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Summary: Cheerful versus cold. Smile versus frown. Light versus darkness. And a target versus an assassin. Uchiha Sasuke was sure he can eliminate anybody. But he never expected that his next target could prove him wrong.


By: ang3Lix

Mission: Target: Haruno Sakura.

For a girl like her, she was never allowed to roam around this part of the city. But being the person she was, she never liked obeying her parents. She was a stubborn one, and no one proved that theory wrong.

For a normal person, they would have chosen another route other than this deserted alley. The road was particularly frightening during nighttime, for many dangerous people resided in this part of the city. Robbers, snatchers, kidnappers, you name it, they're all there. With the brick walls covered with graffiti and spray-painted messages, and the ground filthy with all kinds of dirt, entering this street was like putting your life on the line.

But she never paid attention to those words. There were only a few people she actually listened to. And because she was a girl, the range of danger increased even more for her.

How unusual, a 15 year old teenager walking down the dark boulevard, carrying a normal back pack, and a smile plastered on her face. And the fact that she looked more gorgeous than most women on posters and T.V. commercials made it even more dangerous with her situation.

There she went, walking, humming a soft tune, as if she couldn't care less about the eyes that stared at her from the shadows. She was still smiling.

She felt the presence of a few people lurking behind her, moving in stealthily. Though she knew they were there, they took notice of them, keeping her gaze on the road ahead. She knew well that there were about five behind her, two hiding on each side, and three more waiting to block her path. It was only then that she stopped, when the three moved infront of her, restricting her from any escape routes.

" Let's see here, guys. A pretty little flower, wandering here all alone." one man, coming from behind her, sneered at her. " It's so unlucky for you to be all alone in this side of the town."

" I'm just passing by." She said innocently, shrugging her shoulders nonchalantly. " There should be nothing wrong with that, am I right?"

The same man flinched at her calm behavior, indicating that she did not fear them at all. He growled audibly, letting his voice bounce on every wall. " You should be scared of us. We're one of the most dangerous gangs in this boulevard."

The girl snorted at his statement, turning to where he was. " Dangerous? I don't see what's so dangerous with a bunch of butt plugs like you guys." She said, a small smirk tugging on her pink lips.

All of them seemed to react with her comment, but none of them moved from their position, probably waiting for a signal.

God, gangs are so predictable.

Their leader, the one she had been speaking to all this time, paled beyond recognition. His curled fists were shaking, his blood-shot eyes covered with a layer of anger. His hand automatically reached for his holster, pulling out a silver dagger. It glinted mysteriously, when the moonlight bounced on the blade. She saw the others pull out a variety of weapons.

" Regret is a painful thing." He growled. Positioning himself into a stance, he shouted, " Attack."

Her hand reached out under her dress, where a holster was strapped in one bandaged thigh. Gripping her choice of weapon, she flung two of the metal kunais in his direction, one he sloppily dodged, but the other imbedded on his right hand that held his knife. It clattered on the ground.

He has no skill.

Pulling out another kunai, she held her hand infront of her, motioning him to come closer.

" Put em up."

A battle cry reverberated through out the alley, only to be silenced abruptly. A thud followed the shout.

A figure walked down a narrow hall, as his one visible eye darted idly from one painting to another. He sighed. Now it was no wonder why his student wanted anything but to get locked up in this house of hers.

Ever since her mother died, every portrait of her was stripped down from it's original place. Every memory was burned down and was completely forgotten. Her father buried himself into self pity, both of his wife's death and the idea of living all alone. It seemed that he had forgotten that he had a child of his own.

When she turned into a fresh age of thirteen, her father married another woman once again, as his business flourished once more. The woman turned out to be a CEO of a large business company. The two corporations merged together, making both business tycoons. But it was not only a woman that entered their lives, but another child her age as well.

They were in complete contrast. While she was cheerful and giving, the other was snobbish and selfish. The girl was blond, while she was… well, pink. The girl was awfully concerned of her looks, while she hardly cared at all. Their two personalities clashed together, but she never fought back.

So now, every corner of the mansion was stripped off of its original portraits, and was replaced by pictures of the present family, which she was not even included. Her happy childhood never existed at this point. Their once happy family was only a mere legend instead of a history.

How he pitied her.

But he knew she never liked it when she was pitied. She learned how to live without it, and she wouldn't want to start now. So he treated her like someone normal, though he was certain that underneath her sunny smiles were pure frowns. She had to mask up everything.

He raised a hand, knocking on a particular door.

No one answered, so he tried a different method.

" Sakura, open up. Time to train." He called, waiting for her usual response.

But still, nothing came.

Okay… now it was officially unusual. With the mention of training, he should have received a great scolding, because he was always late, and he made pathetic excuses. He was beginning to form premonitions.

" Sakura, I'm coming in." he called firmly.

Driving his whole body weight into the door, it gave in to the pressure and opened up. Her room seemed normal, still the same bed, the same drawers, the same chandelier that hung on the high ceiling. It was still spacious, and obviously grand. But instead of seeing his pink-haired student, he saw a fifteen year old girl wearing a maid's uniform, complete with the apron and cap. Her hair color was of chestnut brown, and her dark blue eyes held something highly suspicious.

" Hikari, why are you here?" he asked curiously, raising an eyebrow for effect.

She fidgeted a little, clearly giving off a clue. She spoke in a stutter, " Uhm… I was just… c-cleaning, Kakashi-sama—"

" The true reason, Hikari." He said firmly, noticing the waves of emotion flashing in her orbs.

Rather surprisingly, she threw her arms upward in distress, groaning loudly. Hikari clearly needed major counseling, for it seemed she had a huge mental war going on inside her head.

" Kakashi-sama, it's Sakura-chan…" she began, her voice full of remorse. " She's gone again!"

Kakashi simply sighed and scratched the back of his head. So, his student once again escaped the watchful eyes of her guards and servants. He was beginning to regret the skills he taught her. She was using it for her advantage.

Smart girl.

He turned to the other direction, heading towards the forcefully opened door. He stopped for a moment, facing the girl who was almost in the verge of hyperventilating.

" I'll go get her."

But there was one more thing to know about her.

In her left collarbone, a hazy figure was stationed there since her birth.

A birthmark that resembled a perfect crescent.

" I'll give you a chance to back off now." The last one standing said, and she was certain he was nervous, just like the others. Speaking of the 'others', they now littered on the ground like common trash. Though they were physically injured, all of them were a good length away from death, and their damages were nothing the doctors can handle.

She shot him a glance that said, 'are-you-delusional-or-what?' She spoke to him as if he had grown an extra head or something. " So you're trying to tell me that I'm scared?" she asked him, dead-panned.

The man gathered up what was left of his courage, raising his head high. " Y-yes! You're scared of me, aren't you?" He gulped down the lump on his throat. " So I'm giving you a chance to scram. So go!"

She sighed.

Is he dumb or something?

She slipped her weapon back to her holster, as the man infront of her breathed a sigh of relief. She never had the chance to enjoy his relieved reaction, because he quickly gathered his bearings and stood up tall, as if he had beaten her to a bloody pulp, which he had not.

She brought up a hand to her collar, pulling it down until her collar bone was visible. When the light from a flickering lamp post flooded the street, the man had a full view of what she exposed.

A crescent. Right there. A birth mark.

With in a split second, he broke into a quick run, not even daring to look back. She heard his footsteps grow faint, until it was inaudible.

Then, a powerful torrent of unknown emotion surged through her body, when she felt another person behind her. Lifting her collar back in place, she quickly drew out three kunais once again. With great precision, she turned around, her left heel sliding through the ground, her other foot firmly planted in place, much like a compass. She flung the kunais at the person's direction. Taking her chance, she charged at him while he was still busy dodging the weapons that tore through the air. Executing a powerful bullet kick (1), her feet came contact with a hard body. She felt him react in pain, but not much to knock him out. Twisting in mid-air, she landed a blow on the man's head, sending him hurtling into the ground.

" Damn it, Sakura, I told you not to use that combination!" a familiar voice growled. " You're in a friggin' dress!" he added.

" Oh my god, Kakashi-sensei!" she gasped, running to where he landed. " I didn't know, I swear! I'm so sorry!"

Supporting his back, Sakura managed to have a little look on his once masked face. She saw his visible eye wide with irritation, and his mask now had a long tear on the cheek where she had kicked him. A bloody gash laid underneath the ripped cloth, blood flowing freely from the wound. Wait, she never slashed him, and she was pretty sure he evaded all the kunais… so why did he have a cut?

Sakura's eyes narrowed when she suddenly remembered her foot wear. She automatically looked down on her feet, and sure enough, a pair of high-heels met her gaze. She groaned.

" I'm really sorry, sensei, I really didn't mean it." She said solemnly, handing him her handkerchief.

" It's alright, it's partially my fault for not dodging it. You've been training more, I assume?" he asked, while wiping his cheek gently.

" Pretty much." She answered, grinning. " I kinda got into trouble a while back, but I already took care of it."

Kakashi noticed the beaten bodies of gang members thrown randomly at different directions. He was pretty amused by this. " You did well. What art did you use?"

" I used weapons on this one, they're all armed." She answered indifferently as both of them stood up. Sakura noticed him double over with pain. It must have been her kick. She mumbled another sorry before they walked away.

" No martial arts?"

" A little bit. Just a few though."

" Oh yeah, you better go and talk to Hikari, the girl might have a heart attack. She's worried about you. Better tell her next time where you're going."

" Oh god, Hikari, I forgot! Come on, hurry up, Kakashi-sensei, I have to get back home!"

" Don't blame me, I got a few cracked ribs in here."

" Come on, it's not that bad!"

" Yeah right."

Within the depths of the shadows, he heard him speak.

" Kill her." he commanded firmly.

It seemed that superiority was in his hands.

And he never used it for the good of the whole organization.

The raven-haired teen glared at the darkness, for he knew he was somewhere beneath the shadows, hiding.

" How do I find her?"

The voice spoke back, a vehement hiss surrounding his words. " A mark, Sasuke. A birth mark. In a shape of a crescent."

" Is that all?" he asked, finding the information given to be unsatisfying.

" That's all you need to know. Can you do it? Can you kill a girl?"

The man just doubted his skills.

A cold rush of wind passed through them.

His tone of voice was deadly. " I can kill anybody. That's my notion. I won't let a girl break through my belief."

He turned around, as a pair of glinting, yellow eyes followed his retreating back.

" Let us see, Sasuke-kun." He whispered tauntingly to no body in particular.

Let us see.

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(1) bullet kick- a bullet kick is much like two 45 degree kicks connected by a jump. And the 45 degree kick is a kick either at the stomach or the sides, depending on your stance.

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