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Warning: Language and very crude humor.

So the first week at Kowa Academy was going fine. She was in all the same classes as Sena and Omi, and enjoyed goofing off during Yohji and Aya's class. It was fun except the day that she got progress reports, Manx wasn't too pleased with it.

"What is the meaning of this? You're a genius and yet you practically failed all your classes! And what's this I hear about you doing Sena's homework while he can dawdle during class?"

"Well, I don't want to out class those other dumb asses so I don't do it. It's boring and I don't like to do my own work. So what's for dinner?"

"Dani, don't change the subject. You are supposed to be a responsible student."

"Responsible… responsible… responsible…? You mean like R-E-S-P-E-C-T?"

"Quit with the bullshit woman, I'm sick and tired of you bugging me. Now you will tell me right now that you will do your work."

Obviously in her own universe, Manx watched as Dani stared at her. "Bug…bug…bug…? What kind of bug?" Dani said before making her finger's look like antennae as she put them on the side of her head. "Hey Manx did you mean this kind of bug?" then with a wiggle of her fingers she made it look like she was a bug.

"No dumb ass, why don't you listen to me for once?"

"Cuz I don't' feel like it. I also have a compulsive disorder." Dani said matter of factly.

Sighing, Manx walked out of the flower shop, leaving Dani to her own devices. Those devices ended up being her interesting sense of humor. She and Sena were joking around while Omi was doing research on his computer. "Hey Omi I got a SAT question for you!"


"Okay, what is P.Diddy's eggnog to Elton John saying…?"

"What the fuck is that supposed to mean?" Omi asked.

"It's Elton John saying, "I hope that's eggnog."" Sena said before falling off the couch with laughter.

"Where do you get this strange stuff from?"

"Conan O'Brien. He's crazy and everyone loves his humor back in the states."

"The stuff in the states are just too much for me to comprehend." Omi said as he turned back towards his computer.

"I don't think so buster, you're not getting away that easily." Suddenly Dani jumped Omi and dragged him upstairs with her, calling for Sena to come along. "Don't think that you can hide behind your computer. You, me, and Sena are going to that restaurant where Fartload works."

"What's wrong with you? Normal girls don't do shit like this." Omi said as she tried to struggle free.

"I have a compulsive disorder." Dani said as she tackled him once more.

When they arrived, they sat themselves down and ordered their beverages. It was only the second time coming to this restaurant so they had to take the time to explore the menu. When the waiter, who sadly happened to be Fartload, came to take their order's, they all did so politely, well everyone except Dani. "What's up Fartload? I want to order the tossed greens with the house vinaigrette. I'd also like an order of mashed potatoes and some more Mountain Dew."

"Is that all miss?" The waiter asked.

"For now Fartload."

When the food arrived, Omi and Sena dove into their food, while Dani sat staring at her food. She cautiously took a bite of her potatoes, then her salad. She frowned as she looked around the table for a salt shaker. "Where's the salt?"

Clueless, Omi and Sena just shrugged as they continued to eat. Dani looked around the full restaurant for the waiter. She needed some fucking salt for her food. "Where's the waiter, I need some salt."

When one came, they informed her that they had run out of salt and that their shipment wouldn't come in until later the next day. Standing up, Dani stared at the waiter with flames coming out of her ears. "What kind of restaurant runs out of salt. I'm not satisfied with my food. I need some fucking salt for my fucking mashed potatoes and fucking salad! I'm paying 500 fucking yen for this meal and now I can't enjoy it because of your fucking ignorant asses!"

Before she could go on, Omi handed over 2000 yen as he and Sena pulled Dani away from the table and out of the restaurant. "What the fuck was that about? You made a huge scene over salt. Salt! Of all things it was over a stupid seasoning. What's your problem?" Omi asked as she stared at Dani. "What is WRONG with you?" he asked as she stared dagger's into Dani.

"I have a compulsive disorder." She said nonchalantly. "I have no problem but what about you OMI? I just needed some salt and that stupid restaurant is so incompetent that they didn't supply enough for their customers. I mean I fucking love salt and I must use it for everything. I even use it for my fucking birth control Omi, so ya wonder why I wanted some salt." Dani explained with thick sarcasm before she stalked off down the street, back to the flower shop.

The next day at school, Dani actually for once turned in her homework, and kept her mind on her work. It was something that Yohji couldn't believe, and as she sketched out a very vivid picture of Inuyasha and Kenshin killing a rabid mongoose, well he was still concerned considering that fact that she hadn't tried to make his life a living hell. So was it any surprise that he bent down to make a comment on her picture? No it wasn't, but just as he was about to complement her picture, the back of her fist came flying and hit him smack in between his eyes.

"What the fuck did you do that for?"

Spinning around on her stool, Dani pretended to be mortified about hitting Yohji, when in truth she had known that he was behind her. She could smell his odor and felt his breath on the back of her neck. So she decided to smack him, but it totally didn't seem that way as she knelt on the floor beside him, making what she hoped to be sympathetic cooing noises. "Mr. Kudo, I am so sorry for hitting you. I felt something tickling my neck and so I brought my hand up to rub it. I had no idea that you were behind me." Then making it seem that she truly meant it, she sniffled and bowed her head as if she were about to cry.

He fell for it…


"It's Dani." Dani said, correcting his error. No one ever called her by her birth name.

"Sorry, Dani, I'm sorry for sneaking up. You don't need to feel bad, it was just an honest accident, right?" he asked as she looked into her eyes, which had changed from hazel to a shocking indigo.

"Yes sir, I'm truly sorry. I also have a compulsive disorder Mr. Kudo." And before she could apologize anymore, Sena ruined the mood by snorting and falling off his seat. Boy was she going to kill him when she got to the shop.

When class had been dismissed, and it was lunchtime, Dani met up with Omi and Sena and they decided to go to the library and research the history of the school. They needed to know more about the motives of Eszett. With no food in their stomachs, and no information, the group headed off to class and tried to act like normal people.

When they all got to the flower shop, Dani and Sena headed down to the basement to do homework. Except the only one doing their own work was Omi. Dani was sprawled across the couch doing all of Sena's work while Sena stared at the TV it was a wonder why the kid ever did any work.

"Okay Omi I got some more SAT questions." Dani said.

"What are they?" Omi asked wearily.

"What's the summer fruit you eat before you go swimming?"


"Wrong. It's persimmon it's for swimming." (Season of summer (kaki) persimmon (kaki) Dani said with a smile.

"Oh I see, okay quiz me more." Omi said now interested.

"Okay now who's always banging up cars?" Dani asked.


"Nope, wrong again. It's the dentist." (Dentist (haisha) scrapped car (Haisha)

"Wow." Omi said now confused and miffed.

"Dude you're so lame. These are so freaking easy." Sena said.

"Okay then how about you try to answer some of them." Omi said.

"Okay, Dani hit me."

"What kind of bird doesn't get along with the police?"

"A rook."

"Ding ding ding!"

"It's a coincidence!" Omi said.

"Okay who built Osaka castle?" Dani asked.

"The mason."

"Ding ding ding!"

"Another coincidence!" Omi said.

"Okay Nihongo (Japanese) is Japanese. Then what is Eigo (English)?"

"Still Japanese."

"Right. Omi you see Sena just seems to have more creative brain cells than you do."

"One more Dani." Sena said.

"Okay, there are pumpkins, eggplants, and tomatoes on a truck. When it hits a sharp turn, what fell off?"


"THE WINNER TONIGHT HAPPENS TO BE SENA!" Dani said as she pulled out an American sparkler.

"Shut up!" Omi said as he headed up stairs.

"I'll go after him." Dani said as she hopped up and tossed Sena the still lit sparkler.

"Don't feel bad Omi those are just questions we got off an anime."

"But if you think about it they were to get your brain moving." He said on a sigh.

"Don't worry." She said as she sat down beside him. She looked up and stared at the star lit sky. A sudden wave of nausea hit her when a flurry of images flew by her. Images of tubes and doctors, needles with liquids of many bright colors.

"Hey you okay?" Omi asked.

"I think I'm gonna be sick." She said as she got up and ran to the toilet. She relieved herself and when she opened the door Omi was waiting for her. "You okay now?"

"Yeah, I guess, I just feel sick." She said.

"Well feel better." She said as she went upstairs to her room. She pulled out her laptop and typed in her email. She saw that there was one from her long time friend, Radical. He was an artist, short and girly looking though he was a guy. She read what he said.

To: NinjaAssain005 AT

From: RadicalYaoiOtaku AT Sup?

Sup my home dawg? Nothing here in America cept some shit about some medical research company. They apparently lost their test subject and now are in big trouble. It made me think of you. Is it possible that it could be you? Well be careful. I heard you're in school! Haha, you nut monkey! Well good luck. I'll be coming up to Tokyo later on this year. Let's hang out. IM me later.



p.s. how's that compulsive disorder of you're going on?

She signed onto AIM and was immediately IM'd by her friend.


ConWhore4Life: Nothing much.

RADICALOTAKU: Did you get my email?

ConWhore4Life: Yeah I did. Thanks for the info. It's helpful.

RADICALOTAKU: No prob just watch your back.

ConWhore4Life: Can't wait for you to visit. You gotta meet Sena! He's a trip! Oh and I drew this cool picture in art of Inuyasha and Kenshin killing a rabid mongoose!

RADICALOTAKU: Woot Woot for Kenshin and Inuyasha! Die Mongoose! Cool, I'll be down during your summer break. I've got to go an art deadline.

RadicalOtaku is away now

Sighing, Dani smiled, glad that her friend had IM'd her. Suddenly someone else IM'd her.


ConWhore4Life: Who is this?


ConWhore4Life: Oh hey…

CROSSBOWASSAIN: You sure you're okay?

ConWhore4Life: Yeah I am, just some bad flashbacks. I guess memories from my past.
CROSSBOWASSAIN: Oh well as long as you're okay.

ConWhore4Life: Well yeah thanks for being concerned.

CROSSBOWASSAIN: No biggie. I've got a secret that I want to tell you.

ConWhore4Life: What is it?

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