Title: Until Love Happened

Summary: They are best friends, however this fact has to be kept hidden from the rest of the world. Why? He's a famous singer, and keeping this friendship hidden is the only way to keep her family safe. Until Love happened... InuKag

Disclaimer: I don't own IY and co. Rumiko Takahashi does. I own none of the songs either!

Genre: Romance/Drama

Chapter 26: The Beginning of the Rest of our Lives

"Oh- oh- almost--- perfect!" Kagome squealed as she watched her brother and Kohaku bring in a box of flowers. There were very delicate flowers in the box and she wanted it someplace where it was out of the way yet easy access.

"Heesh, you slave driver." Kohaku shot at his friend. Kagome giggled as she hugged him. "Yo, be happy you're my ring bearer 'Aku." Kagome smirked.

"Which is so not fair because I wanted the job." Souta growled.

"But we're bending the rules and now my baby brother is a groom's man." Kagome winked at him.

"Oh yeah," Souta scratched the back of his head, "I forgot about that."

Kohaku rolled his eyes. "Dude, you're the groom's man for the famous singer and your brother-in-law, how can you forget?"

"You would too if your sister dumped her goddaughter on you."

"Yeah, but my sis don't got no goddaughter."

"She will when Yash and Nee-chan get it on."

Kagome screamed. "SOUTA! KOHAKU! SHUT UP!"

The two boys laughed as they ran out of the room.

It's been 1 month after graduation and well, the wedding preparations have been seriously focusing with the wedding. They needed gown fittings, caterers, beauty salon bookings, church booking, finding a priest, best man, maid of honour, brides maids, grooms men, and everything else you need for a wedding. Kagome was tired, dead and she didn't know what else to do!

She didn't work, obviously with a rich and famous husband-to-be like Inuyasha, Kagome was secure for life. She sighed as she opened the box of flowers. There were roses, sakura petals, lilies, baby's breath, violets, chrysanthemums, and just about any other type of flowers known to earth. Kagome picked out a beautiful rose tiara and toyed with it. She placed it on her head and pulled up a hand mirror. She gasped at the beauty and how it made her face glow.

She had to thank Ayame for ordering this one.

Right now she was sitting in her living room sorting out the flowers. Miroku and Kouga were to come by later with the list of what was needed if there was a shortage of flowers and they were to take the flowers to the church. The wedding was in 3 days and everybody wanted the flowers up at the closest date to the wedding as possible.

At the moment, Inuyasha was getting last minute touchups on his tuxedo. They were going to do the march again today and then another one tomorrow. That left 1 day before the actual ceremony. On the final day, they were going to look over everything, and do a dress rehearsal for the march; however Kagome wears her mother's old wedding gown because Inuyasha can't see what her gown looks like.

Kagome marked off the list, everything was here, and everything was perfect, just then Miroku knocked on the door.

"Oh hey Roku, Kouga," Kagome smiled.

"Hello Mrs. Takahashi." Kouga bowed gallantly. Kagome laughed as she blew a flying kiss at him. So she was 18 and Inuyasha was 19, big deal! They were legally adults and they could do anything they wanted. (Without one being considered a pedophile that is)

"Why hello Mr. Lang." Kagome laughed.

"Did you see Yasha's Lamb?" Kouga grinned at Miroku.

"Inuyasha has a lamb?" Kagome raised a brow, confused.

"No, his father gave him a Lamborghini as a wedding present." Miroku said, "They gave it to him yesterday when Kouga, myself and Hakkaku were there getting extra wedding crap. I swear Yasha would have fainted."

"Oh," Kagome laughed as she looked back at her flowers, second time looking them through.

"Oi Kag-chan," Kohaku said as he walked back in, dusting his hands.


"Can I see the bands?"

"Oh sure, come with me." Kagome said as she stood up.

"Hey! We wanna see too!" Kouga whined.

"You guys were there when Inuyasha and I chose the bands." Kagome shot.

"Then why does 'Aku get to see 'em?" Miroku pouted.

"Because Kohaku is my ring bearer, not you." Kagome shot as she led the boy into her bedroom.

"Remind me, when I get married to Ayame, not to bug her about wedding bands." Kouga whispered to Miroku.

"Likewise with Sango." He whispered. Kouga picked up the flower box and Miroku picked up the list.

"Alright, Souta tell your sis we're going back to the church."

"Sure." Souta said as he dialed up for pizza.

"THAT HURTS!" Inuyasha whined.

"Suck it up my boy, I've been through this, Sesshomaru's been through this, it's now your turn." Inutaisho said as the tailor accidentally poked him with a needle.

"But your tailor wasn't a French gay guy!" Inuyasha whined.

"Pardon?" The French man said, he didn't understand Japanese, only French and broken English.

"Nothing," Sesshomaru said in English.

"Ok, zis tuxedo iz de best in ze line." The man kissed his fingers like an Italian pasta maker.

"How much?" Inutaisho rolled his eyes.

"About, eh, I don't know- $700 pozzibly?"

"What the freak? 700 freaking bucks?" Inuyasha roared.

"No cheap, better quality." Sesshomaru said.

"OI YOU INSANE?" Inuyasha roared as his brother as the tailor went to get better material.

"My tux cost minimum a thousand dollars. We're Takahashi's, my brother, waste money like us." Sesshomaru winked at him.

"Yeah well, I left you 2 with the business crap, I do the singing." Inuyasha sighed.

"Zis tuxedo costs $1020." The man said as he adjusted his glasses.

"Try it on Yasha," Inutaisho said.

"You guys are going to kill me before I get married. I wanna be able to see my kids before I die of tux rashes!" Inuyasha wailed.

"No such thing Inuyasha." Sesshomaru said calmly, while trying to hide the laughter.

"Then what're the red markings on my thighs?"

Inutaisho burst out laughing. "I'm a pervert Inuyasha; do you want me to answer that?"

"What are you? The father of Miroku?" Inuyasha growled as he walked into the changing room. Sesshomaru and Inutaisho looked at each other before laughing.


That only caused them to laugh even more.

The marches were done perfectly; they were ready for the actual wedding.

Well, almost.

"ATCHOO!" Kagome screamed with a tissue pressed against her face.

"Oh my god, oh my god, OH MY GOD!" Said Suki, the lady who was in charge of getting the wedding perfected.

"Soby," Kagome said, her voice muffled by her cold.

"It's not your fault dear," She said rubbing her temples, "people easily get colds in the middle of August."

"Oi!" Kagome snorted.

"We have to get you better! What were you doing, sitting in the freezer all day?"

"No, buh I hab bibe glabes of ice binks."

"Ice binks? OH ice drinks! KAGOME!" Suki said whining.

"SOBY!" Kagome said again with tears in her eyes. Her mother and Izayoi were with her hugging her.

"You'll get better, two more days before the actual wedding sweetie. We'll call off the march tomorrow, or we can practice without you. You just need your bed rest." Izayoi said.

"Boes Yabie know?" Kagome asked.

Korari shook her head. "Sesshomaru and Inutaisho have kept him busy. If he knew you were sick he'd blow a gasket. We'll just wait, if you don't get better by the wedding, we'd have to postpone."

"NOO!" Kagome cried tears falling faster and harder.

"Sweetie, it's the only thing to do."

"Buh I will geb better, I bwomise."

Izayoi and Korari kissed her temple. "No promises sweetie, just sleep."

"I wanna see my fiancée!" Inuyasha whined.

"Yeah well your fiancée is too busy trying to get ready for her wedding, WHICH YOU SHOULD BE TOO!" Inutaisho roared. Izayoi had told him not to tell Inuyasha about Kagome's cold, it would throw him off. Izayoi, Korari and Suki are doing all they can and Kagome is getting better, she can say her words properly now at least.

"Are we marching tomorrow?" Inuyasha asked meaning the rehersal.

Sesshomaru sighed and took out his phone calling his wife. "Hey Rin, are we marching tomorrow?"

"Yeah, Kagome is conditionally better. No more stuffy nose, no more sneezing and she certainly isn't red. But her cold is still there. Don't tell Yasha but we're still marching."


"Yeah, we're marching tomorrow."

Kagome got better by the next day and Inuyasha couldn't tell she had a cold. They did the march perfectly and she sighed, slumping against his new car.

"You tired Sweetheart?" he asked as he moved the stray bangs from away from her eyes.

"Very tired, the past few months, I've been through hell and back."

"But it's all better the day after tomorrow."

"Tell Sango and Ayame to let me sleep in. Get Rin to keep Mina and tell our parents that Kagome –future- Takahashi is sleeping in. I am not getting bags under my eyes on my wedding night."

Inuyasha chuckled as he kissed her softly on the lips. "I'll make sure of it."

"Hey," She whispered after the kiss.

"Hmm?" He said as he nibbled her earlobe.

"Whatever happened to Kikyo? I haven't heard about her since grad."

Inuyasha chuckled. "My agent said that there was this new model, well model to be, her name's, get this, Sweetheart."

Kagome coughed. "What?"

"Yeah, my people called her people and they found out Kikyo Hiromi was the face behind Sweetheart. My agent threatened for a lawsuit, Sweetheart was my property, my fame, and she couldn't take it without consent. So now, Kikyo is an anorexic model who is desperate to be my Sweetheart, and you are my Sweetheart, getting married to me in a few days."

Kagome smiled and she hugged him. 'She got what she deserved,' she thought.

T'was the wedding day…

Everything HAD to be perfect…

Kagome got up early…

Inuyasha got up early…

Souta got up early…

Heck even Buyo got up early!

Kagome, Rin, Ayame, Sango and all the other females rushed to the beauty salon to get their make up done early that morning. The limos were all ready to pick, drop and receive. The church was currently getting filled up by the guests and Inuyasha was hyperventilating.

"Holy fuck! You'll be ok! Damn, mom and dad got married and had us, Rin and I got married and had Mina, time for you and Kagome to get married and get kids." Sesshomaru said. Inuyasha shot a glare at his brother.

"But you ran out right before your wedding, at least I'm staying in front of the alter. And no swearing in a church!" Inuyasha growled.

Sesshomaru rolled his eyes. "Just shut up and awake your bride."

"You're a poet now?"

"I would have said something more uh- coarse, but I won't."

Inuyasha sighed. "Alright, thanks."

"No problem." Sesshomaru smiled as the ceremony began.

When Kagome walked out, Inuyasha's breath caught in her throat. Inutaisho was bringing her down the aisle and Inuyasha was ready to take her hand.

'She's gorgeous,' he thought.

In no time, Kagome and Inuyasha did everything and were sealing their marriage with the kiss.

"My baby's married, if only Akira was here." Korari said as she smiled, tears staining her face. She felt something cold brush behind her and she turned around, eyes widened. Standing right behind her was a pale version of her husband, wearing a tuxedo. Korari gasped but he smiled. He stood beside her and smiled, watching the married couple.

"Akira," She whispered and he smiled, looking down at her. He leaned forward and brought his face forward. As his cold, ghostly lips touched her cheek, he vanished. Korari jumped a bit before smiling, knowing Akira was there, watching them.

Inuyasha laughed as he wrapped his arm around his wife's waist. "To think, this would never have happened if our parents didn't know each other since they were Souta's age." He smirked.

"Yeah well, it would never have happened if I hadn't fallen in love with you."

Inuyasha smiled as he drew her to him, still up at the podium. "But I would've,"

Kagome's breath caught in her throat. "You're mine now Sweetheart, don't forget it."

Kagome smiled as he captured her lips, for the second time as Mr. and Mrs. Takahashi.

"Didn't you know?" She smiled, "I was always yours, back then, and even now."

Inuyasha chuckled as he picked her up bridal style and carried her to the limo.

This was just the beginning of the rest of their lives.

-sigh- THE END –drum finishes drumming-

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