Disclaimer: The characters of Inuyasha are owned by Rumiko Takahashi, but this story belongs to me

Chapter One: Kagome's Baby

"A baby?" Sango asked incredulously. "You are going to have a baby?"

Three sets of male eyes turned towards the pair of girls.

The violet eyes were full of curiosity, and envy. She's going to have a baby? He thought about the children he wanted, and wondered if he would ever have one of his own. Or a dozen. His gaze turned towards the demon slayer and softened.

The cinnamon brown eyes teared up. I'm going to have a brother or sister! The kit was excited and began bouncing in joy. His family was growing! His chest puffed up. I'm going to be a big brother! He began thinking of all the things he would like to teach the baby when it was old enough. He couldn't wait!

The golden eyes narrowed dangerously. No coherent thoughts entered his head, only the desire to kill every male in sight. His claws dug into the bark of the fallen tree he was sitting on.

Miroku and Shippo, hearing the snarling and sensing their early demise, wisely decided to scoot away.

Kagome laughed. "Yes, I hope you guys won't mind having it around too much. I know it's going to be a pain with all the crying and the smells. I'll do my best to not be a bother though."

"It will be no problem at all, lady Kagome. We will help you all we can, isn't that right?" Miroku smiled at her warmly.

"Of course we will!" Sango agreed.

"We… I can help…?" Shippo's lip trembled before launching himself at Kagome, tears streaming down his face. "Thank you!"

But before he could land on the confused miko he was snatched out of the air by a surly half dog demon.

Kagome gasped. Is he GROWLING at me? He is! He's growling at me! Why? She blinked rapidly and got a good look at his face. Her heart sped up and pounded furiously. His eyes are RED!

"Who is the father, lady Kagome?"

"Shut up, Miroku!" she hissed. Inuyasha was looking pretty scary, and his look towards the monk promised a painful and messy death.

"It would have to be someone from your own era, would it not?" he asked as he looked curiously at her belly.

"Miroku! SHUT UP!"

He made his fatal mistake when he reached to put his hand on her stomach.

Inuyasha lunged.