Ginny Weasley sat at the scrubbed kitchen table inside a crooked old house that was the burrow. A loud tapping on the window told her that an owl was there with the post. Scrambling up, she opened the window only to have not one owl, but two zoom in. "Arg!" she yelled as both owls zoomed over her, dropping the letters on her head.

The first owl, a smart looking barn owl, (from Hogwarts) hooted goodbye and soared out the open window. The second, a small tennis-
ball-sized owl, Pigwidgeon, flew up on to a perch looking right proud of himself, having delivered a letter successfully.

Gathering up the fallen letters, the redhead noticed that for once in her life, there was only one thick Hogwarts letter instead of the usual five or six. Sighing almost sadly, she flopped down into a chair and tore open the letter. It was going to be her seventh and last year at Hogwarts. Harry, Ron, and Hermione would not be there this time. Somehow, she thought she could put up with not having Ron and Hermione there. But she was really going to miss Harry.

Harry and Ginny had gotten quite close, especially after Harry finally managed to kill Voldemort the year before. Ginny was the only one who Harry really talked to after Sirius died, and just got even closer as time went on.

Ginny, in the process of fighting in the last battle, had gotten a long scar that started at her right shoulder and stopped at her elbow. Everyone for the most part were fine, though Hermione got a burn on the palm of her hand, and Ron a few curses. Harry got hit with the Avada Kedavra curse, which rebound of his skin killing Voldemort, a spell that Hermione found in some book of old magic.

After the battle, the four friends promised to stay in touch as much as possible. But last time she saw her friends, was when they left Kings Cross to start out their new lives in the wizarding world. She really hopped they were just busy as apposed to forgetting her.

Turning away from her thoughts and back to her letter, she flipped past the usual "Dear Miss Weasley, you have been accepted at hogwarts school", and whipped out the parchment that contained the new books needed. "Blah, Blah, Blah... Standard book of spells 7th year... Monster Book Of Monsters..." Ginny mumbled. What she was really interested in was who the new Defense Against The Dark Arts teacher was. However, she had little luck on guessing whom it was by the books needed for the class. All that was there was the book The beginners guild to defense, by Miranda Goshwirp

Ginny was so absorbed in her book list, that she didn't even hear the sudden Pop of someone Apparating into the kitchen or notice that they were sneaking up on her at that very moment.

"Hello Ginevra!" Fred and George bellowed right behind her. Ginny jumped, startled, yelling "Arg!" for the second time that morning. "Jumpy this morning, aren't we?" Fred said smiling. "Thinking about your Boyfriend? Who was he again? Dean Thomas or something? Or were you just thinking about Harry?" George asked in his best Jokey voice.

" Oh, why don't you just sod off?" Ginny stomped purposely on Fred's foot. "Hey!" he yelped. "For your information, I broke up with Dean Last year and I stopped liking Harry in second year." Ginny stopped for a moment "At least I think so..." she thought. "Oh, stop it Ginny!" She shook her head and continued," Actually, I was trying to figure out who the new Defense teacher was before you Two barged in." George took the parchment from Ginny and scanned it before saying "At least you know Lockhart isn't teaching. He would've done his section in pink ink instead of Green."

"George-" someone warned. Mrs. Weasley came down the stairs and stood in front of her two most unpredictable sons. "I don't see you out there being a teacher." Fred snickered before saying "Like I would want to be teaching a bunch of annoying first years. They don't even know how to hold wands!" Mrs. Weasley gave Fred a look before going back to buttering toast.

"Ginny dear, what did you get on your O.W.L s?" Ginny slumped in her chair and grabbed a piece of Bacon. "Not much, just 12 of them." Mrs. Weasley squealed. " Oh that's just fantastic! Are you Prefect again?" Ginny took her time chewing before finally mumbling something. "What's that Dear? I can't hear you."

Fred however, who had been sifting through Ginny's Hogwarts letter, threw a shiny golden badge onto the table. It glinted in the sunlight as the sight sunk into Mrs. Weasley's eyes. "You're Head Girl! Fourth in the Family! Wait until I tell your father! He will be so pleased." After hurriedly kissing her only daughter, Mrs. Weasley ran off to go owl her husband.

"Thanks a lot Fred." Ginny shot out. "Only in a days work little sister." grinned Fred. And with that Fred and George grabbed a plate of eggs and began to eat.

Instead of replying, Ginny took the other two letters Pigwidgeon had dropped off. The first was what looked like a letter from the Ministry of Magic. "Probably for Dad." she thought, and went to the next one. What Ginny saw on top of the envelope made her heart skip a beat. It was a letter from Hermione!

Ginny ran her fingers over Hermione's neat joined handwriting. "What does she want? Why is she finally writing to me?" Slowly and carefully, Ginny pulled out Hermione's letter.

Dear Ginny,

How are you? I'm doing very well here working at ST. Mongo's. My boss is a very talented healer and I could definitely use all of his tips. Being a Healer is certainly a lot more interesting then I thought. I had to get all new books to stock up on all the information! All my shelves are filled in my office, and flat.

My flat in London is very charming and I hope to see you there sometime soon. I'm so sorry I haven't been able to write to you ... Actually, that's the main reason I'm writing. You see, I've been dating someone... He is really a really great guy. He's an Auror and he is also very cute.

Ginny paused to think for a moment. Hermione? A boyfriend? Since when did Hermione date boys? Ginny went back to the letter to find out.

You know him Ginny. I think you like him as well... Sometimes at least. Well, all I'm trying to say is that I'm dating... your brother.

Ginny let out a shriek that made Fred and George jump. "What the hell did you do that for?" George asked, picking up the fork of eggs he'd dropped to the floor. "Ron and Hermione are going out!" Ginny was nearly bouncing with joy for her brother and best friend. "Well Finally. I thought those two would never figure it out."

Ginny glanced down at the last few lines in Hermione's letter as Fred and George got into the topic of the time they'd locked Ron and Hermione in a closet.

Hope that didn't petrify you too much. Ron and I have been meaning to tell you two for ages, but we didn't know how you'd react, or how to tell you. Ron suggested he just start snogging me in front of you and Harry. He wishes! That's really all boys think about, but I hope it's just a phase.

Maybe when you come home at Christmas we could get together. Until then,

Love from Hermione

"-And then Ron turned so red, I thought he was having a fit!" Fred and George were still reliving the past as Ginny stuffed the letter back into the envelope.

George rubbed his together saying "No matter how much I want to torture little Ronnikins about having a girlfriend, we really have to go back to the shop."

Just as Fred was standing up to apparate, Mrs. Weasley came down the stairs. "If you're going back to your shop, do you mind taking Ginny to Diagon Alley as well? She needs to get her school things" Ginny got up whining "Oh mum! Can't I go by myself?" Mrs. Weasley continued dusting the old grandfather clock before muttering a quick " No." and shooed Ginny off to go get ready.

Within a half an hour, and much groans from Fred and George, Ginny was freshly showered and clothed in jeans and a jumper. Pulling on her trainers, Ginny looked into her mirror. "Don't you want to put on some make-up?" the mirror asked. Ginny looked at her reflection. She looked gaunt and tired. After hesitating, Ginny brushed on some make-up and finally came down the stairs.

Fred and George were playing chess and Ginny had to throw her purse at them to get their attention. "Are we going or not?" Ginny asked grabbing her key to her Gringotts vault. "Well sure, we thought you fell asleep in the shower or something." Fred said ducking Ginny's punch.

After a quick goodbye to Mrs. Weasley, the three siblings turned and apparatted from the house.

Ginny stumbled slightly as Fred, George, and herself appeared in front of the twin's shop. She still wasn't used to apparating yet, but it was still better then floo.

"We'll see you later Ginny.," the twins said as they walked towards Angelina Johnson and Katie Bell.

Ginny stifled a snicker as she trudged off down the brightly colored shops in Diagon Ally. She was just about to walk up the stairs of Gringotts when a familiar face caught her eye. A certain boy with jet black hair and a sexy smileā€¦