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Then he noticed she was staring at something with wide, fearful eyes over his shoulder and squeezed her hand to get her attention. "What is it, Liv? What's the matter?"

"I don't want him to do it," Olivia choked out. Fin turned around to see the doctor on the floor stirring and heard Olivia whimper. He turned back to her and gently cupped her cheek and turned her head so she wasn't looking at the doctor as Cragen and Elliot helped him out of the room, but she followed him with her eyes.

"Liv, look at me," he said firmly, but gently, and she immediately calmed. "We'll get Shannon in here instead, okay?"

John stayed with Olivia while Fin went to find Shannon. The woman didn't want Fin to leave, but he had to cool off before he did some damage. So, John took up Fin's chair and smiled at Olivia, who was in an upright, painful, fetal position.

"Hey, Bunny. How ya feelin'?" Munch asked her, using the nickname he gave her.

"Shitty." As soon as she heard her nickname, she relaxed and unfolded herself, stretching her arms out toward him. "Hold me."

John moved to sit on the edge of the bed and took Olivia into his arm. She snuggled deep into his arms and burrowed herself down into his coat. Her mind wandered aimlessly, but her thoughts always came back to the events of the day. She didn't realize she was shuddering, crying, or breathing harshly until she felt John kissing the top of her head.

"Liv, come on. It's okay, Bunny. Shh, it's okay." John didn't know what else to say to her. What else could he say? While he gently rocked her, Fin came back in with Shannon. When Olivia was calm again, Munch pulled back and kissed her cheek before standing up.

"I'll see you later, Liv," Munch said with a smile and left the room.

"Hi, Olivia. We're just gonna run a lumilight over you real fast and I'll get the swabs as I go, all right?" Shannon said and Olivia nodded. Shannon flicked the light on and quickly scanned he woman with the black light, finding bite marks, saliva, and fluids. When Olivia's legs were in the stirrups, she had her eyes clenched shut, sweat dripping down her face, a vice grip on Fin's hand, and a whimper for each prod. Fin used his free hand to stroke her forehead as he talked her through it.

"It's okay, Sweetie. I'm right here. It's almost over." Then when it came time to get a sample from inside, Shannon sighed.

"Okay, Olivia. This is the last part. You're going to feel some pressure, but I'll be as quick and gentle as I can. Fin, you should probably hold her for this," she told them and waited until Olivia was cradled against his chest. "Here we go, Olivia. 1, 2, 3."

When Olivia felt the swab, she squeezed Fin around the waist tight enough to badly bruise him and sobbed into his chest. His hand was in her hair while the other was wrapped carefully around her waist.

"Shh, it's okay. It's all over now, Baby. It's over. Shh," Fin soothed and bit back his tears at Olivia's situation. She finally fell asleep in his arms from exhaustion. Then, and only then, did he let them fall. He jumped when he felt the large, warm, comforting hand on his shoulder. He turned his head a bit and saw Don standing above him. There were tears in his eyes as well as he stared at Olivia. Fin looked back to the sleeping woman and reached back to pat Cragen's hand before taking Olivia's in his own.

"Why her, Don? What did she ever do to deserve this?" he asked sadly and Cragen squeezed his shoulder gently.

"I don't know, Son. I don't know. All we can do is help her out and hope for the best." They stayed like this until Shannon said everything was finished. John snapped a few shots of her injuries while Fin got some sweats and a t-shirt for Olivia from Elliot, who had gone back to her apartment to grab a duffel bag with her clothes and hygienic products in it. Cragen decided to stay with Olivia so John and Fin could keep Elliot out of the room. They knew Olivia didn't want him seeing his best friend and "little sister" in this condition. It was a struggle to keep him away, but they did it.

Elliot pulled against the hands that held him back from going into Olivia's room. He had to see her! He had to know if she was okay! Despite the struggling, Munch and Fin managed to hold onto the large man.

"Let me go! I have to see her! I need to know that she's okay!" Elliot cried, but they didn't let up.

"Elliot, stop! You can't go in there!" Munch told him.

"No! Let go! She needs me!" the man replied. He could feel himself growing weak from the commotion, and his struggles slowed. Fin finally got him into a head lock and put his mouth next to his ear.

"Olivia's fine, Elliot. Going in there won't make her get better any faster. She's asleep," he said softly in a deep voice. "Relax, El. Relax and I'll let go. Just chill, man."

The deep rumble of Fin's voice calmed Elliot and he finally stopped struggling. Munch stood next to him, his hands slightly reaching out towards him, just in case he decided to go on a rampage again. Fin slowly released Elliot from the headlock and breathed a sigh of relief. Elliot, however, had used up a lot of energy fighting and was already tired from the long wait, and felt his knees buckle. Fin and Munch were ready, though, and caught him by his arms.

Elliot felt his body trembling as his colleagues dragged him to a hospital chair. He suddenly felt so tired. It was like the adrenaline in his body just rushed out of him all at once. His breathing was ragged and his friends were worried about him. Fin took off his large, leather jacket and wrapped it around his shoulders while Munch got him a cup of water. When it was handed to him, his hand shook so much that the water bounced around in the cup.

John stared at Elliot as he hastily gulped down the water. He knew the man wanted to see their girl, but they just couldn't let him. He also knew that his heart was probably being ripped out from the anguish. It was how he had felt when Fin got shot. Munch wrapped an arm around Elliot's shoulders and let the man lean into him. Fin took the now empty cup from his still trembling hands and threw it away for him before sitting on his other side.

"She'll be okay, El. I know it," Munch said and tears ran down the usually strong man's face.