Summary: Loosely based on the Sarah Dessen book of the same title. Roxanne Parkinson has never fit in. That is until she goes to stay with her aunt in Tulsa all summer. There she meets a group of kids who accept her for who she is and helps her find out what really matters.

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This is my first fic so if something is wrong please let me know. Also I've tried to remain as true to the book as I possibly can but if I've made a mistake let me know.

Chapter One

My name is Roxanne Parkinson. Welcome to the first day of the worst summer of my life.

When the airplane taxies to the gate I gathered my backpack and purse from under the seat in front of me. As I did I cursed my parents for packing me up on that plane at an ungodly hour that morning. They were going to the Bahamas that summer for their second honeymoon, which left me in the care of my father's sister, my aunt Candace, who lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

I begged them to let me stay at home in Cleveland but I didn't have much evidence to support why I wanted to stay home. It's not like I have friends I can hang out with there. And besides even if I did have friends to hang out with my parents would never let me stay. I'm an only child so my parents are very protective and paranoid. They would never feel safe leaving me at home in Cleveland.

After the plane stopped a middle-age guy who sat next to me handed me my big black wheelie suitcase because I'm too short to reach the overhead carrier. I managed to lug the suitcase, plus my backpack and purse, out into the waiting area. I cursed myself for packing so much crap that I probably won't need.

I stood looking around for my aunt Candace. I assumed she would be the one to pick me up here at the airport. I bit my lip as I sat down on one of the hard chairs waiting for her to come into view. As the people filtered out a tall, broad shouldered guy came into view. He was leaning against the wall of the area, by the windows where you can see the planes take off and land. When he spotted me he stopped leaning and started walking over to me.

"Are you Roxanne, Candy's niece?" he asked before I could open my mouth. He was wearing a black shirt and jeans. His hair was cut short and neat and his eyes were cold as ice. He looked downright mean and I knew he was someone not to cross. If it wasn't for his eyes he would be pretty handsome.

I cleared my throat and stood up. "Roxie." I clarified. I hated my name. Roxanne sounded so old and not me. So I contented myself with the nickname Roxie, never minding the jokes about Chicago or the clothing line. I could feel the guy looking me up and down. I suppose I look different than Tulsa girls: I have shoulder-length frizzy blonde hair and murky blue-gray eyes. My mother says they look like haze. I'm short, skinny, and have freckles peppered over my face.

The guy nodded, but dismissed it. I could tell that if I ever saw him again he'd be right back to calling me Roxanne. He took my bag from me and even though it had wheels he carried it. He was very strong to lug all my crap around on his shoulder like that. I demurely followed him out to the parking area where he led me to an old, rusty pickup truck. He threw my suitcase into the flatbed as I got into the cab with my backpack and purse. He then started to drive, slowly and calmly. He didn't say a word, just listened to the radio playing country music.

"What's your name?" I asked. I couldn't take the silence anymore. I'm one of those people who have to talk all the time. It's a blessing and a curse. He looked up from the road at me curiously. He looked a little taken aback that I asked. I stared back at him, I had a right to know the name of the guy who was driving me to my aunt's house did I not?

"Darry," he said firmly casting his eyes back to the road. I raised my eyebrows. It was a very unusual name.

"Darry?" I asked. I couldn't help smirking. Darry glanced at me coolly.

"It's short for Darryl," he said testily. I bit my lip and stared out the window, not knowing what to say. We sat in silence for ages. It was so boring staring out the window that I fell asleep with my head propped up against the window.

It wasn't until Darry slammed on the breaks, causing me to lurch me forward, that I awoke. We had stopped by the side of the road. Darry had rolled down his window and was talking to somebody. He was talking in a very stern voice, the voice my father uses with me when I'm in big trouble. I leaned around him to try and see the person but I really didn't need to because the next second that person was pushing me over to the middle of the cab and sitting where I had been a moment earlier.

He was a small skinny boy who looked to be my age, maybe a year or two younger. His hair was long and greasy looking. He had a sort of dreamy quality to him that made you take a second look at him. He smiled shyly at me as Darry started to drive again.

I looked over to Darry, hoping he would introduce me to this strange boy sitting next to me but his eyes were fixed to the road and I didn't want him to be testy with me again. Luckily the boy introduced himself.

"I'm Ponyboy, Darry's youngest brother," he said shyly. I smiled. I wasn't used to people being shy around me; usually it was the other way around. Now that I knew he and Darry were brothers I could sort of see the resemblance. "You're Roxanne right?" I winced at my name.

"Roxie." I corrected. I wanted to smirk at his name but knowing that he and Darry were brothers I didn't. Instead I was about to ask Ponyboy how old he was when Darry parked in front of a small house.

"Candace lives right there. She's expecting you." Darry said pointing to the house next to the one he had pulled in front of. He got out of the cab and rolled my suitcase up to my aunt's porch. He nodded to me before going into what I assumed was their house. Ponyboy hopped down out of the truck gracefully and smiled at me.

"I guess I'll see you later then," he said. "You should come over to the house tonight if you can. The guys'll want to meet you," he said. I wasn't accustomed to boys inviting me over to their houses. The invitation startled me.

"Who are the guys?" I asked, not knowing what else to say.

"Oh just a bunch of guys in our gang. We've heard a lot of nice things about you from your aunt." Ponyboy said shrugging.

"Um, sure I'll come by, if it's alright with my aunt."

"Great, after you have dinner head on over. You don't have to knock, just come right in." Ponyboy smiled at me and then went up to his house giving me a wave before going inside, leaving me alone in the afternoon sunlight.

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