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The sound of an old pop can ricocheting off of the alley walls echoed through the streets.

"Oops." Komakai hunched his shoulders and grinned guiltily. "Sorry."

Mistume frowned and turned his attention back to the alley, wiping the sweat from his brow. He wasn't usually this nervous when he went on a mission, but this was big. Very big.

Mistume had spent every waking hour plotting and reworking all of the details of his plan. It had to be carried out absolutely perfectly. If even one small thing went awry... Mitsume furrowed his brow in worry and intense concentration.

Fortunately, they hadn't gotten close enoguh to the Demon's hideaway on Earth for Komakai to have done any real damage. Mitsume hated to think how things might go if he lost the element of surprise. It was what he was depending on.

"Just be a little more careful, 'kay?" Kanshisha looked a little haggard as well. He had watched and figured out that Mitsume was plotting something, so Mitsume had had to feed him a little bit of his plan in order to persuade him to go along with it. But even Kanshisha didn't know everything that would happen. It was up to Mitsume.

The small keep of angels and human trudged further along. It was twilight, and total darkness would fall any minute. They weaved their way through the fog, trying to be as quiet as possible. A couple of times Komakai bumped into Mitsume, but they were doing pretty well considering the fact that they hadn't even gotten three hours of sleep last night.

The bounty hunter was still slightly uncomfortable with this part of the plan. Even though it was crucial to bring Komakai along, and he was an angel, he was still so young, and Mitsume didn't want anything to happen to him. The angels distrusted him enough as it was, if he was reponsible for something happening to the smallest angel, they would certainly take action against him.

But with every step, they neared Mitsume's goal. Othello.

They finally came to an abandoned warehouse. This was the place where demons came while they were on Earth, and Mitsume knew from a quick glance and Konshisha's records that Othello would be here for the next month. He didn't know exactly what Othello would be doing, but he'd heard about Othello taking the throne of hell, and knew that he wanted some time to prepare himself. It didn't matter. As long as the demon was here.

Kanshisha turned to Mitsume, who nodded. It was time to carry out phase one of the plan.

The angel warrior turned and led the rest of the keep down the alley, as if they were doing a regular surveillance mission. Only Mitsume and Komakai were left standing there in the fog. It was night now, and the moon had begun to rise. It was large and full, a perfect harvest moon.

Mitsume gestured to Komakai, and they began to slide through the secret passage that led into the warehouse.