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Chapter 1: No Where, And Here

(Dark's POV)

All I see is darkness. I know that I'm in Dai-chan's mind and there's no real reason to open my eyes since all I see is darkness. Ok, only when Dai-chan is mad me and I'm guessing he is since I can't see shit.

'Dark? Dark-san?'

/What is it Dai-chan/

'Where are you?'

/What do you mean? I right here/

'Never mind I found you. Now wake up ok?'

/Are you ok Dai-chan/

'I'm fine. Now wake up'

/I am wake/

'No you're not! I can see you laying there like a log! And I know that you're mentally awake now psychically move ok?'


'Ok how about this? Open your eyes'

I opened my eyes and see Dai-chan crouching next to me. He smiles when he sees that I'm awake and stands up. Wait, Dai-chan's over there, and I'm over here. What the hell is going on?

"Is he finally awake?"

Dai-chan nods and turns back to me and offers a hand. I grab it and he helps pull me up. I look around us. I see nothing but bamboo. Well next to Dai-chan is that commander Satoshi and next to him is… Krad!

"What the heck is going on here?" I demand.

"It seems that we've all split bodies" Satoshi said matter o--factly.

"It's almost like we're in a dream" Dai-chan observed.

"Does anyone even know how we got here?" Krad asked.

Everyone looks me and I shake my head.

"I'm totally clueless" I said looking over to Dai-chan who shook his head as well. I look over to the other two with a slight disgust in my glare or so Dai-chan has told me.

"I suggest that we try to find a way out of this forest" Satoshi said while looking around for a path or something.

"But we don't even know how we got here" Dai-chan said nervously. "And who knows what could be out there"

"Don't worry Dai-chan" I said putting a comforting arm around his shoulders. "I'll protect you"

He looks a little relieved, but still has that scared look in his eyes.

"We should go that way" Satoshi said suddenly, breaking everyone out our trains of thought.

"How do you know Sa-chan?" Krad asks.

"Because its north" he answered starting to walk in that direction.

Dai-chan runs after him telling him to slow down leaving me and Creepy Boy with me. We start walking after our 'lights' as I guess we're calling them. Well my light and Krad's dark I guess. Weirdo keeps glaring me. Ok so I am too, but can you blame me? He gets Satoshi to suck me into a mirror, throws Kyu in the ocean and tries to murder my Dai-chan! Dai-chan is mine!

"Dark!" Dai-chan's voice comes through the forest of bamboo. "Krad! Come quickly!"

We stop glaring each other to exchange confused looks before taking off after the sound of Dai-chan and Satoshi. After about 5 minutes of searching, we realized that we couldn't find them! No! Dai-chan! Where are you! Then I remembered that we could still talk to each other mentally so I gave it a try.

/Dai-chan? Where are you/

'I don't know. Where are you?'

/Somewhere in this stupid bamboo forest /

'Hiwatari-san is next to me, but we're kinda…a tied up and stuck in a giant hole?'

/You're somewhere tied up and in a giant hole! Dai-chan! You can be so careless sometimes /

'Hey! I wasn't looking fro a hunter's trap! They make it so no one can see them! Not even us!'

/ok, ok calm down. Tell me what you can see /

'Not much. I see a giant tree. It looks like a peach tree. Hang on I'll ask Satoshi………………. Yep. It's a peach tree. And there is a funny statue, it's a women with a baby in her hands and she has a cross o her back'

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