An Event to Remember

One day at Alfea the Winx Club are planning about what to do on the ball including the specialist of the red fountain are invited in this party by their headmistress, Ms. Feriganda

"Hmm...what should we do on the ball its tomorrow?" said Bloom while thinking of Brandon

"I don't know but I do know that Sky will dance with me" commented Stella while combing her hair and looking at the mirror

Musa thought of asking the girls if it would be a good idea to invite Riven to be her partner at the party but instead she said "I'm gonna be the one in charge of the music of course!" while smiling

Flora commented "why don't you ask Riven to be your partner at this party?" Smiling at Musa

"Well I'm not sure if he would like to be with me and besides he doesn't know anything about me" replied Musa

Stella suddenly stood up and startled Bloom and the others " You know Musa you should be confident look at me and sky and this might be your only chance to get to know him!" pointing to Musa

"Well…what do you think guys?" Musa asking her friends

"That's a great idea" commented Techna

"Want me to ask him for you?" asked Flora with a big smile

"Really? You would do that for me?" Musa smiles

"Yeah of course!" said Flora

"Thanks everyone" The Winx Club had a group hug and they only had one problem

"What are we going to WEAR!" Said Stella while in a panic and she throws all her clothes on her bed

"Excuse me I have to clean our room and I'm also gonna pick which outfit IM gonna wear." Techna walks to her room

"Hey wait up Techna I'll help you clean the room and I need to pick what I'm going to wear too" said Musa while catching up to Techna

"Hey Bloom we should pick the things that we are going to wear too" said Flora

"Yeah lets go… Oh and can you help me decide which outfit to wear? She asked Flora

"Sure I'll help, you're getting excited huh? Well anyway it's still tomorrow but the earlier the better right?"

Flora said to Bloom

"OH! I totally forgot that it was still for tomorrow I guess I was just really excited about seeing Brandon again!" Smiled Because of embarrassment.

Meanwhile at Red fountain…

While eating their dinner Brandon, Sky, Riven and Timmy are talking about what to do on the ball at Alfea

"What should we do on the ball tomorrow night?" asked Brandon

"Hey maybe the Winx can dance with us?" commented Sky

"Hey I don't know and I don't care all I know is that it will be no fun around those pixies" said Riven acting as if he doesn't care and acting cool as usual

"Hey it isn't bad at least we can relax tomorrow, right?" said Timmy

"Yeah! Sure we can relax as long as those witches stay away from Alfea" Said sky thinking about protecting Stella at any cost

"Oh…yeah almost forgot those guys but there is no way the red fountain is gonna have an interaction between Cloud tower." Brandon said to his friends

"Yeah who would like to be around those witches anyway?" said Timmy

"I don't know about you guys but I'm gonna go to bed" said Riven in an annoying way

"What's wrong with him?" asked Sky

"Maybe his just sleepy? And I'm gonna go to my room and pick what I'm gonna wear tomorrow" answered Brandon

"Hey me too" said Timmy

"Me three" said Sky

The boys went to their rooms and choosing the clothes that they are going to wear. After that they went to Riven's room to check on him. But he was gone and then they saw him riding his levabike. Brandon and the others followed him. They notice that it was the way to Alfea and landed they and approached him

"Hey why did you sneak out of the red fountain?" said Sky

"Yeah you're going to be in big trouble!" said Brandon

"What are you guys doing here!" said Riven

"The same question to you." Timmy said in a calm way

"Whatever, look just get lost you guys I'll come back as soon as I can now go!" said Riven in a meaningless way

"Yeah right like that will happen, what are you doing here anyway?" asked Sky

"Fine enough with the questions Flora told me that she wants to talk to me with something but I don't know what" saying with confidence and keeping his sword

Brandon whispers to Sky "Do you think its about Musa?"

Sky replies "maybe she like to have Riven as her escort to the ball?"

"Yeah lets help her out I'm sure it change Riven's attitude for sure" said Brandon

Then Flora came and was surprised to see Brandon, Sky and Timmy because she was expecting Riven to come

"Um…. What a surprise all of you are here um…can I talk to Riven for a sec?" asking politely

Brandon and Sky calls Flora "Can we talk to for a sec?"

"Ok" Flora replied

"What is it?" Flora asked

Brandon answered "Why are you going to talk to Riven?"

"Is it about you're friend that has a crush on Riven?" said Sky

"Well yes because she likes Riven to be her partner at the ball tomorrow night but she's shy to ask him…. Um can you guys help me with talking to Riven? PLEASE!" While Smiling

Sky said "Sure we'll help come on his an impatient guy you know"

They talked about it for ½ an hour Brandon and Sky tried everything so that Riven will accept Musa to be his partner at the dance and finally…

"Fine I'll be her escort Geez! You don't need to beg you two, its annoying" said Riven while feeling popular

"Thanks Riven " Flora smiling at Riven

"Hey guys we need to go back at Red Fountain Pronto! The headmaster is going to kill us when he finds out we're gone…um Flora can you say hi to Techna for me? Thanks" said Timmy

Brandon said to Flora while riding his levabike "say hi for the other Winx for us ok?"

"Sure, you guys take care" as she waves to the boys and when they left she rushed back up to her room and went to sleep

Brandon and the others returned to Red Fountain luckily no one was awake by the time they arrived they went to their rooms and went to bed to be ready at the party tomorrow

End of Chapter 1

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