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Of Knights and Dragons

Chapter XXVIII: Epitaph

"We surely say that a decent man doesn't think that death is a terrible thing for someone decent to suffer—even for someone who happens to be his friend."


They say that there were only four people at the funeral: a tall man with dark skin and almond eyes; a reserved gentleman in the deep blue of the Parisian police; and two others, both them priests… one of them dead. They lowered his mahogany casket in, replaced the dirt, and set the marker, and said a few quiet words and a prayer; then the priest blessed the simple place, and the others turned and left, and that was all.

They say that, if you go searching north of Paris in the countryside, even today, you might find an old dilapidated church, its windows long grimed over, the carving above the door nearly worn away, the altar cloth tattered, the stone stained underneath; but resting on the back wall is a most beautiful piece of art, simple and breathtaking in its design, though it is only a crucifix, like any that hangs in a million other churches across the world. Mass is still said there, on Sunday mornings, to a tiny congregation…

They say that if you go out behind that church, you will find a single grave marked with a simple stone.


Do not look for the living among the dead

Do not look for the light among the darkness

I could not rule myself, and so

The Eternal Father rules all now.

Then, on the bottom, in small square words: