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The gist: This story is connected with the OVA of the show. I've added another character, an American southern girl. Of course she has issues too which is why she was sought out to be in Weiss. It's mainly a humor/action fic but there will be some romance. I hope you enjoy this and yeah…

Warning: Foul language and crude humor and some random retarded jokes. It's all fun.


Looking down at the abandoned lab, she allowed the tears of her past trickle down her face. After all this time it still haunted her. The tubes, the intelligence that was downloaded into her brain, the fact that her parents only had her to make her into an experiment. It all still hurt her so badly. All that was left now was rubble. Her doing when she escaped their grasp. It had taken years of planning but it had worked. Many had died and anyone after that day who opposed her would suffer her wrath. Many died but she had shut off all of her emotions. She didn't care anymore. She just wanted to be normal and to have been raised in a loving family. No matter what happened now she would change her ways.

Days before a Japanese woman had approached her and had asked to join a group of assassins called Weiss. When she had translated it, it had come out as white hunter. She had accepted since she knew that her "parents" were still trying to track her down. The only reason they were was to get the secret data out from her mind. If she fled the country she would be able to live more peacefully. She needed to live normally for once. That's why when she had turned away from her memories she had a smile on her face. No way would she ever have them controlling her again.


Sitting downstairs in the basement of the flower shop, the men of Weiss sat obediently, waiting for Manx to explain the meaning of this meeting.

"C'mon Manx, spill it. I need to know what the deal is fast. I have a smoking date later this evening with a sexy bookstore keeper." Yohji said as he took off his shades to look Manx in the eyes.

"Yeah Manx Aya and I have a double date with Sakura and my babe."

"Ken why don't you just say Aya?" Omi asked totally bored with their bitching.

"It's cuz it sounds wrong. A date with Aya and Aya. Man it makes it sound like I'm dating Aya! That's gross. I'm not into the homosexuality scene."

"C'mon, you must've had a little bit of an attraction to Aya if you're going after his sister." Yohji said with a wicked gleam in his jade green eyes.

"Hey Yohji how about you shove it up your tight ass." Ken said with a wave of his middle finger.

"I'd love to take up your offer sugar, but I don't feel like ass fucking tonight."

"How about you all shut the fuck up!" Omi yelled out with irritation.

"Okay guys let me get to what I mean to tell you. We have a new member joining Weiss. She's 18 and an American. Her code name is Otaku and she's a specialist in hand to hand combat, and she's a certified Ninja. She also is a master of many Japanese swords and is a very impressive apothecary. She should be arriving tomorrow morning. You can now go." Manx said as she too left the room. The only one who remained was Omi.

Turning on the computer Omi sat down and watched as his desktop loaded. "Guess it's just us tonight." He said sadly.

The next day the guys gathered downstairs while Aya and Sakura managed the store. Apparently during their lunch break, the new member had joined moved her stuff into the upstairs loft where Omi stayed with the elderly woman who owned the shop.

Manx was standing in front of them, ready for them to meet their new member. "You guys ready?" she asked as she opened her cell. They all watched Manx as she called someone and heard her say, "They're ready."

Moments later they heard a clicking noise from behind them. They knew someone was descending the winding stairs.

"So these are the men that I'm supposed to work with? They all look like a bunch of chumps to me." The women said as she walked around the couch to stand next to Manx.

Everyone was silent as they took in the girl's appearance. She was slim and tall, with honey brown hair that went midway down her back. She had bright hazel eyes that seemed to gleam with something forbidden. She wore red T-shirt that had a low cut V-neck and a pair of worn out jeans covered in fading patches. She wore a pair of sneakers with holes in them and some crazy shoelaces with blue mean bears on them. They watched as she measured each one of them up. She seemed to sneer at every one of them except Omi. Perhaps it was because of the age, but it still made them wonder.

"Well I guess I can work with these guys. Just as long as they have a good sense of humor." She said with sly grin crossing her face.

"I think they do and I don't think you have to worry." Manx said as she stepped back, allowing the women to introduce herself.

Nodding in understanding, the women stepped up with a smile on her face. " Okay it's nice to meet you all. I'm Dani Smith and I'm 18. I am an American and I love jokes and anime and fighting. I can't do anything lady like and I cuss like a mother fucking redneck without racist references. I'm crazy and I love anime conventions." She watched with pleasure as they all gaped at her with surprise. Seemed that her bitchy cold act worked out pretty well. "So do you mind if you tell me who the fuck you guys are?"

Coughing, Aya spoke first, still stunned at her bluntness. "I'm Aya Fujimiya. I'm 24. I don't like much and I dislike conversations."

"I'm Yohji Kudo and I'm 23 and I like sex, wine, and women. You seem pretty attractive, how about you and me get together later tonight and have a little fun?"

Tilting her head she gave him a smile as she walked over to him. She signaled for him to come towards her with her index finger. She smiled again and leaned forwards as he out stretched his hands towards her rear. She then pulled out a huge sheet of paper with a naked women on it. You could hear her yelling "Naruto's special centerfold attack!" And since Yohji was preoccupied with the picture, Dani took advantage and kicked him in his nuts. "In your dreams cunt nugget. I'll never do anything sexual with you!" Then turning back to the others she gave them a smile. "So what about the rest of you guys?"

"I'm Ken Hidaka, I'm 21 and I like soccer and stuff."

"I'm Omi and I'm 18 and I like my computer and the net."

"C'mon you guys, why does it sound like a grade school introduction? It's so sad and god it's making me freaking… I dunno… weird. Ugh you guys are such losers." Dani said as she headed for the stairs she turned to Manx and gave her an apologetic smile. "I'm sorry but I think I'd like to rest in my room. This is just crazy."

"So you guys need to become friends and you need to work together. I'm leaving so you guys better get along. Yohji no more hitting on her, it's just gross."

"Hell this is going to be very interesting." Omi said with a soft smile touching his lips. Very interesting.

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