A/N: This is really, really quite a depressing songfic based on "Hello" by evanescence. It's a McGee/Abby paring but I think that McGee is a bit OOC. Well this is my first ever fanfic so I hope you like it!

Playground school bell rings again,
Rain clouds come to play again…

Timothy McGee woke up again for the third time that night, drenched in sweat and tears. He peeled off his sheets swung his legs over the side of his bed and looked out into the empty street outside his house. He glanced over at the bright red numbers of his alarm radio – it was only 12:07.

"9 more hours to work," he thought sadly – for his work had no purpose, no meaning anymore. He got himself out of bed and made his was down the hall to the kitchen. He wasn't going to get back to sleep tonight so he might as well make himself a coffee. He fumbled for the coffee and sugar dumped a few spoonfuls in a mug and turned on the kettle, it was going to be a long 9 hours.

Whilst he was waiting for his coffee, McGee's mind wandered to the events of the previous day.


He had arrived at work, and it had seemed like any other day. He took the elevator and got off at the bullpen and wandered to his desk, or at least he would have only something caught his eye first. Kate Todd was at her desk – that wasn't unusual – but Tony Dinozzo was holding her tightly in his arms. As McGee had walked closer he saw that Kate was crying and although Tony was putting on a brave face, he looked shaken too. Quickly moving from an idle walk to a run, McGee went to see what was wrong.

"Kate! Tony! What…what…what happened?"

Quickly they both looked up, obviously unaware of McGee's entrance. Tony went to say something but no words came out. It was a swollen-eyed Kate that finally broke the silence.

"Oh Gawd McGee… McGee…I'm so sorry…it's…its Abby."