!"

Xanatos decided not to comment this because of two reasons. Fox's relationship with her mother was still a thorny issue, and he suspected that this outburst was mostly because of the mood swings that came with her pregnancy. Apart from her strange carvings, this was the second thing that sometimes made Xanatos wish that she hadn't become pregnant.

But at the moment they had more pressing things. They had to modificate the robots before dusk, to finally put a end to this curse.

...near dusk...

I should have known, that somehow he is behind all this... Matt thought while parking his car near the Eerie building. They had gotten the rogh location of the broadcast signal. And there was only one place in that region that had the ability to overtune the normal television frequencies. Pack Media studios.

After all Elisa and the clan had told him, Xanatos should have been the main suspect, having worked together with Demona on several occassions. But now there was no doubt. The billionare now would have to aswer his questions. He just hoped that he would reach him before dusk.

Walking into the entrance hall, he waved his police badge at the guard at the reciption desk. "NYPD! I must see Mr. Xanatos at once."

Intimidated, the guard pushed the button to open the elevator, and Bluestone entered the cabin, pressed the button for the top floor.


"We are nearly finished...only two more, then all the robots are outfitted for the task." Owen reported while getting ready the work on the next robot.

"Good, it is nearly dusk, time is getting short." Xanatos then noticed that the desk guard had activated the notificator that someone came up in the elevator. Turning on the screen, the camera in the elevator cab showed a rather stressed looking Detective Matt Bluestone. "Interesting, Detective Bluestone has decided to grace us with his presence. Sadly at a very bad moment."

Then the elevator opened, revealing Matt. He noticed that Xanatos wore his battle armor, making him suspicious at once. "David Xanatos. The first time I have the 'honor' of meeting you, and already it's because you are responsible for a mess. As I see this you are already planning the next stage of your little agreement with Demona?"

"I must admit, that I'm responisble for giving Demona the opportunity to cast the spell. But I not longer have any ties with Demona, and plan to foil her plans." Xanatos answered calm.

"I bet you do..." Matt belived not a word, and tried to walk in front of Xanatos, but Owen stopped him. "Get out of my way..." Matt tried to push Owen aside, both men looked as if ready to beat the other one. But then the sun went down, and both froze in stone.

"Also a way to end a argument..." Xanatos commented before he returned to the task of modificating the last two robots.

...twenty minutes later over Manhattan...

The clan was on way to the Eerie building. They wished they could have called reinforcements, but Elisa's brother had made it clear that they couldn't help. Apart from the fact that they had a serious problem with even meeting Xanatos, they had already their hands full down in the Labyrinth.

They had to prevent the inhabitants seeing what was going on outside, and stop numerous scum that lived down there from exploiting the situation. Meaning that they were unable to help without creating another mess.

"I still don't like it that we have to work together with him. This man always gives me the creeps." Elisa said while seeing the Eerie building coming near.

"I don't like him either, but we won't have much of a choice." Brooklyn threw in. "Either that, or let Demona kill everyone in the city over some years. I prefer dealing with Xanatos." Brooklyn spelled her name a disease.

Goliath had to admit, dispite the truce he had forged with Xanatos, he still felt that the billionare would try to lead them into a trap. But he knew, they had to try to free the city now. He remained silent while the clan landed in the countyard and walked into the great hall. They saw Xanatos wearing his battle amor, doing some last-minute work on a robot, the other robots standing in a row. And two stoned people. One of them was Owen, and the other...

"What is he doing here!" Elisa hissed, seeing that Matt was in a struggle with Owen when the sun had set.

Xanatos played it cool. "Well, Detective Bluestone obviously got out that I'm not totally innocent concerning the current situation, and Owen has bad skills at reasoning with people. But I think we now have more important things to do."

"As much as I loathe to say this, but Xanatos is right. We need to put a end to this, as fast as possible." Goliath said, forbidding anymore discussion.

Xanatos indicated to the equipment on a table. "The spell Demona has cast will be broken 'when the sky is burning'. Together with my robots, we will dispense a special gas from these canisters a kilometer above the city. It is harmless, but if ignited will make the sky look as if on fire. I will loose my robots in the process, but that will be only a small loss. The countdown will be half a hour before ignition, so please come back in time so that you won't get caught in the blast."

Then Xanatos saw Bronx nagging on a tapestry. "Oh please no..." Luckily for him, Hudson called Bronx back, and the beast went to a far away corner of the room to sulk.

The clan wasted no words while they put on their gear a left the castle to dispense the gas together with Xanatos and the robots over the city. They would end this curse once and for all. They not saw the tapestry moved aside seven minutes later and Demona emerging into the great hall.

"Xanatos...even you don't know everything about this castle." Looking to the two statues, she grinned evil. "Destroying a friend of the clan is always a good thing. Every night a good deed!" Swinging her mace she wanted to shatter them but obviously Bronx had something against that. Growling he pushed her back.

"Good boy... Oh well, your human friends won't be destroyed... for now." Throwing her mace away, Demona hoped that was enough. Bronx retreated to guard the two statues.

Looking to the countdown on the console she typed in her own commands. If I loose my playground, I at least will make sure that THEY will go down with it also! She shorted the countdown by nearly ten minutes. "Then I will just for fun destroy Xanatos, Goliath and his fools. I hope they will like my surprise, because the gas will ignite too early. Then you and your friends there will follow when my laser gun will make your life miserable!" She retreated to the tapestry "And nobody will be able to stop me!"

"Don't be so sure Demona! I bet you haven't thought about me." Demona stepped back when the man with the mask of the Hunter emerged. The last man she wanted to see now.

...two minutes earlier...

The gas was dispensed according to plan when Goliath and Elisa pulled up to Xanatos. "I must admit, your plan seems to work Xanatos." Goliath told him.

"Yeah, working a little too perfect. I have the feeling that things will go to hell very soon." Elisa commented.

"I never doubted that it will work. I'm more concerned about that beast and my tapestry. This Gobelin from the 12th century Bronx had nagged on." Xanatos complained annoyed about Bronx.

"We must go back to the caste!" Goliath suddenly said and turned direction.

"Goliath!" Elisa asked while following him with Xanatos behind her.

"I think Demona again duped us. That Bronx reacted that way can mean only one thing..."

"Demona is there! Oh God...Matt! She will kill them!" Elisa realized before grabbing Goliath's ankle. He knew why she did that. That way he could gain speed she couldn't gain yet and arrive at the castle faster. "I hope we get back in time to prevent a desaster!"

As fast as they could they returned to the castle and Elisa wasted no time and knocked open the gate to the hall, only to be greeted was pure destruction. Demona and MacBeth, God only know why he was here, were fighting to the death while the floor started to collapse in the middle of the room. Goliath wasted no time and grabbed the statues before they could fall through the hole.

Just then Demona noticed Elisa, and her hate exploded. While she had a constant hate for MacBeth, Elisa made her anger boil over. "YOU!" Throwing MacBeth aside she ignored the pain caused by this and lunged at her. "You won't replace me!"

Elisa was bearly able to defend herself against the sudden attack. Demona was far more experienced than her and before she knew it one of Demona's talons had ripped a wound on her forehead. Demona then kicked her into the stomach before throwing her against a wall. Goliath was unable to help because he still had to bring the two stoned humans to safety while Xanatos had stormed to the computer terminal. And MacBeth looked as if wondering what had just happened to make her ignore him.

Blood flowed over her forehead, but it now only fueled her own anger. She was determened not to let Demona beat her up.Roaring like a lion she lounged at Demona, hit her hard with her fist in the stomach before knocking her legs away. Every time she hit her, MacBeth howled in pain.

"Filthy human!" Demona screamed before backhanding her over the face, causing Elisa to bleed from her mouth. Demona then grabbed her by her hair before smacking her hand into her side, causing Elisa to go down screaming.

"Ahhh!" Elisa was now really pissed off. She rammed her claws into Demona's legs, nearly ripping them open. The sudden pain caused Demona to realease Elisa's hair from her grip.

Suddenly Demona was grabbed from behind by Goliath and thrown across the room, directly smashing with her head against a wall, resulting in her loosing conscious.

"Goliath!", Xanatos shouted from the other end of the room, "The gas will ignite too early, and she has locked the system! We must get the code from her!"

Goliath had just helped Elisa up, dispite all the blood her injuries weren't serious, and now looked over to Demona. MacBeth had grabbed a sharp candleholder, prapared to kill Demona. "No! You can't kill her! Her death won't solve anything!"

"He's right, MacBeth." Everyone in the room saw the three strange woman suddenly appearing. For everyone they looked different. Goliath and Elisa felt, that these three had played their game with them the whole time, and wanted answers, but they fell silent, when they started to talk to MacBeth.

"Duncan was afraid that your father would make you king." "Did your father's death stop you from becoming king?"

"No!" MacBeth answered with force.

"You wanted revenge for your father. Did Gillecomgain's death settle that score?"

"No." MacBeth seemed to get weaker, as if they had a sort of influence on him.

"Did your own death save your son Luoch from Canmore?"

"No." Now his voice was weak. "I'm so tired..." MacBeth was unable to hold up and simply fell to the ground, unconscious.

"Normally, I'd be fascinated by all this. But I need Demona to talk to get out the code to prevent this desaster." Xanatos said calm, but this was only a mask. In reality he was quite confused who these three woman are who had neutralized MacBeth.

The sisters simply seemed to think for a second before they awakened Demona. She was confused when they stood around her. "You must tell them the code."

"I will have vengeance for the betrayal of my clan, vengeance for my pain." Demona seemed not willing to give in.

"But who betrayed your clan?" "And who caused this pain?"

"The Vikings destroyed my clan." She said, strangely showing no emotion, as if under a spell.

"Who betrayed the castle to the Vikings?"

"The Hunter hunted us down." She change the topic.

"Who created the Hunter?"

"Canmore destroyed the last of us." She again changed the topic.

"Who betrayed MacBeth to Canmore?"

"Your thirst for vengeance has only created more sorrow." Goliath not excactly knew what they talked about, but he had enough information to puzzle together a rough picture of what Demona had done. "End this now before it is too late, and tell us the code."

"The access code is... 'alone'." Goliath had a hard time not to stare when he saw Demona cry for the first time ever. Regardless under which spell she was, it not allowed her to flee into her anger.

Xanatos wasted no time and typed in the code. "Desaster prevented. I will re-program the original countdown."

Just then Demona seemed to get out of the spell, returning to her usual self. "You tricked me! You had me under a spell! None of this was my fault. It was the humans, always the humans!"

"OH, SHUT UP DEMONA!" Elisa screamed as loud as she could, her eyes glowing blood red.

This display of anger intimidated her quite a bit when Elisa moved in front of her, continuing her tirade. "You always need to move the guilt to some else right? You are unable to admit that you mainly caused the whole mess yourself! You need to blame someone else, because you have a weak character. You disgust me Demona. I have once and for all enough of your self-pity and your self-righteous behaviour. If you can't admit your own guilt, you don't deserve someone else's pity."

Demona seemed to get over her shock and wanted to attack, but the sisters simply held her. "You are tired...sleep." Demona fell unconscious.

"Regardless who you three are, we know that you are fey and no schoolgirls, so drop the disguise. We finally want to know what you want." Goliath said with force while trying to get over the fact that Elisa's anger had nearly gotten the better of her. He had never seen her this way.

The Weird Sisters felt that a disguise was now obsolete, and returned to their natural form, looking to the two gargoyles. "Our plans are of no concern to you." "But know that we won't tolerate you to interfere." "For this will awaken our hostility to you."

"Do you threaten us?" Elisa asked while looking at them with suspiction. She not like these three fey. While Puck was only annoying, these three carried the air of arrogance.

The Sisters looked at her as if seeing sumething ugly. "We fell the touch of the Puck's magic on you, creature. It feels...disgusting" "The Puck always does what against nature is. Creating perversions." "You should ask yourself, are you now more human or more beast? For you seem to lack control."

Elisa stepped back, shocked at their bold words. All came now back to her, how she had lost control while fighting Demona and her outburst after that.

The Sisters ignored her and moved aroud Demona and MacBeth. "Our plans for these two are not done yet." "They will play a vital role." "And things now get into motion." In blinding light they vanished.

Interesting... very interesting. It seems as if the Weird Sisters are constantly breaking the law.

When the spell had alerted her that there was danger in the castle, she had feared that her daughter was in mortal danger, but when she had arrived, she was relived to see that she was safe. But gotten curious, she wanted to know what was going on in the home of her son-in-law. So Titania had located the exact point and spied what was going on.

And it was very interesting. That the Weird Sisters were not guarding the water gate to Avalon and instead were messing around with the lives of these two mortals was a gross violation of Oberon's law.

It was something she would remember until the time was right to reveal this. These three were favourites of Oberon, and it would be not easy to reaveal their deeds in the mortal world. But she had never really liked them, only tolerated them. Yes, witholding this for the right time was the best course of action.

Queen Titania then teleported away. She had other things to do now.

...ten minutes later...

The ignited gas looked as if the sky was burning bright. The clan watched the spectacle from the parapets. And the curse was broken and all humans returned to their natural state.

"Wah...?" Matt suddenly noticed that there was a really big hole in the floor where he was a second ago. All the robots were gone and the clan waited at the door to the countyard. "Eh...guys? Looks like I missed something?"

"We will explain everything to you later. Just now we jsut want to get out of here. We don't like to be here." Lex simply said before leaving. The others followed him with exception of Goliath who wanter to say something more.

"The danger is over and the spell that was put on this city broken. As Lexington has said, we will give you the details later. I assume you wish to leave the castle on your own?"

"Oh please, no need to carry me. I have my car parked down there. I'm really curios what had happened. See you in your home." Matt then left, not wanting to stay there any longer.

"Goliath, we made a good team. You know, all this time I've wondered why I let you creatures live. Now I know. You come in handy, now and then." Xanatos was again his old self, always seeming to be above things.

Goliath was a little annoyed, but decided not to bother. "As do you, occasionally." Then he left without another word. He was at the moment more concerned about Elisa. The Sister's words had somehow made quite a impact on her. And she seemed to start to show the first signs of a depression.

Xanatos on the other hand now only wated to go to Fox and relax for the rest of the night. "Owen...please call for tomorrow the repair crew. When I get up I want this hole and the other damage gone."

"As you wish Mr. Xanatos..." Owen said while trying to guess what had happened while he was stone. Well, he would ask his employer next morning. Then he would get a clearer picture.

The End

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