By Marmalade Fever

Two weeks later Draco escorted a very radiant Hermione Granger to their graduation ball. NEWT's had gone just fine, though she continued to stress over individual questions. After Harry's defeat of Voldemort, all Dark Marks had vanished, leaving it very difficult to accurately condemn Death Eaters. Both Draco and his father were able to escape Azkaban, though they had both been accused.

Absolutely everyone had been shell-shocked when informed by a very frazzled Ron Weasley that he had come across his own best friend snogging freely with Draco Malfoy during the final battle. Most had absolutely refused to believe it, insisting that he had instead been under an extraordinary amount of stress and had dreamed it up. It was only until this night when Draco, in a pair of silver dress robes, entered the ball with Hermione on his arm that everyone finally offered their apologies to Ron. Hermione had her hair in perfect ringlets and stacked on top of her head, making her look extraordinarily grown up… though many also commented that there was something different about her eyes as well, as if she'd seen things not meant to be seen. Draco's eyes also looked worldlier, and there was a certain amount of tenderness evident in the way he guided his date around the dance floor.

Harry Potter was at once very peeved at his comrade for more than obvious reasons. She simply smiled at him in a way that he could only translate as knowingly. She said he'd understand when he was older. Harry argued that he had just defeated Voldemort and she really wasn't entitled to go around accusing him of being naïve, when she was the one who had seemingly skived off from the final battle to snog her own enemy. This had only caused the couple to exchange a look and burst into laughter, making Harry even more confused and angry than ever.

When word got out to Lucius Malfoy that his only son and heir had started dating a muggleborn, and not just any old muggleborn, but Hermione Granger nonetheless, he sent Draco a very nasty letter of warning, to which Draco simply reminded him that he could very easily prove Lucius' guilt in a court of law, while he had a witness in the very same muggleborn his father was overwrought about. That shut the old man up quickly, and he offered his blessing instead.

Only a year later, to the surprise of the wizarding world at large, the couple married at the tender age of nineteen. They immediately ignored the warnings that they were too young, instead exchanging looks that could only mean, "if only they knew we're nearly forty!" Their first child was born not too long after and named Evander Gwydion, though no one could get them to say where they'd come up with the name. The happy family easily bypassed the Malfoy Marriage Contract and lived in comfortable peace together.

Several long years, as well as a few more children, later, the couple found themselves to be thirty-eight years old and, after Hermione figured out the exact date in her head, Mr. and Mrs. Draco Malfoy paid a long overdue visit to the alternate universe to check up on a very different Evander, Hermione, and Draco Malfoy.

The other couple were excited to hear the news of how they had successfully gone back in time without losing their memories, though they pointed out that to them, their good-byes had only occurred three minutes earlier.

Eight months later the long-expected second child of this couple welcomed their daughter to the world. Ellette Narcissa Malfoy grew into a beautiful young woman with long, straight brown hair and gray eyes. Her brother, Evander, married his childhood sweetheart, Lily Potter, at the age of twenty-four, thus saving himself from the consequences of the Malfoy Marriage Contract. (Evander had eventually worked up the courage to ask her out at the age of fifteen, just before she graduated.) Evander and Lily's firstborn daughter, a raven-haired little girl, eventually grew up to marry none other than Ron Weasley's grandson, Perry. Thus, Draco, Hermione, Harry, and Ron Weasley were all, at last, united as relations, sharing a common great-grandchild.

And that, dear readers, is where this story comes to rest. I would like to say that they all lived happily ever after, in both dimensions, but things are never quite that simple in the wizarding world. But what fun would it be if they were?

A.N.: A large thank you to all those who have read and supported not only this story, but its predecessor, over the last year and a half. Thank you to everyone! At this point in time, I do plan to keep writing fanfiction, but maybe not for a while, as I have the worst classes imaginable at the moment. Until next time, bye bye!