Title: Our Girl

Author: viol8dbyalizzard

Summary: What happens when one of the SVU cops is brutally raped? What will the others do?

Disclaimers: Not mine.

Don Cragen grumbled as he was roused from his sleep. Looking and listening for the source of disturbance, he found his cell phone ad answered it.

"Cragen," he mumbled as he tried to stay awake. What he heard, though, caused his eyes to fly open in worry.

"D-Don, I need you t-to come over," Olivia Benson sobbed on the other line. Cragen jumped out of bed and threw some clothes on while holding the phone between his ear and shoulder.

"Olivia, are you at home?" Don questioned as he flew down the stairs in his house. He didn't get an answer, though. "Livvy, answer me! Come on, Sweetheart, talk to me."

"I-I'm at home," he heard and sighed in relief. He knew he had to keep her talking, so he tried to have short conversations with her as he drove.

"Okay. Olivia, I want you to stay on the phone and talk to me, all right?"

"Uh-huh. . ."

"Stay awake, Olivia! I'm almost there." Don pulled up to her apartment building while he said this. Using his key, he quickly let himself in and found Olivia lying in a corner with her cell phone in her hand. The man gasped at her nudeness and ran to her side, covering her with a sheet that he grabbed from her couch as he passed it. Then he kneeled next to her and unlocked the handcuffs from her wrists and lifted her head onto his lap, gently stroking her hair.

"Oh, Livvy, who did this to you?" Don asked. Olivia shuddered when the cold air hit her bare shoulder and calmed a bit when her captain finally held her to his chest.

"N-Nick," Olivia stuttered and buried her face in his warm shirt.

"Nick who, Olivia?" There was a pause before she answered.

"Gazner." He gasped.

"L-Liv. . .I. . .Oh, Sweetie, I'm so sorry." The man suddenly felt guilt at what happened and looked at her mangled body.

"Not your f-fault," Olivia told him softly and held his hand.

"It's not yours either," Cragen answered. Stroking Olivia's knuckles with his thumb, he used his other hand to call an ambulance. Once that was done, he did everything that he could to keep the injured woman conscious. About five minutes later, they were in the back of the ambulance on their way to the hospital. So, while Olivia was being wheeled to an exam room, Cragen called her "brothers". They immediately rushed over and ran in as he was back and forth.

"What happened!"

"Where is she!"

"Is she all right!" All three men asked at once.