x L'innocence x

x by Ebony x

Pairing: ItaSasu

Warning: Incest, yaoi, insanity and violence

le commence

How far would you go, little brother?

To gain your revenge; so selfish.

Let's see if you are any different than me.

You live only to take my life, my ignorant little brother…

Could you really?

Could you numb yourself? that pretty little heart of yours, painted noir. Could you even imagine the pain, the guilt! that comes with the taking of a life? The feel, the sound of metal in flesh, tearing skin and muscle right from the bleach-white bone. Blood, blood, beautiful. The sacharine aftertaste, the addicting smell… Tell me, is that what you want?

You are weak, little brother. You couldn't.

I don't want you to.

Still, some part of me wants you to stay soft and kind and untainted. Stay that little boy I had no time for. I didn't want to be attached. I didn't want to have to hurt you, if we were that close, I know it would hurt so much…

But I've made it worse, haven't I?

I've just made myself want you more.

Come kill me, Sasuke.

(come closer)

I want you.

My existence keeps you here. And yours is a constant reminder of the nightmares I gave birth to…

It's no wonder why you hate me. Look at the monster I am, this monster I love being! Is this the perfection they wanted? This beautiful disease, oh! come share it with me. You are just like me. You have the potential to be exactly like me.

Now I lie awake and wonder what it would feel like to have killed you. Or for you to kill me, and taste my blood, staining your lips and tongue vermillion. To see you surpass me, and prove me wrong! I have grown so tired of being right…

I am the one they said was perfect. Look what this perfection has brought us.

And I wonder, what would it feel like to hold you close to me, little brother? Feeling your warmth emnating into my skin, and see you smile for the first time in years. To actually have paid some attention to you, and have been a real older brother to you. You were so good at playing your part.

(not good enough)

But their perfect world didn't have room for us.

Crack! Sliiiiiice, THUNK.

It all falls down.

(so easily)

They didn't even have time to scream…

What would it feel like to kiss you, Sasuke, to breathe in your angry cries? Pressing your skin against mine, your heart against my hollow one, the same blood, the same perfect. To dominate you, and lick the tears from your porcelain cheeks? Fragile, fragile, I might just break you this time. Seems like a dream. You're still that stupid little boy…

(slipping away)

Prove this is real. Prove there is still something. Prove you can hurt me, that I am still alive! Show me that you hate me, little brother! Let me know I still exist, if only to you!

Come kill me, Sasuke.

You're all I have left.

le fin