It's been a lonely day for Fuuko. She hadn't have any sleep due to the shock when her father announced her engagement with somroe she haven't seen or known. It was still fresh in her memories….


Fuuko was having fun when her mother called her and hugged her." What is it mom? Is something the matter?" she asked with worry written in her face. "No,no.. I'm just happy because… know now that you've grown up to be a nice girl and someday you can start your own family…."her mother started blabbering that kind of things. " No mom, I'm too young and besides I still don't have any boyfriend"

Meanwhile, her father a politician was chatting with his friend when he suddenly stood up and call the attention of everyone…." Today, ladies and gentlemen isa very special day for me because it's my birthday BUT I also want to announce that my daughter here, come here darling, is bethroned and married next month to my bestfriend's son which will arrive after 2 weeks from America. Now! Let's Cheers!"

Fuuko was dumbstruck that she didn't even hear the loud clapping and gossips instead she hadn't said a word about anything …. She was thinking hard…. So, that's why my mother was thinking that way. I should have known that I was just nothing to them but business. Did they think I was blind? Ofcourse I know I will just marry that guy I don't even know because of his money and business state that eill help my father expand his status. " darn it! I hate my life!"


she was walking absentmindedly when she bumped hardly into the last person she would like to bump into." Ouch! Oh! Sorry.. I wasn't looking" she apologized but when she was about to look upon the person she just bumped into, she would just wish that she hadn't said anything and just pass and run." It's ok, monkeys always do that " answered mikagami while dusting off the invincible dust in his clothes. " How dare you…" Fuuko was blushing big time but she put up her icy mask to hide her emotion." Bye monkey" the nerve of that guy!" an angry kirisawa stormed off the park.

As Mikagami was walking home, he started to think about that purpled haired girl Kirisawa. What was she thinking that she even bump on me absentmindedly. Normally she would be so bubbly and happy but I guess she's not normal. Did anythinghappened to her? His mind asked himself. " Wait? Why am I thinking about her? Stupid! Stupid!"


Tokiya's parents asked him to go to the airport and fetch brother. " ok, but I thought it would be next 2 weeks?" he asked. " Eh? You've got questions? Ask your father!"

at the airport

You can see tokiya mikagami having difficulty due to his obvious admirers with him asking his number or if he have a girlfriend or whatever. While holding the namecard on his right hand " mikagami" He will surely pay me big time! God have mercy on me please." And he could not stand it any longer… when everything was going to burn….a loud shout was heard. And half of his admirers came rushing to Raiha… (indeed they are brothers… thres' no fact to hide it) " hey there bro, looks like you haven't loss your eye catching ability touch!" chuckled raiha as he teased his brother more on riding home.

They chatted for a while because it has been 10 years since they have been separated because of the course raiha was taking. " I don't understand why father has to let me come home immediately and this early?" asked an irritated raiha to his brother. " I wonder what he is planning… hope it's not that bad" raiha thought. " I don't know anything" whispered tokiya coz I too am surprised.

in the kirisawa residence

" Father , why did you done something like that without consulting me first?" asked fuuko while walking back and forth in his office.

" fuuko, just do what I tell you, I'm only doing this for your future" his father told her in a fatherly tone." Besides, me and your mother are getting old , we already want to see our grand children, and you're our only precious daughter" " Now, will you obey me even this last time?" asked his father "but father…still…you have no right to make a stupid decision like that! Even if it's for me, can't you see? I don't even know who's the guy I will marry!" Her father is losing his patience now "NO!" boomed her father " Not buts or whatever, you know me, once I decide it will be done and I had decided and you are getting married whether you like it or not!"her father got up and went outside leaving a tear-streaked fuuko. Fresh tears finally came bursting out but fuuko stopped it. " if that's what you want…." She whispered to herself and and she walk out of the room. Her mother just sat there and watched sadly...

Mikagami Residence

:dinner time:

As Tokiya was sitted beside her mother, and Raiha at their father. The family was eating calmly in silence when Raiha opened up the topic of why he was sent back. " Father, why is the reason you really called me here?" asked a Raiha. " Oh!" his father exclaimed and straightened up before answering his son's question completely. " This may shock you, but i have made a decision that you shall be wed by the end of this month." his father said. and just as he finished... a few seconds passed and "WHAT?" both Mr. Mikagami's sons shouted in chorus with mouth hanging open. Their mother just stood there watching her husband and 2 sons and giggled at the scene. " Boys... you might want to close your mouth now, we wouldn't want mosqitoes go there do we?" their mother said trying to lighthen up the tension. So both of them just shut their mouth and look at their mom unbelivingly. Finally the bethroned Raiha broke the silence by whispering " Is that true father?" His father just let out a big sigh and exhaled "Yes" to his younger son.

"but" protested Raiha. " There will be no buts! I have already made the arrangements and for the sake of our family..just bear with me" his father asked his son pleadingly.

'We really don't have a choice in the matter and this is just the way it is' his father said to himself. 'i just wish you will forgive me in the future' his father added.

Raiha saw the pleading in his father's eyes and just had to do what his father wishes him to do. He's always been his fathers favorite and so...he loves his father greatly and knows that he can't deny his duty as a son to him even if he was to sacrifice his own happiness in this marriage.

" If that's your will father, then I would gladly accept." he said with finality " That's my boy!" boomed Mr. Mikagami seemingly very proud of his son. And Raiha, the-happy-go-lucky-guy tried to lighten their meal by stating " I guess i should meet my LUCKY fiancee then! i bet she will just swoon when she sees my extraordinary goodlooks!" he said while flicking his long hair in a-model-kind-of-way. This statement raised laughter from their table thus making their dinner a happy ending. "I bet you will like this girl! She's just no ordinary girl i tell you! you will find yourself full with just this girl!" 'full taming her' his father muttered to himself . My meeting with her just proved my theory right and if i'm not mistaken with our matchmaking, they will just suit each other very much' thought Mr.Mikagami.

Little did they know, but this matchmaking just adds to the trouble they will get. As Mr. Mikagami was talking, Tokiya seemed lost with himself and had to right back himself to the conversation coz a sudden smile of a certain purpled haired girl just flashed in his brain when his father said "not-just-an-ordinary-girl" ' yeah, right! you can say that again, that water-monkey is really different... i mean different in the manner of human species!' he thought with a smirk.

And so, thats how the Mikagami family ended their dinner.

around 12 in the evening

It was already past 12 and Tokiya can't sleep due to the fact that he heard rumors about Fuuko this morning...

/ when 2 girls walked passed him, he couldn't help but hear certain names like Fuuko's and wedding and marriage , and so even if its degrading to say he eavesdropped at the 2 girls gossip while pretending to read the newspaper in front of him hiding himself partially. this is what he heard:

"Did you know the latest news? " a very excited redhead asked her gossiping partner. " Yeah! Is it true that the youngest Kirisawa daughter is getting married to a very influential guy?" her partner answered " I heard from a friend that her father announced it during his birthday party last week and by the looks of it the daughter was shocked! it was written all over her face!'' " Poor girl! It must be hard having an arranged marriage like that." the girl said sympathetically. "I bet it comes with a high price of being part of the rich families here in japan" the other girl added.

/that's how the conversation end/

By the end of it Tokiya looked shocked. Never in his entire life did he imagine that tomboy Fuuko to be married. Even if it's an arranged marriage. It's not that he find her very ugly coz he learned a very important lesson when they were teenagers and fuuko beated a gang leader ,what's he's name? oh yeah... fujimaru. what an unlucky guy just because he called her "ugly", he was beaten black and blue, even with his entire gang they didn't match Fuuko's strength and after that no one ever called her ugly and he on the other hand erased the word "ugly" from his vocabulary. I think thats also the reason why she didn't have boyfriends 'till then coz almost all the boys was terrified of her temper.

"wait!" he angrily muttered to himself. 'why am I even thinking of her? that no-good-trouble-maker-tomboy. Even if I'm the only guy not afraid of her... she still gets under my skin. She just have this character that i had to admire.. her spirit... her lively eyes... 'come on tokiya! snap out of it!' he said to himself , but why did i ever get her away when calling me 'mi-chan' , "gods! i hate that nickname!" he said and as he was all thinking all of this, he just found himself in the park. " Now, when did I get here?" he asked himself. and as he resumed walking through the path home coz it's already midnight... he suddenly heard a sound.., a sobbing, soft crying of a girl to be particular.

'Now, who would be here crying in the middle of the night? ' he wondered but in the back of his mind he for some reason already knew the person... so he quietly hid behind a tree to get a glimpse of the crying girl.

Fuuko sat in a bench near a tree with her legs curled behind her and arms hugging herself with her head on her knees sofly crying blaming the world for her misfortune.Suddenly she heard footsteps getting nearer and louder by the second so she quickly stood up and being aware and alert and shouted " Who's there? Show yourself!" she half shouted with mild fear and trembling in her voice.

He hadn't notice it but his feet suddenly moved without even consulting first his conscious mind and by the time he was again in control, he found himself in front of fuuko with sith surprised eyes. He finally said " Hey there." Nice talking, he said to himself, nice words for comforting a depressed tomboy. He scolded himself while csting his eyes elsewhere. but...

" What are you doing here? an angry kirisawa asked. " I could say the same to you, what does a tomboy like you doing in the park IN the MIDDLE of the NIGHT?" he asked in an annoyed manner. " It's none of your business!" retailed fuuko and was met with glaring eyes from tokiya.

"Fine be that way, see if I care monkey" he said and turned around but felt a little guilty coz he cared for her even though he doesn't really show it. But fuuko's whisper stopped him in his tracks " i'm sorry for being a bitch a while ago, its just that... i need to be alone right now... i'm just, can you please leave me be just for this time?" she asked tiredly. "ok, if that's what you want" and started walking away. "thank you" fuuko whispered. " and by the way , YOU'RE not a good LIAR ya know, but thanks for your concern for me but it's really not needed since i can protect myself." and she stood up walking away.

'Did he really think he could fool me? I'm his childhood friend for pete's sake! stupid mi-chan but at least i know i'm not treated like one of his fans, i'm his bestfriend even if he son't acknowledge it.' a wry smile appeared on her face while thinking about a certain long haired mikagami not knowing that she was going in the path to the forest.

To say that he wasn't shock would be an understatement, that was the first time in their childhood years that she actually didn't let her temper get her. Usually, she would chase her till the end of the world just to get back at him but i guess this time it's really serious. 'hmmmm, wonder what's really bothering her?' he asked no one in particular. While poundering this... he began walking along the path to his home when he heard a scream. A very familiar voice and suddenly his blood just turned cold.

"Where is it?" an exasperated mikagami asked the woods. ' i shouldn't have fuuko alone by herself! trust her not to go into trouble!grrrr.. she's trouble magnet!' and he was running faster than the bullet while praying that he arrive in time there. " just wait for me fuuko, just wait pls." he plead.

Fuuko was now struggling to get free from the ropes that tied her upside down in a tree " Gods! who in their right mind would put traps in HERE!" an exasperated fuuko wailed through the forest while kicking wildly to get free from the ropes. ' i should have just stayed with mi-chan and talked to him about my problem' she thought Now how to get out of here... as she was thinking while loudly cursing the stupid tree, a shadow blocked her view and a minute later and you will find our hero sprawled on the floor. " MI-CHAN! you didn't have to do it ROUGHLY ya know!" she shouted at her saviour. A cold laugh just answered her tirade. " What do we have here now?" a menacing voice ridiculed her, " a princess calling for her prince...awwwwwwww... how PATHETIC!" the voice suddenly boomed.

Fuuko's mind was blinking red warning red light at her now and the hair at the back of her neck was already standing. and she might not admit it but she was getting scared by the minute now. So before she lost all nerves on her body... " Who are you? and why did you help me?" she asked in the space in the forest while looking left and right wanting to see that person.

And when she was about to stand up and run away, a mysterious man suddenly quickly grabbed her right arm and just twisted it behind her back. She was surprised and wasn't able to do anything. Coz pushing the man wasn't just doing anything, it only angers her captor more. i'ts obviously a missmatch considering their body built and strength. But fuuko wwon't give u without a fight. she's fuuko for goodness sake!

And with her last effort to push her captor, their roles was suddenly reversed and she was pushed roughly in a tree with her arms held tightly at the back. Her breast pushed at the rough bark of the tree. "jerk!" she muttered and flinched when her captor just pushed harder, she had to bite her lip from screaming.This time she was breathing hard now, much more when her captor inched his face and kissed the side of her neck and whispered wickedly " you smell nice" "why are you doing this to me?" fuuko asked in a weak voice.

Obviously her captor was having sick pleasure in this situation. " Someone sent me to kill you but I never thought that you would be this beautiful and fierce, so i decided to make fun with you first before i kill you, but if you satisfy me then maybe...just maybe.. i will spare your life" he said with pure malice in his voice. Due to her anger, fuuko stepped hard on his foot and kicked him hardly on the groin and spit on him. After that, she just left her captor squirming in pain on the floor. " Don't you ever ever look down on me" fuuko said with outrage and run , run very fast to escape the ninja captor.

She knew that wasn't enough to bring the ninja down, she just risk her luck and now running like there was no tomorrow. and she heard " you can never escape me silly girl" the voice of her captor echoed in the forest. She was so nervous that she didn't see the log far ahead and tripped hard. A scream escaped her throat but was suddenly shut up by the hand that covered her mouth and again she was pushed, only this time in the ground.

"I told you, didn't I? you will never escape me!" her captor said to her in her ears. " Now where were we?" asked the ninja who mockingly pretended to be thinking " Ah! i remembered " and when she was about to slap him, he caught her hand and slapped her hard in return that left the side of her lip bled. "tsktsktsk... you're naughty and that's what you get for punishment" and the ninja pushed her on the floor, holding 2 wrist above her head with one hand while touching her everywhere with the other hand and started kissing her neck but fuuko didn't give up, she still resisted by thrashing off and squirming her way out but it only served 2 give more pleasure for the maniac ninja.

As her captor got tired from kissing her neck, he cut her shirt slowly with a knife while licking his lips and when her shirt was cut into shreds, he licked the top of her breast. Fuuko was crying now, begging now for the first time in her life. " Pls. Get Off Me!'' " Pls. Stop!" And with the her last effort, she called for "MI-CHAN!" and it reverberated throughout the entire forest.

Meanwhile, somewhere in the forest...

"MI-CHAN!" "Fuuko where are you?" 'god, pls don't let anything happen to her. He was very worried now and have been running for 10 minutes until he saw some movement from the bushes. and with lightning speed, he was there in front of the man who was harrasing fuuko which was still atop of her. Bursting with anger , mikagami kicked the ninja on his side and due to the force impact, he flied towards a trunk of the tree. But, still, mikagami was not satisfied so he kicked, puched, kicked, puched over and over again till he's black and blue that youwon't recognize him anymore.

And after that he approached a still shocked fuuko and enveloped her in his jacket and that's when she looked up at him with tears in her eyes. " Mi-chan!" she called and suddenly hugged him tightly while crying and tokiya being the gentleman that he was tried to comfort her by putting his arm around her and patting her back to sooth her until her cries subsided.

Unfortunately, the heaven was not on their side and it started to turn black and you can hear the thunder and see lightning on the clouds and minutes later.. it started to rain. Tokiya helped fuuko to stand up but fuuko ws still shaken so she slipped and fell right back on mikgami's arms blushing. and that;s when tokiya noticed that she was shivering so he swept her from her feet out on the ground and started running looking for shelter. " Mi-chan, I can walk ya know,i;m not invalid" a blushing fuuko told tokiya while trying to get free from his arms. " If you continue that, i will let go and let you soaked on the ground." he threatened and that shut her up. due to her embarrassment she just hid her tomato face on tokiya's neck. He noticed her silence and just smirked knowing he won their argument ' honestly! even in that state, how can she still argue with me when she can barely walk by herself' mikagami asked himself quietly.

" Good thing you stopped talking, just let me take care of you all right?" he said while looking at her straight in the eyes with sincerity and concern. " All right" she meekly answered