Genre: Action/ romance/ fluff
Warnings: None I believe, maybe a bit of swearing but nothing too mayor...
Rating: M
Pairings: Yuki x Shiuchi
Disclaimer: I own nothing, I want nothing. Read and Enjoy.

The Persecution
The fear in his eyes was so obvious it made him frown. He knew he shouldn't have involved the kid, but now it was too late to regret that.

Two weeks before, Shindou Shuichi was just another teenager in Japan. Not exactly the average boy, but he could walk down the street without strangers giving him a second look.

And then one day, after staying too late at school trying to do his homework for once, he had met him.

Shuichi wasn't a very perceptive person most of the times, but he knew when someone needed help and his kind spirit often lead him in trouble for that. He just had to try to help people.

The man that fell in front of him was one of those people. Only he didn't want his help. He could be bleeding and beaten up, but he didn't need the help of a brat.

Perhaps it had been that rude comment what had made the teen try harder to help.

Eiri Uesugi was not much older that him, but he knew far more of the hardships of the world that the boy would probably ever know. Unfortunately for the blond man, he had gotten involved with one of the yazuka's leader. And as he had latter found out, they didn't like when he slept with their fiancées.

Yuki, as he was known now, had been running away when he had run into the teen. He had wanted to push the teen and get out of the city for good, but he was too weak for that. So he had been under the boy's care for a while.

How had Shuichi managed to keep the blond man in his house without anyone noticing was something he would probably never understand. A combination of luck and a sick aunt had kept his family busy and away from his room, where the man had stayed.

Shuichi knew that at some point the other man would have to leave, but something within him hurt whenever he thought about it. And when, after a week and a half, the man had announced that he was leaving, Shuichi had understood that it hadn't been just his kind spirit what had made him carry the blond into his house.

That night, he had shared his bed with the blond.

Yuki had tried to dissuade him, had tried to leave without him and even had threatened him, but nothing seemed to deter him. Shuichi had abandoned it all and pursued him until he had gotten tired of trying to get away from him. Sometimes Yuki thought how lucky he was that no one in his pursuer's gang was as good as Shuichi when it came down to tracking him.

And now, they were running away, that psycho yazuka and his gang hot in their tracks. Why had he followed the man against all reason and advice wasn't something Shuichi cared about anymore. If the yazuka found them they would be dead.

And so, the fear he was feeling was currently shown in his eyes. Because, outside the building in construction they had just arrived and hidden, Hitaka and the rest of the yazuka were waiting for them to come out.

"Baka. I told you to leave. Why the hell do you have to be so freaking insistent? It's not like I wanted you to be here anyway."

Fear was replaced quickly with sorrow. But... wasn't it better that way?

"How can you say something like that! I thought we- we"

"What? You thought fucking you a couple of times made you somehow special to me?"

And now, incredulity. Disappointment and anger followed soon.

"How dare you? After everything I- ... why are you doing this? Why are you telling me those horrible things?"

"It's only the truth. Now stop whining would you? I need to think a way to get out of here".

"Get us out of here".


"You said 'to get out of here'".


"I- no... nothing".

He wasn't seeing him, but he knew the boy was crying. He always made him cry. Even Shuivhi was taking care of his wounds, he said hurtful words to him.


A minute or two passed, neither of them speaking or moving, as they knew their time was ending.

"Yuki? Did I... did I meant anything to you? Even if it was just more than a cheap fuck?"

He didn't dare to look when he answered. He couldn't possibly tell him the truth.

"No. Besides you suck in bed".

Shuichi wanted to scream, and cry as hard as he could until he died. But just in that moment, Hitaka showed up.

"Eiri Uesugi-san. We finally see each other again. Were you avoiding me perhaps?"

The tension in his body was obvious in the way he clenched his fist and his eyes narrowed. To the pink haired boy, the body language of the blond was as clear as his own constant ranting.

"Do not worry Uesugi-san. This... this I wanted to take care of personally. So it's just the two of us..."

The way Hitaka gazed at the boy made Shuichi tremble behind him, and for a moment Yuki wished he had never met the boy.

"Mm, I hadn't seen your little companion. Is he your new toy? Are you tired of fucking other people's girls?"

Hurt and surprise filled the heart of the younger man in the room, as he understood finally why they were after the man he loved.

"What? He didn't know? Oh, I'm sorry, I hope I didn't say anything inappropriate".

"Bastard. I'm tired of this stupid chase, so why don't we end this up right now? You against me. That's what you are here for, aren't you?"

"Mh. Indeed. However, since your little friend is already here, it would be impolite from us to leave him outside the party, don't you think? Or you care for him more than you are willing to admit?"

"Let's just get this over with".

Shuichi stood there, in shock as the two men fought against each other, watching every punch, every kick, and winced when the older man pulled a knife out of his pocket. He knew Yuki wasn't fully recovered from his previous injuries.

And then, one punch finally reached him, and Yuki fell to the ground. Blood started to taint the floor red, causing Shuichi to scream. And that made Hitaka remember him.

Slowly, he walked towards the scared boy, the knife shining with the moon's light and the fresh blood.

Yuki watched the scene developing in front of him silently, his thoughts scattering as petals in the wind as the yazuka's boss approached the brat. An animal, primary instinct awoke somewhere within him, and he got up and charged against the brown haired man, while he yelled something he wasn't aware of.


Taken out of his entranced state by Yuki's voice, Shuichi ducked just in time as the other two fell right next to him, and the knife slid by his side towards the entrance. He stared at it a few seconds, as if waiting for it to become alive on it's own and attack him, then turned around to see the fight.

After tackling the man, Yuki started punching his head, as hard as he could, with a rage he had no idea where it had come from, a predatory instinct taking control and directing his attack.

Taken by surprise, it took Hitaka a few seconds to realize what was happening, The blond might have been younger and weaker before, but now, his vicious attack had made Hitaka aware of the strength he possessed. As a cornered animal, the adrenaline had made the blond stronger and unaware of the pain from the injuries suffered just seconds before.

He hadn't been ready for this, as he had forgotten the rule number one when fighting: to not underestimate the strength of his opponent. However, he wasn't the yazuka leader just for the kicks of it. He had earned his place with hard work and numerous killings. No brat like this would beat him.

In a sudden movement, Hitaka took his opponent of him and shoot him at the same time. The sound of it and the smell of gunpowder filled the room and echoed in Shuichi's ears and filled his head with horror. It was all so fast the Yuki didn't even screamed. For a moment, everything was quiet in the room.

And then Shuichi's scream filled it, as he run towards his beloved, who lay on his back, staring at the ceiling in silence.

"Yuki! No, Yuki! Answer me!"

He placed the blonde's head carefully in his lap, near the edge of panic.

"Baka. I told you to leave".

Shuichi gave him a worried smile that transformed into a frown when he realized that the blond was looking at him without seeing him. And a second later, a tread of blood appeared from his mouth.


A warm hand was placed on Shuichi's cheek and wiped his tears. Yuki closed his eyes as he began coughing blood.

The teen shook his head in disbelieving, as the laughter of the older man ringed in his ears.

"Don't worry boy, you'll go just after him".

He didn't know where did the speed, the strength or even the courage came from. He had never held any kind of weapon in his hand before. He had never attacked another human being. Still, before he knew it, Shuichi had charged against the man, and the knife Hitaka had used before and forgotten, penetrated one of the older man's sides.


Hitaka fell to his knees, astonished by the boy's sudden actions. Before he could react, Shuichi had punched him again, taking the gun out of his hands. He was unconscious just a few seconds later.

"Hn... what-?"

"Ssh... don't speak... it'll be fine..."

For a second, Yuki just stared at the boy in front of him, before realizing he was in a warm bedroom.


"Hiro's. My best friend, remember? Don't worry, you'll be safe here".



"We'll be safe here. For the moment I guess it'll be fine".

There was confusion in those purple eyes he liked so much. And then, after a moment, joy replaced it and he felt as the younger man launched himself against him.

"Yuki! I knew you couldn't mean those things you said!"


They stood there, as the sun rose, the warmth of the blankets surrounding them as they fell into a blissful sleep.