Back To The Future

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"Senator Amidala, do you require assistance?" She had overturned the thin fabric that embraced her swollen foot. Her fingers massaged the swell of skin that blistered from the dead weight that loomed in her lower abdomen. She pressed her thin velvet lips together in distain.

Her bruised brown eyes absorbed the heavy shape of the Yokerian guard. The dark flesh tattooed in the conflict of wars and battles that were held silent in the dawn of the clone wars. His plump pink lips scarred by the wounds of the Yokia genocides that had claimed millions of lives from many star systems.

"No thank you, Captain Mythan, I think I will be able to get to the chambers without a great deal of assistance." She had muttered. Her ivory features bled with embarassment. She pulled herself from the cold caress of the stone floor that frustrated her bared legs.

Mythan nodded. His lips bit with discontent. He offered his calloused hand to her, to shift her from the fatal fall that had wanted to claim her heavy lifted body.

She had thanked him, as she elegantly waddled toward the twinned doors of the senate chambers. Her hands twisted around the soft curve of her rotund stomach.

He had sighed. He had heard the gentle whispers that leaped in the darkness of the senate corridors that she was pregnant. An act not uncommon to the scandalous prayers of HoloNet reporters that stalked amongst the pillars in contempt for the privacy of the senators that swayed the decisions of the Republic.

"Sidious...I know something that you migh be interested to learn." He smiled into the comm, as he watched the Nubian senator disappear behind the twinned senate chamber doors.

To Be Continued...

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