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NOTE: They are NOT hanyou, youkai, miko etc in this story. They are all HUMAN!

Title: Until Love Happened

Summary: They are best friends, however this fact has to be kept hidden from the rest of the world. Why? He's a famous singer, and keeping this friendship hidden is the only way to keep her family safe. Until Love happened... InuKag

Disclaimer: I don't own IY and co. Rumiko Takahashi does. I own none of the songs either!

Genre: Romance/Drama

Ages: Kagome: 17, Inuyasha: 18

Rating: R (M)

.- .- .- .- Chapter 1: Inuyasha's Sweetheart

"For the past three days, a female has been going to the residence of the famous teen singer, Takahashi Inuyasha, eighteen years old, and leaving late at night. Our reporters have caught a picture of the back of her jacket and she is unrecognizable. We have an interview with Inuyasha, questioning about her, and many other things.

"Hello Inuyasha. This is reporter Nazuda at Station 9. How are you today?"

"I'm cool, singing some songs, going to school, chilling with my friends." Inuyasha flashed a grin.

Inuyasha was a teen singer, as a boy he always sang when his brother Sesshomaru played the drums. Now at 18, he is the biggest sensation yet! He had unusual silver hair, as did his father and brother with the most beautiful amber eyes. He was tall, around 6 feet and he was very, very athletic.

"That's great! Speaking of chilling with your friends, we have noticed a young girl going to your house on regular basis… care to tell us who she is?" said Nazuda.

Inuyasha laughed. "Yes, in fact I do care. I won't reveal her identity, and she won't come up so easily. All I can say is, she's my best friend, since the day we were born and I call her sweetheart."

"Aww," Nazuda smiled, "your sweetheart? Any feelings?"

"Pfft no." Inuyasha snorted.

Nazuda laughed. "Alright. Care to tell us about your hit new album, Hanyou."

"Oh well, my brother and I made half the songs in the CD and then my sweetheart and I sang the duets. Our hit single is My Boo where she and I sing. It's releasing in two weeks and there's a concert in 2 months time."

"That's great! Now, I hear your starting your senior year at No Tama High, am I correct?"

"Yea, I'm starting my senior year in high school, as is my sweetheart. We're in basically all our classes together, which I'm too happy for!"

"That so sweet! Now Inuyasha, any girlfriends?"

"Yea, in fact the media knows about my girlfriend, Kikyo Hiro. Kikyo kind of made it sure the media knew…"

Nazuka giggled. "Kikyo must be proud! Alright, going back to the concert, when is it exactly?"

"Well, my team was planning it on October 3rd, however, after much consideration, I want it on October 28th, my sweethearts birthday. She's turning 17."

Nazuda frowned. "17? Then she shouldn't be in her senior year…"

"Actually it's ok. I started school a year late to be with my Sweetheart.

"I see! Anyways, that's all the time we have for today. And we also find out Inuyasha as a best friend whom he calls Sweetheart. How sweet! That's it for Station 9 news, I'm Nazuda Tokijin."

Kagome Higurashi, turning 17 in two months time turned off the television laughing. "He's such a prick." She giggled as she hopped up to her bedroom.

Kagome Higurashi, a beautiful, gorgeous 16 going on 17-year-old girl was home alone at current time. Her mother had taken her 13-year-old brother to the dentist. Kagome's father had died when she was 7 and the previous year, Kagome's Jii-chan had also died.

Kagome went to her bedroom to finish getting things ready for her school. She got her school uniforms ironed and her backpack ready. Korari Higurashi works two jobs to get their mortgage and loans paid off. Kagome also has a part time job to help.

Their family friend, the Takahashi's have offered to pay off the mortgage, loans and whatnot but Korari declined.

Izayoi and Korari have had history together. They were friends since they were 6 years old and when they grew older, they became like sisters. Then Izayoi married the famous businessman, Inutaisho. They had two children, Sesshomaru, the direct heir to their company and Inuyasha, the singer of the bunch.

A year after Inuyasha was born, Kagome was born. She started school with Inuyasha, who had started school late. They knew each other since they were babies and they've grown to become great friends.

However after he became the singer, they decided to keep this friendship hidden, so Korari's family doesn't get extra attention from the media.

Kagome still didn't have her drivers' license yet.

Anyways, all that is beside the point. Kagome walked to her bedroom and checked her cell phone her messages. 'None so far.' She thought.

Kagome had a part time job and the money she makes goes to her savings and her cell phone bills, and the rest to paying off the loans.

Kagome finished ironing her clothes and hung them up when her cell phone rang.

She didn't even care to look at caller's id as she flipped it on.

"Moshi Moshi, Kagome here."

"Hi Sweetheart." Came the husky familiar voice.

"Inuyasha, I ought to kill you! You basically told the world about me!" Kagome shrieked.

"I did not! I just said that I have a sweetheart! They have no idea who my sweetheart is!"

"And you have to be thankful for that."

"Anyways Kagome, don't you think it's time to tell Miroku and Sango about us being best friends? I mean they are OUR best friends…"

"Sango I can trust, but Miroku I can't. That loser still asks me to bear his child." Kagome snorted.

Sango Yue and Miroku Houshi have been friends with the two since grade 9. Miroku and Inuyasha became friends a month or so after school started and Sango and Kagome right off the bat. They still didn't want, even their new friends, to know about their friendship, so Kagome and Inuyasha remained quiet.

"And I still want to punch him out for asking you." Inuyasha snarled.

"Aw, my personal body… singer… person." Kagome said awkwardly.

"Haha… very funny." Inuyasha said sarcastically.

"Whatever. Listen, you know the concert which you've been talking none stop about since two months ago?"

Inuyasha laughed. "Yea so?"

"We duet half your songs, how do we do it there?"

"I can either record your voice and play it back, or you can stand backstage and sing." Inuyasha said as he examined his nails.

"Backstage is better. Something could happen to the tape." Kagome said.

"That's what I thought. Anyways Sweetheart, come visit me today, I'm so bored!" Inuyasha whined.

"Aww, I'll try, unless this time the cameras get more than just the back of my jacket." Kagome muttered.

Inuyasha snorted. "I'll break the cameras! You're so much more interesting to talk to than Kikyo."

"Of course, we know basically everything about each other."

Inuyasha grinned. "Yea, like you're in heat right now Sweetheart."

Kagome paled. "You idiot! You know when I go through my monthly?"

"Of course, it's usually the end of the month where you piss at me!"

"And why the hell do you call it heat? You're not… not… a dog!" Kagome finished.

Inuyasha chuckled. "Yes I know I am not a dog. I am a regular boy… who's a famous singer, but nobody understands heat so it's our thing Sweetheart."

Kagome giggled. "When did you start calling me Sweetheart?"

"Remember, 5 years ago when you gave me a small box of chocolate hearts on Valentines Day and I have to you HUGE ass chocolate bunny."

"Oh yea…" Kagome laughed as she walked downstairs again and flopped onto the sofa.

"You as bored as I am Sweetheart?" Inuyasha asked.

"Even more. Don't you have a recording in two hours?" Kagome asked.

"Shit! How'd you know?"

"Sesshomaru told me two days ago when I came over."

"Shit… thanks for reminding me Sweetheart."

"Of course. Anyways Inuyasha, ever since you became famous, we've always pretended to ignore each other in school… and sometimes the occasional fake fight… what is our relationship now?"

"Kikyo hates you… so we have to act neutral. Not hate, but not showing we know each other. Damn I hate it when she bad talks you." Inuyasha growled.

"Then why are you dating her?" Kagome asked.

"I dunno, I think I like her." He said quietly. For some odd reason, that some how… hit Kagome.

"Aww, you're more open with little old Kagome then your own brother."

Inuyasha chuckled. "Of course, Fluffy is a serious bastard who cares for nothing except his business."

"And Rin." Kagome pointed out. Rin was Sesshomaru's wife for 3 years now.

"Yea, and her too." Inuyasha mumbled.

"So Inuyasha, does that mean I have to go all… fan girl-ish on you?" Kagome asked as she turned on the T.V. Fan girls tend to scream, at the sight of Inuyasha.

"No we don't unless Kikyo gets suspicious. And if she does get suspicious, then we just can have a fight or something."

Kagome sighed. "Unless anybody gets suspicious. And getting into fights it so much easier then… OH MY GOD! IT'S INUYASHA! Know what I mean? Why don't we just dub our selves enemies at school rather than neutral?"

Inuyasha chuckled. "Yea, better idea. Anyways I have to now Kagome, it's an hour drive to the studio."

Kagome smiled. "Ok, by Yashie." She said by a nickname.

He laughed. "By Sweetheart."

Kagome flipped her phone shut and lay down on the sofa. 'We've been friends forever.'

Kagome thought as she fell asleep.

.- A Week later: First day of School -.

It was the first day of school and the school Principal, Myoga-san called for an assembly right after morning announcements.

Kagome and Inuyasha had every single class together (probably Izayoi's doing) and their first class together was Musical Theater where you act and dance… in like live broad shows and what not.

Kagome had taken this course, because a) easy credit and b) she loved singing. Inuyasha just did it to be with Kagome.

Anyways, the announcements start in 10 minutes, and all the students are filling into the auditorium by grade. Starting with the nines.

So, what their teacher did, meaning Inuyasha and Kagome's teacher, was start off the very first thing in their 10-minute waiting period.

"Alright class." Said the teacher, Sensei Kaguya. Kaguya was like a princess. She was young, and beautiful and was a great actor/singer.

"What I do every year is, since Musical Theater usually has a bit over the number of students needed, is I pair off two students to always work together. It saves time, and energy when we actually do partnership work. This year, fortunately, I have a reasonable amount of students, 18. Not to many, not to less. And on the plus note, I always try and pair a male and female together, and we luckily ended up with even amount of both sexes! Now, girls, line up there, boy's there… and I'll pair you two off…"

Kagome and Inuyasha were standing parallel to each other. To Kagome's right was a cute girl named Souten, and parallel to Souten was Kagome's friend since the 10th grade, Shippo. To Kagome's left was Ayame, a good friend to Kagome. She has a huge crush on Kouga Lang, the boy who was dubbed the biggest player in the last 4 high school years.

Unfortunately, Kagome was Kouga's latest target (much to Inuyasha's displeasure), and Kouga was also in Musical Theater, standing parallel to Ayame.

"Alright class," Said Sensei Kaguya. "To make this easier on all of us, the boy/girl who is standing across from you will be your partner for the rest of this semester. So, girls, tell me your partner names starting off with Sai."

A brunette smiled, "Hikaru Go." She said.

"Alright, Sai and Hikaru. Next."

The names continued until Souten, Kagome and Ayame were to say their names, being the last their girls in their row.

"Shippo Kitsune." Souten Thunder said. Souten was one of three. A triplet. She was the youngest and her elder brothers were Hiten Thunder and Mantan Thunder.

"Kagome." The teacher said looking at Kagome. The teacher had taught every year, so Kaguya was pretty much familiar with all the students, except the new ones. Kagome was in Kaguya's Vocal course and in Choir a few times.

Kagome grinned. "Inuyasha Takahashi."

All the girls gasped as they finally realized that Inuyasha was in their Musical Theater class.

"How could they have not noticed?" Souten asked shocked.

"Settle down. Now Ayame."

"Kouga Lang."

Kaguya wrote down all the names and said. "This is your pair for the entire semester. You two are to be together all the time in this class. We are going to start singin-" but she got cut off when Myoga-san called in for the seniors to make it to the auditorium.

Kaguya-sensei nodded as the kids filed out, talking to their friends. To look inconspicuous, Inuyasha walked with Kouga, much to his outmost distaste and Kagome walked with her friends, Souten and Ayame.

"Oh dammit! Souten, Kagome, I'm with Kouga!" Ayame squealed.

Souten grinned. "I get a great actor, Shippo."

Kagome frowned. "I get stuck with a fucking attitude, I'm the best singer in the world with tones of money jack."

Inuyasha looked back and grinned. "Hi girls. Ayame, Souten was it?"

The girls shrieked.

Kagome snorted. "Pathetic."

Inuyasha had to give his Sweetheart props on the acting.

.- Auditorium-.

The group entered the Auditorium and Kagome instantly saw Sango sitting at the far corner with Miroku, saving 4 seats. Miroku was Inuyasha's close friend and he didn't mind the publicity. Sango was just an acquaintance.

"Stay close." Kaguya sensei whispered as the group split into different locations.

Kagome, Souten and Ayame rushed over to Sango and Miroku with Inuyasha behind them. Kikyo was nowhere in sight and Inuyasha gave up looking for her.

"Hey Kagome!" Sango grinned as she hugged her friend. Miroku was right beside the wall, with Sango sitting beside her. Souten and Ayame took the seats beside Sango, leaving to seats together, for Inuyasha and Kagome.

Damn, they sure didn't mind.

"So Kagome, why this sudden hatred for our teen pop star?" Souten asked.

"He's a stuck up jerk." Kagome spat bitterly. But secretly, Inuyasha was playing with Kagome's fingers, and nobody noticed in the dark. When Myoga-san came onto the stage and everybody clapped, Inuyasha bent down to Kagome's ear, (since he was like 5 inches taller then her) and whispered, "Stuck up eh?"

"Shh!" Kagome hissed with a smile on her face as Inuyasha gave her a poke in her belly.

"WELCOME BACK OLD STUDENTS! WELCOME NEW STUDENTS!" Myoga-san cried. Everybody cheered.

No Tama high was known for it's great school activities.

"As you know, this is supposedly the most entertained School year as of yet. First of all, welcome back Mister Inuyasha Takahashi, for your last, and final year of gracing us with your singing talents!"

A bunch of girls stood up with a poster reading. 'I LOVE YOU INUYASHA! MY BOO!'

Kagome snorted. "Excuse me?" She whispered when the cheering died out. "But only I can call you my boo!"

Inuyasha chuckled. Kagome frowned as she turned to Souten who was sitting beside Sango.

"Oi, Souten, trade with me."

Souten looked at Kagome. "Doushite?"

"I'm sitting beside a stuck up jerk. Besides, I have to talk to Sango about the trip to Florida this December."

Souten nodded as she crept past Ayame as Kagome did as well. Inuyasha knew fully well that this was all part of the 'I-can't-stand-the-teen-singer' act. But it did some what feel… awkward without Kagome sitting beside him.

All his life, it was always himself, Sesshomaru, Kagome and Souta… all the time. Whether Sesshomaru or Souta weren't there didn't matter because it was always Kagome and Inuyasha… always.

Souten didn't bother Inuyasha much. Just the few, 'how's it like being famous' and 'will you give me your autograph' questions.

'Girls.' He thought as he signed a pad of paper that Souten had.

Finally the assembly ended, which took basically all of first period. Kagome and Inuyasha both had spare second, and lunch third period. Then for fourth and fifth period they had classes. Kagome and Inuyasha have advanced calculus for Math and biology for Science.

Kagome shoved her stuff in her locker and turned to go when she bumped into somebody.

"What it bitch!" Came the all to familiar voice…

"Fuck off Kinky ho." Kagome spat, as she was about to walk around Kikyo.

"I don't think so. Apologize to my boyfriend before he knocks some sense into you."

Kagome could have laughed out loud. She had bumped into Inuyasha and apologizing to him in front of Kikyo would be the last thing she does. Besides, Inuyasha, knocking sense into Kagome? This MUST be a joke!

"Oh… apologize? Ok then… Inuyasha, I'm sorry for not being sorry that I bumped into you." Kagome said grinning foolishly. She glared at Kikyo before walking past them.

"What the hell did she just say Inu? I'm sorry for not being sorry? The hell is that supposed to mean?"

Inuyasha shrugged, trying to hide the grin that was about to show on his face. He turned around for a split second to see Kagome hold up spare keys to his car.

Kagome had a set of keys for Inuyasha's car because sometimes they go out driving and she starts the car.

Inuyasha smiled and turned to Kikyo. The halls were empty with Kagome just walking outside.

"Hey Kikyo, I have to visit my brother. Nobody's home and he's sick."

Kikyo pouted. "Fine Inu-kun. But can you please tell me, that I am your sweetheart?"

Inuyasha laughed and shook his head. "Want me to lie or tell the truth?"

"Truth, I know I'll like what you say." Kikyo smiled, her makeup was caked on her face that made her look all… unnatural.

"It ain't you." Inuyasha said before giving her a soft kiss on her cheek. "But I still love you more."

Kikyo smiled. "Bye Inu."

Just as Inuyasha rounded the corner Kikyo scowled. "Not me? Who the fuck is that bitch?"

.- Car -.

Inuyasha parked his car at the far corner of the parking lot so when Kagome got in, nobody seemed to notice. A few minutes later, Inuyasha came by and got in. He hugged Kagome.

"Sorry for Kikyo."

Kagome shrugged. "It's been like that since the 5th grade."

Inuyasha sighed. "So what now?"

"I'm starved! You said Aunt Izayoi had sponge cake?"

Inuyasha grinned. "Oh yea she does."

Kagome squealed. "Oh Yashie! We can go to your house and back in time right?"

Inuyasha chuckled. "I guess we can." And he reversed and took off.

Oh yea, being best friends for your entire life is one thing. Hiding it is another…

But falling in love?

The story is just beginning…

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