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2:17 p.m. -- Moscow, Russia

In a cold town in Moscow, Russia, people were walking around the town all dressed in sweaters and scarfs and stuff. All of a sudden, a beam of blue light was shot at the sky and a sun hole opened up. Everyone was looking at it.

"Is this part of the tour?" A man asked.

Another man wearing sunglasses bent down and grunted.

"It's never been on my identity,"

All of a sudden, all of Moscow was starting to warm up. In fact, it was turning into a hot stove.

10:00 a.m. -- Santa Monica Beach

Meanwhile, the girls and I were hanging out at the beach. Clover was playing pretend that she was drowning.

"Help! Help me! I'm drowning!"

All of a sudden, a man in blue shorts came running to her with hearts in his eyes.

"I'll save ya, sweetheart,"

Clover looked at him, not really amused.

"As if! I want HIM to save me!"

Clover was pointing at David. He was busy painting an artwork of the beach. While Clover watched, hearts formed in her eyes. She heard some kind of plane pass over the beach. Clover looked up and saw a banner. It was a banner for a Supertone sunscreen product. She wasn't too surprised.

"Supertone? Why bother going to the beach if you can't get a tan,"

Clover waded out of the water. She was wearing her 2 piece pink bathing suit. She began to waltz past David, in the hope that he'd notice her.

"Hey, David. I didn't know you were here. Wow, cool painting," Clover commented when she looked at David's artwork.

"Oh nah. It stinks!" David said, frustrated.

He threw it to the ground and started jumping up and down on it.

"All this pressure has me blocked,"

"Blocked?" Clover asked.

"Yeah," David said.

"There's this big art exhibition at school, and I really wanna show my best work."

Clover was surprised.

"Oh, I didn't know you like exhibitions. I love exhibitions -- especially the arty kind,"

David began to think about what else to paint.

"You know, if there was only someone, or something, then I'd have an idea,"

Clover sensed a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. She ran over to David.

"Like what a coincedience! I happen to be that very person!"

"Clover! Shouldn't you be out raising money for your hair disaster relief fund?" Mandy said, not looking amused. She was wearing her one piece purple bathing suit.

"As if," Clover scoffed.

"What makes you so special?"

Mandy chuckled.

"I heard David needs someone for a work of art, and I happen to be that very one,"

"Shaa! Apparently you must've missed the part when he said I'm modeling for him?" Clover snapped back at Mandy.

"Um, I appreciate the offer but--" David tried to say, but the girls didn't let him finish his sentence.

"Well?" They both said, moving their heads in closer to David's body.

"Well, I need some time thinking of that inspiration. I wouldn't want to waste your time,"

David walked off.

"You can waste my time anytime. I'm gonna get that look!" Mandy called to David. She turned her head to Clover when she said her second sentence.

"Whatever! You are so not!" Clover snapped back.

"Why don't you get that hair-do back to the pool you got it from!" Mandy snapped back.

"Oh, go brush your teeth!"

"End!" Mandy screamed, ending their conversation.

Meanwhile, Sam, Alex, and I were sitting at the nachos bar. Alex was eating nachos, Sam was having a drink, and I was having a drink and listening to my CD player. I had the volume at medium and I was singing along to my favorite songs. Sam was wearing her light pink bathing suit with her sides showing, Alex was wearing a blue swimshirt under her yellow 2-piece bathing suit, and I was wearing my blue and white Mach 1 Yamaha T-shirt with Heath Voss' last name on the back and underneath it was a 13. I was also wearing black and blue swimshorts. Clover appeared behind us. I turned down the volume on my player to hear what Clover had to say.

"Sam, Alex, Mathew, you won't believe it, David's working on a painting, and asked me to pose -- well, almost asked me to pose!"

"Is it 100 percent clear that you're gonna do it?" I asked Clover.

"So, he didn't ask you to pose?" Alex added.

"Well, I'm not certain, but he might," Clover answered.

"I'm almost excited for you," Sam said, not looking real interested. She was looking to her left and right. When she looked at her right, I happened to have raised my eyebrows at her.

"Me too. What Sam said," I added.

"Well, David said that he needs some inspiration. I've got that, so, that's covered," Clover said to us.

"This conversation's getting cheesier than my nachos," Alex said standing up to put more cheese on them.

"And this conversation's getting older than this song. It's 'Here I Am/Come and Take me' by UB 40; one of my all-time favorite music bands," I added. The song was playing in my CD player.

Meanwhile, Alex made her way to the cheese machine, and pressed the button. Nothing came out. She pressed again, and nothing came out, again. Alex began to bang her fist on it.

"Let's see, I heard that David likes subtlety, whatever that is," Clover said to us thinking it over, but Sam and I weren't listening.

Sam looked over and noticed Alex banging on the machine. She stood up, as did I, took my hand, and we walked over to where Alex was. Clover noticed the two of us walking to where Alex was and she too walked over there. Alex was breathing in tiredness

"It's all in the wrist. You need to hit the pump straight on like this," Sam said to Alex as we all watched what she was going to do.

She put her fist to her forehead, and my jaw dropped.

"You gotta teach me this, Sam," I said to her.

Sam grunted as she was about to whip her fist to the cheese machine, but before she could even lay her hand on it, the ground opened up between us and we fell down one of the WOOHP tunnels.

"Sam, will you teach me that slamming thing with your fist somedaayyyyyy?" I said to her while we screamed as we fell straight down the tunnel and landed on a pink comfort in Jerry's office in WOOHP.

"Someday, maybe at the end of today I'll teach you that, Mathew," Sam said to me.

"Great," I said to her. We extended our little fingers to each others and kept that promise.

"Anyway, hello, girls, and guy," Jerry said. He poked his head from an artwork of himself on his desk.

"Wowwww!" I said in surprise.

"Hey, Jerr. Um, who did that painting of you?" Clover asked, really surprised. We were all surprised as much as her.

"Oh, a former agent who moons at night is also an undercover artist," Jerry answered.

Sam and I looked at each other in curiousity.

"Hey, since Clover's doing that art posing thing with David, why don't I pose in my swimsuit and you can draw me," Sam whispered in my ear.

"Theoretically, I could, but I can't draw that well. But I'll give it a whirl," I whispered back into Sam's ear.

"No wonder he keeps it so secret," Clover remarked.

Jerry looked at her, hoping she would take that back. He just shrugged it off and got to what he was going to talk about.

"Now, about your next mission," Jerry said to us.

He pressed a button on his desk and a map of the entire world appeared with red marks around Russia and Mexico.

"As you can see, by the red highlighted regions, we're experiencing potentially atmospheric phenomena over of Russia and Mexico," Jerry continued.

"Maybe we should check out Mexico. And ultra-decent nachos," Alex suggested.

Sam and Clover licked their tongues, but I didn't. We all smiled at each other.

"I personally don't care where we go; as long as it's a place where women have... a look," Clover said.

Jerry was a little speechless.

"Well, if this look involves babushkas, you'll have your wish,"

Alex gasped.

"You're sending us to Hawai'i?"

"Um, nyet. We're going to Russia," Sam said, correcting Alex.

I patted Sam on her shoulder and she smiled at me. I smiled back at her.

"Done, but rest assured, you'll be fully stocked with innovative, yet slightly devious demises. Behold the icy fresh liquid nitrogen breath spray, the wind tunnel 3000 Tornado blast hair dryer, the m-ray contact lens and XYZ's; that's X-ray indicators, and you girls are all familiar with the UPWATI, but let me explain it to Mathew. It is the--" Jerry said, but he never finished his explanation to me. The girls had already took the words out of his mouth.

"Under Water Power Walking Apparatus That's Inconspicuous. Duh, Jerry," The girls said, with complete ease as we all put our backpacks on.

"Congratulations. You girls get an A," Jerry said in delight.

"And an X.Y.Z." Alex added.

"Don't forget the ever important T.T.F.N." Jerry added.

"T.T.F.N.?" Alex asked.

"Ta ta for now," I said.

"Congratulations, Mathew. You also get an A," Jerry said to me. He moved his finger to another button on his desk. The girls looked at me to wonder how I got that right.

"Thanks, Jerr. Just leave it to a guy who watched a whole lot of TV before he transferred heerrrrrreeeee!" I screamed as Jerry pressed the button and we were WOOHPed out of his office.

3:00 p.m. -- Moscow

The girls and I were standing on a street and freezing. We were still wearing our bathing suits, but not much warm clothing. Sam was only wearing a sweater, Alex was wearing a sweater tied around her waist, Clover was wearing a short sweater, almost exposing the middle parts of her bathing suit top, and a scarf tied around her waist, and I was also wearing a sweater over my Heath Voss T-shirt.

"Ooohh. Guess Jerry forgot to mention the part where we're freezing our butts off!" Sam said, shivering.

"You're telling me. I feel like my blood is frozen," I said, shivering as well.

A man walked past us wearing warm clothing.

"Oh, come on. I was hoping a look, with a warmer place," Clover said to us.

"What Clover said," I added.

"If we don't get somewhere or in warmer clothes soon, my body temperature's gonna drop and I'm gonna be sneezing my butt off,"

A mysterious man appeared in front of us.

"Nice to finally meet you. I'm B.O.B. I was told to meet you here," The man said holding out some pretty good sunglasses.

"Put these on. They'll protect your eyes from the harmful rays from the sun,"

We took his word and put them on.

"Guess Jerry forgot to mention that, too," Alex said.

"Jerry's been forgetting a lot of things lately," I said.

"Okay, you trust us, but how can WE trust you; I mean, is your name really Bob, B.O.B.?" Clover asked.

"Hmm. Like you four, I'm also a WOOHP agent, and B.O.B. is actually my code name for Brains Over Braun," B.O.B. said, correcting Clover.

"Oh I'd choose brains anyday," Sam replied.

"Count me in," I said to her.

"Yes, but whatever's causing those ozone layers in the sky has me completely stumped," B.O.B. replied.

Sam and I looked at each other.

"Maybe we can help," Sam said to him.

"Yeah. Always willing to help out a fellow WOOHP agent/buddy," I added.

Sam and I took out our thundering hair dryers and pointed them at the sun. Mines went straight, but I shut it off quickly because Sam's was in reverse. She had fell to the ground and the hair dryer was pointed at the street. Cars started flying, a bus suddenly stopped, and started a domino effect, which caused a traffic jam.

"Oops. Meant to hit the reverse switch," Sam said, humbly.

"Man that thing is strong," I said.

All of a sudden, the hole in the sky had started again. People were getting blinded. Everyone ran away, but a few men took off their jackets and sweaters and ran off.

"That was quite disturbing," I said.

"What was? The hole in the sky, or the guys taking off their jackets and sweaters and running away like scared kittens?" Sam asked.

"The second one you said, Sam," I answered.

"Unbelievable!" B.O.B. said in surprise.

"I don't see how you two turned it back on,"

"We didn't," Sam answered.

"But we better get an air sample fast. With me, Mathew,"

Sam and I both pointed our hair dryers at the ozone in the sky and tried again. This time, Sam's hair dryer was in normally as we both held the trigger and the gun for about 5 seconds.

"Okay, that'll do, Mathew," Sam said to me.

We both released our grips on the triggers of our hair dryers, and put them away.

"I'll just digitally transfer this sample to Jerry. He should have our answer in no time," Sam assumed.

Meanwhile, Clover was eyeing an outfit in a nearby Moscow store.

"Hey, maybe that's what David wants,"

She was eyeing a white and red Russian dress and a Russian hat. She looked at a TV screen and saw a commercial on Supertone Sunblock.

"Supertone Sunblock?" Clover scoffed as we went to join her at what she was looking at. When we joined her, I had wrapped my arm around Sam's shoulders.

"It's almost like the same weather we have down at the beach in L.A."

We watched the commercial until it was over. When it was over, Clover's compowder rang. She took it out.

"Yeah, what is it, Jerr?"

"Apparently, the volume floating in the sky above you, Clov," Jerry responded.

"But what could be causing this?" Clover asked.

"By the high level of radioactivity, we can only assume that it's--" Jerry said, but was interrupted.

"The effects of some solar powered atmospheric laser," Sam said.

"Precisely, Sam," Jerry said.

I gave Sam another pat on her shoulders. My arm was still wrapped around her shoulders, but my arm was underneath her pure orange hair.

"All we know is that the laser appears to be generating from somewhere across the Alaskan shoreline. A place you 4 might want to check out. A WOOHP missile will pick you up momentarily," Jerry continued.

We heard a whizzing sound.

"I hear something," I said as I put my hand to my ear.

"It's the missile, Mathew," Sam said to me.

In just a few seconds, the missile picked us up and B.O.B. waved at us.

"Good luck, you 4. Keep those laser bands and keep in touch,"

End of chapter.

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