Betrayed love.

Note—someone may have done something like this before—if so, and if I didn't remember reading it, my sincere apologies. Now, on to the angst.

How…how could she do that? Ron asked himself, the cool table under his forehead, unable to drain off the burning agony that ripped through his belly.

He's trusted her. After the prom, he'd though she loved him.

And then she did it. She took away the one thing that made life worth living.

Betrayed his trust.

Betrayed his love for her.

Tears fell to the wood table top. He heard Rufus distantly…. Heard the sound of others, but in his world, they were dim mumblings. He couldn't see anything through his tears.

"Kim…oh…God." He said. If he'd only known, he'd have kept his distance. He never would have opened himself for this agony.

But he'd trusted her.

And she had used it to destroy him.

He heard her footsteps. His betrayers footsteps.

What would she say now to try and make it better?

What could she say?

"Ron!" Her voice. "Okay, Ron, enough—I'm sorry! You were late, and I was hungry. I'll never eat your Naco's again!" A sigh. "And here's the money to get another one—Grande sized."

Ron's head popped up.

All was right with the world again.