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Chapter Twenty-One: Teacher's Note

"We're doomed."

Inuyasha had the gall to snicker, earning him a heated glare from Kagome. She shoved him not so gently out of the way and entered the room with a warriors resolve. We can do this. We can.

"Aw, who am I kidding? It's impossible!"

The hanyou moved towards the middle of the room. He looked around, studying the room and the contents with disdain.

"Let's just trash it all," he said decisively. "Then it we'll be done in time for lunch."

Kagome let out a shriek and threw herself protectively in front of the box he was reaching for.

"No!" She glared at him. "These are precious treasures!"

With a disbelieving look, Inuyasha reached into an open box and pulled out an old musty magazine. "This is a precious treasure?" He gave it a little shake and watched in disgust as yellowed and deteriorated particles began to fly.

"Oh okay, FINE. Some of it is junk, but most of it is important." She gave a little sniffle as she gestured to the room. "You can't just go throwing away all my stuff!" As her voice began to raise in volume and pitch, her eyes got misty. "These are parts of my life! Memories! Reminders of special moments in my life!"

Wrinkling his nose he eyed the magazine again. "Yeah?"

Angrily she grabbed the magazine from his hands and threw it towards the wall. "NOT THE MAGAZINE, you idiot!"

Inuyasha sighed heavily. "The book said you'd be moodier than usual."

Kagome let out a feral growl that actually made Inuyasha blink in surprise. He was going to make her kill him. She swore that if he mentioned THAT BOOK to her ONE MORE TIME then she would absolutely kill him. Her fists clenched and tried to control her temper before her body began glowing pink again. He's driving me crazy. She growled again. No, she scolded herself, he's just being concerned. Then her eyes teared up again and she began to sniffle. Here he is being sweet and I'm being… A few tears actually escaped and made their way down her cheeks. When she saw Inuyasha's horrified and completely panicked look, she began to laugh, lightening her mood considerably.

Stupid confusing hormones.

With a clap of her hands and a cheery smile she was ready to get back to work. She waved towards the wall where the magazine landed, completely ignoring her slightly irrational outburst. It was a valiant effort to keep from snickering as Inuyasha watched her warily. Her hanyou chose the silliest things to be afraid of.

"We'll start a trash pile over there. We can bag it up later. The boxes we're keeping put by the door and we'll get them moved downstairs so we can put them in storage." Giving him a hard look she couldn't help but remind him, "Make sure you let me see everything before you throw it away so that I can make sure it isn't trash. Don't just tear thing up and throw them away."

Inuyasha growled and sank to the floor, sitting cross-legged, in a snarky mood. "Wouldn't it be easier to just do it by yourself then?"

Irritation flashed in her eyes. Then she blinked and it was gone, replaced by a guileless gaze. Smiling sweetly, Kagome replied as she batted her eyes, "You're probably right, Inuyasha. Why don't you go have a snack or play with Souta or Buyo or something and I'll stay up here and sort through all these heavy boxes by myself."

His growl got louder as he swatted her hand away from a box she was attempting to move. He took it from her and put it where she was pointing. For the next hour he didn't speak a word to her, only glared occasionally as she told him what to keep and what to throw away. Her grandfather and brother had come through a few minutes ago to make sure that she wasn't throwing way THEIR treasures. She sulked at their comments and Inuyasha smirked.

Feeling a little sore from all the bending and sitting so still to sort through the boxes, Kagome stood and stretched, willing the aches to go away. The pile of trash had grown steadily. Who knew that we kept so much junk? What are we? A bunch of pack rats? She wondered what in the world her family had been thinking when she opened a box of half rotted recipe clippings from newspapers. Making a mental note to buy her mom a cookbook, she picked up the whole box to walk it over to the trash pile.

That was her plan at least.

A plan quickly thwarted by an angry half demon.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" He yelled at her as he ripped the box away from her, throwing it to the other side of the room before grabbing her shoulders and glaring at her with his very best chastising glare. "ARE YOU INSANE OR JUST STUPID?" He really really REALLY wanted to shake her.


"The book says you can't lift heavy things." He growled, tightening his grip slightly. "Don't do it again."

Rolling her eyes she shrugged, knowing better than to argue with him when he was in one of THOSE moods. Over the past couple of weeks she learned that there was just no reasoning with him and definitely no contradicting The Book. "Fine, whatever, I'll just start bagging up the trash then."

It shouldn't have surprised her that when she absentmindedly rubbed a kink out of her back that it would cause the love of her life to fly into a panic. These days it seemed he was always in a panic.

"Are you hurt?" He scooped her up and sat on the floor settling her oh so gently in his lap. Methodically he began inspecting her for an injury.

"I'm fine, Inuyasha." She giggled when he hit a particularly ticklish spot.

After giving her another thorough inspection, he set her aside and stood up to leave.

"Where do you think you're going?" she asked as she attempted to stand up. She would have stood had he not put his hands on her shoulders and gently forced her back on her rump.

"I'm just going to go check the book to see if back pain is normal."

It couldn't be helped, Kagome burst out into laughter. She half regretted that her mother had given him the stupid book. Not only did she give him the book so that he could study the pictures and graphs, but also the same book on tape so that he could obsessively listen to it. She grinned, as she thought of how serious he looked as he studied the book. Who knew that a book on mothers-to-be was also a tool to drive fathers-to-be insane with worry? Still, it was awfully cute.

"I'm only a few weeks pregnant, Inuyasha. I'm not an invalid."

He scoffed, obviously remembering the hours he spent holding her hair back as she threw up. Likely he also recalled the begging in the middle of the night for him to bring her the foods she craved. Sure he might complain when she would send him through the well, five hundred years into the past (or future, depending on when they were) for one thing or another, but he always went. He would deny it to his dying day, but he was being uncharacteristically sweet. Even his threats of death to all who were in her breathing space were kind of sweet.

"Besides," she said, "We really need to finish clearing out this room if we're going to use it for a nursery. Mom is probably already buying the furniture as we speak."

"Nah, she swore she'd wait for us. She's out buying more baby clothes." He looked around the room and cracked his knuckles, giving the boxes the same look he often gave demons right before he gutted them. "Time to get to work!"

Another hour flew by, and the pile to throw away was almost double the size of the boxes of stuff to keep. Over half of the room was just about empty. Inuyasha was enjoying himself with his new find. There were boxes and boxes of papers from that miserable torturous dangerous evil place that had kept Kagome from him for so long. He was about to toss yet another box of old homework assignments when something stopped him. So far he had taken great delight in destroying all evidence of her school as he threw it into the trash pile (she had given him full approval to dispose of old homework assignments as he saw fit, and the way he saw it they deserved a violent death), but this one caught his eye. He opened up the folder and smirked.

"What have you got there?" asked Kagome curiously as she dusted off her hands.

"Mikomi," he told

Kagome smiled and plucked the folder from his hands. She opened it up to see her journal, the scrapbook, and her teacher's response. After flipping through the scrapbook and journal, she read the note.

Kagome –

Though I sympathize with your lack of sleep, I have to wonder why you did not use the Day Care option. One twist of the Day Care Key and you could have had six hours of free time for homework or sleep.

Oh, did I forget to mention the Day Care Key option when I handed out the dolls? It was, of course, a regrettable oversight. Though the option was mentioned in the instruction manuals that accompanied the dolls. Did your doll not come with one? How very strange that it did not. Another unfortunate oversight.

You have received a grade of C-.

And as you know, any grade less than a B+ will keep you from graduating.

Your significant number of absences counted heavily against you. In no way do your implications that all teachers are involved in some diabolical conspiracy reflect in your grade. Really, Kagome, you have quite the imagination. I would be interested to find out who you may have discussed these theories with.

It must be quite frustrating and frightening to know that your entire future rests on a few grade points. To think that showing up to class just a few more times would mean the difference between graduating with your peers and going through one more year of school. Perhaps you will take this moment to question the things that are really important in your life. Think of it as a life lesson.

However, it is obvious that you spent a lot of time and thought on this project. You treated the project as it was intended, a taste of the future. Most of the other students did not get quite as emotionally involved as you appear to have. Your journal entries, however overly dramatic they may be, did indicate that you took the project seriously. For that and the extra work you put into it, I gave you extra credit.

I hope you learned some valuable lessons from this assignment. Something besides information on sleep deprivation. Although I appreciate the articles on the unfortunate side effects, both long term and short term, of sleep deprivation that you provided, I was unable to add them towards your final grade. I am sure that if you had put that much effort into all of your papers you would not be an emotional wreck as you try to figure out if you are going to be able graduate or not this year.

Please not the attachments. These are the names of three reputable psychologists who specialize in anger management, you may want to consider giving them a call.

Final Grade: A-

"You know, I think maybe I'll just keep this one after all." She tucked Mikomi's file into the box she had behind her where she was storing the things that were important to her.

Kagome smiled as she did what her teacher asked. She thought about the things that were really important in her life. And as it so happened, the two most important just happened to be in the room with her. She put her hand over her tummy and gave her mate her most brilliant smile. His eyes warmed as he put his hand over hers, leaning into her protectively.


ooOOooOOooOOooOOooOOooOOooOO ooOOooOOooOOoo

The End

…. and the Beginning of something new…

ooOOooOOooOOooOOooOOooOOooOO ooOOooOOooOOoo

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The sequel to this story is called Inuyasha's Baby.