Chapter 1

It was a clear and beautiful day in Surrey. Everyone was outside enjoying the weather. All along Privet Drive people were enjoying the beautiful day. Everywhere you looked there were smiles and laughter. Everywhere except in the garden of number 4. There weeding the garden was a boy with shaggy, black hair and a scar etched on his forehead. His name was Harry Potter. He had only returned from school a week ago, but was ready to be anywhere but here. He was given the chore of weeding and replanting the garden. As he was working he was thinking about his life, or lack thereof. The events at the end of his school year had him depressed and he was struggling to put things into perspective.

"Why me"Harry asked himself "How can I possibly be the one?" The more he thought about it, the more confused and angry he became. "There are many witches and wizards that are more powerful and experienced than me, so why do I have to be the one to do this" he asked himself "If only Sirius were here. He would be able to help me understand." His thoughts wondered to Sirius, his godfather. Sirius was his last chance to get away from the Dursley's. Harry felt his eyes well with tears. "I'll never get away from here now. I'll never know how it feels to have a family who loves me." As his thoughts raced, his anger and confusion grew. "I wish I could be someone else. Someone who is in control of their future. I don't even have control of my life right now, how can I have the future I want if everyone else makes all the decisions for me? Why can't I get anyone to listen to what I want? I wish I were someone that people would listen to. Harry worked all day as these thoughts whirled through his head.