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Sunny's henchmen hopped into speedboats to get rid of us.

"Looks like Sunny's sending her henchmen our way," Sam said spotting them.

"The laser's at 60 percent," Alex said.

"No, 70 percent; We better work fast,"

Sam and I stopped the pressure we were emitting from our hair dryers and we slowed to a stop. I was about to join Sam when Clover stopped me.

"Mathew, give me a hand. I've got an idea," Clover said to me.

I suddenly realized what she was talking about. I nodded my head up and down. Sam and Alex both leaped in the air and landed on the henchmen's boats. The boats whizzed by Clover and me, but we were able to keep our balance.

"That's for the holes in our rafts!" Alex snapped.

She rolled up her fist and punched one of Sunny's henchmen. He fell to the floor unconscious.

"And that's for the raw meat," Sam added.

She kicked the other henchman in his face, and he fell on the bumper of the boat.

Meanwhile, Clover was looking up at the helicopter above the two of us.

"Things are suddenly looking up," Clover said to herself. She looked back at me.

"Come with me, Mathew,"

"Gotcha," I said to Clover.

Clover and I leapt up to one of the legs of the helicopter to step inside. Clover and I reached the other henchman flying the plane inside. We both punched him, causing him to fall out of the helicopter and fell into the water.

"This is for... me; I love taking down bad guys!" Clover said.

"Nice work, Clover," I said to her.

Clover and I slapped each other's hands. We flew down to get Sam and Alex.

"Need a lift?" Clover asked.

Sam was standing on one of the henchman's boats, and Alex was sitting with her legs crossed on the other.

"You two got them good?" I asked when Sam and Alex got in.

"We sure did," Sam answered.

"So, what's next?" Alex asked, still holding the temperature device in her hand.

"It's at 70 percent and rising,"

"Come on, we've got to figure out some way to stop it," Sam said to us.

We began to stare at it momentarily.

"I don't think we can stop a laser by staring at it," Alex said.

"Absolutely not," I added.

"No, but maybe we can get the laser to stare back at itself," Sam said to us.

"What do you mean, Sam?" I asked.

"I'll explain later. Clover, can you bring us down close enough so we can grab one of those cooler lids?" Sam requested.

"No problem," Clover said.

Clover brought the helicopter down close enough. Sam and I stepped out of the chopper. I bent down, grabbed a cooler lid, and handed it to Sam, then climbed back into the chopper. Unknown to us, one of Sunny's henchmen had swam out of the water and secretly grabbed onto the same leg that Sam was on. We began to fly back to the ship Sunny was on.

"Are you sure about this, Sam?" I asked.

"100 percent positive, Mathew," Sam assured me.

We closed in on the ship. Sam was immediately focused on the hitting of the laser. I had looked out the window and noticed one of Sunny's henchmen.

"Sam, behind you!" I called out.

But I was too late. The henchman grabbed Sam's arm.

"Ouch!" Sam screamed when she felt something violently grab her arm.

Clover and Alex looked over and noticed that it was one of Sunny's henchmen.

"You are so pushy!" Clover complimented.

Reacting fast, Clover moved up the lever to control it and the henchman fell off the leg of the chopper and landed back in the water.

"Thanks," Sam said.

"Now, get as close to the laser as possible. Mathew, come out here and help me with the aim,"

I got my sunglasses on and came out behind Sam. As we moved in closer, I began to count down in my head.

"Bombs away, Sam!" I said when we got close enough.

Sunny gasped as Sam threw the cooler lid and it hit the laser with perfect accuracy. The laser moved in to the ship and blasted it. Sunny was sent flying into the water.

"Nice shot, Sam!" I said to her.

Sam and I slapped each other's hands and we gave each other a quick embrace. We began to climb back into the chopper.

"Man, if Jerr saw us do that, he'd be way proud," Clover said to us.

"No kidding, Clover," I said to her.

We heard a voice.

"Well done, you 4. I'm very proud of you!"

It was Jerry.

"Wow, freaky," Alex said.

"Jerry, how did you find us out here?" Sam asked.

"Yeah, what Sam said. I'm totally speechless," I added.

"Hello, you 4. Glad you kept the laser bands. I left a tracking device in the lens just in case you needed help," B.O.B. said.

"Unbelievable," I complimented.

"You came all the way from Russia to help us?" Alex asked as we all smiled at each other.

"That is so neat B.O.B.!"

"That's B.O.B.'s job, Alex," Jerry said.

Alex felt a little dumb-founded.

"Yeah. Don't feel embarrassed, Alex," I said to her.

Meanwhile, the girls and I were looking for Sunny. We found her with her arm in the air. Sharks were swimming around her.

"There's Sunny. With those sharks," Alex said.

"Swimming with sharks, I'd say," I said.

"Which is totally a nuts activity,"

Clover lowered the chopper down to let Sunny in. She grabbed on, and was still in one piece. A shark almost bit off her legs, but thankfully, it missed. When we looked at Sunny, we were shocked.

"Sunny, your -- your face," Clover said in shock.

"Eewwww!" I said.

"Are you... melting?" Alex asked.

Sam and I looked at each other in surprise.

"Yes. Too many years in the sun," Sunny explained.

"Why take the modeling work when you can get it,"

"Sorry, there'll be no modeling where you're going," Sam assured.

"Definitely not," I added.

Sam and I gently slapped each other's knuckles after we rolled up our fists.

"And for the record, Sunny, make-up can't hide your inner beauty," Clover said.

"Oh, that reminds me; I need to get back to school,"

We began to fly in the helicopter back home. On the way, Sam waved her fingers to me to whisper something to me in my ear.

"Since Clover's going to see David now, let's you and me do that drawing thing you promised me before we started the mission," Sam whispered in my ear to me.

"Sure thing, Sammy. Let's do it at your house," I whispered in Sam's ear.

9:55 a.m. -- Beverly Hills High School

Back at the school, David was painting a picture of Mandy. She was smiling and closing her eyes and striking a pose, when Clover came rushing in. She was wearing a blue buttoned shirt and black pants.

"David, you want the real me, this is..." Clover was about to say, when she saw him already doing Mandy. She was heartbroken.

"Poor Clover. You lost, now get lost!" Mandy snapped, but Clover didn't listen.

"You know, David, at first I wanted to pose for you because well, I like to pose, and well, you wanted something more real, so I rushed here and now it's too late and I'm totally --" Clover explained but David interrupted her when she got to the last word of her sentence.

"Frustrated? Yeah, me too. I mean, everyone can relate to that right? That's it! That's the look I've got to paint!"

David was in excitement. Clover was briefly smiling, but she quickly frowned in disappointment.


"Mandy, it's not personal, but it's art," David said grabbing his wood support for his paper.

"Thanks for understanding,"

David began drawing Clover with her depressed look. Mandy was shocked.

"Wait, David! Now I'm frustrated! See? Look how good I am! Look! Look!" Mandy tried to say, but David didn't listen. He was too busy drawing Clover.

Clover had won another battle against Mandy like usual.

11:39 a.m. -- Sam's House (A/n: This is the extra scene I was talking about. I was just going to include Sam's and mine's drawing thing just for the fun of it. Don't feel so pissed off about it.)

Meanwhile, Sam and I were sitting in Sam's bedroom and I had gotten out a pencil and notebook. Sam had unzipped her spy jumpsuit and had changed to her pink bathing suit.

"Ready, Sammy?" I asked.

"I'm ready, Mathew," Sam said to me.

She began to lie down on her bed, laying down on her left side. Her legs were curled up, showing off her entire pink bathing suit from her chest to her waist. Sam put her left thumb and index finger on her thigh. It was just below the bottom part of her bathing suit. She began to smile lovingly with her lips puckered up like she was ready to blow a kiss. Her eyes were half-opened like she was falling in love at first sight. I put my pencil to my notebook and began to draw Sam very carefully. I had drawn her as accurately as I could, but I messed up on her left hand and hip and had to erase that again and start again. I finished my drawing of Sam 20 minutes later.

"Okay, Sammy. I'm finished," I said to her.

Sam took her hand off her hip, stood up, and went to check it out. When I showed it to her, she was impressed.

"Wow. That's pretty good for somebody who says he isn't that good at drawing," Sam complimented.

"You got my hair and my bathing suit just right too. Heck, you got my entire body perfectly! I'm impressed, Mathew,"

"Gee, thanks, Sammy," I said to her nervously.

Sam and I sat down together on her bed.

"So, before you began to draw me, how bad did you say you were at drawing?" Sam asked me.

"You really wanna know?" I asked.

"Yes I do," Sam answered.

"Well, this might surprise you but... I can't even draw a perfectly aligned star," I responded.

"What!" Sam said in shock.

"I'm surprised at you. You know, you just proved yourself wrong when you tried to draw me. And you drew me perfectly!"

"Thanks, Sammy. I'm humbled by that," I said to her.

"You're welcome," Sam said to me.

She planted a kiss on my cheek.

"Gee, thanks, Sammy," I said to her.

"Why don't you keep this,"

I tore out the page in my notebook and handed it to Sam. Sam lovingly accepted it.

The end.

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