Title: Bonded By Love

Author: Lisa

Chapter: Prologue

Rating: G

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Princess Serenity fidgeted in her dress, feeling very nervous. "Mother, must I go?" she asked yet again, her face holding an imploring look. That was the tenth time she had asked that question. Though it was no wonder the princess was reluctant to visit Earth, for today was the day that Serenity would meet up with her betrothed, Prince Tranquility of the Earth Kingdom.

Queen Serenity sighed, giving her head a slight shake. A hand came up to rest on her forehead. "Serenity, we have discussed these matters once too much I am afraid," she answered after a brief period of silence. "You are going."


Queen Serenity raised a hand to silent her daughter. "I know you do not love him...you will...in due time." She embraced Serenity then, smiling at her only daughter. "Besides, this marriage would only strengthen our alliance with Earth. We need their full support." The Moon Queen brushed a strand of golden blonde hair from Serenity's eyes.

Serenity nodded. "I understand," she replied simply, managing a weak smile on her face.

"Perhaps you will fall in love with him sooner than you think," Queen Serenity pointed out.

Serenity shook her head. "That cannot be so. I can feel it." Her blue eyes held sadness in them. "I can sense that he is not my destined one."

Queen Serenity put a comforting hand on her shoulder, and went to straighten out a wrinkle from Serenity's dress. "Just give him a chance, Tranquility can be very nice."

"Yes Mother," Serenity answered politely, bowing slightly before taking her leave, the Queen look after her with an worried expression. "Oh Serenity..."

She walked out of the throne room and into her quarters, packing up her belongings to spend a long two weeks worth of visit to Earth.

When Serenity was born, Queen Serenity and Queen Gaia, the Queen of Earth, had arranged her to be married to their eldest son, Prince Tranquility. Serenity was not pleased, to say the least, when she had heard of this. She was fifteen now, a suitable age to be married. And that was what she was to be expected of...to marry and produce an heir within years.

Though Serenity was unlike most other princesses. Her smile and natural beauty had a tendency to attract men. Princes and lords from all over the universe who were not aware that Serenity was already betrothed had pledged their love to her, asking for her hand in marriage. Queen Serenity had made sure that the engagement of Serenity and Tranquility would remain only known to the people of the moon and Earth until their wedding day. Yet the Moon Princess would always refuse, insisting that marriage was useless without love. Her words seemed true enough. But now, she could not talk herself out anymore. The betrothal was agreed upon right after Serenity's birth, and there was not really a way to break it. That is...unless something very serious happened.

While helping her maid stuff articles of clothing into suitcases, Serenity's began to contemplate about her fiancee, Princess Tranquility. The young princess had heard rumors far and wide that he was a fine, handsome prince was gentlemanly manners...although that was not enough for Serenity. She had only seen him once, when she was five, so his appearance was vague in Serenity's memory. Tranquility was the eldest of two, him, and his younger brother, Prince Endymion. Rumors say that both were quite charming...however in Serenity's opinion...they were but stubborn, selfish, greedy humans who have nothing better to do than to charm to women. "Sure to the naked eye they were charming, however looks can be deceiving," as Serenity had always said.

Serenity finished packing up her belongings and dismissed her maid. Picking up the two suitcases, she walked out of her room and into the portal room. Oh, how she was going to regret this visit, she could just feel it.

"Serenity!" the senshi called out to her, each holding huge smiles on their faces.

"Are you coming along as well?" Serenity inquired, dropping her briefcases with a heavy sigh.

"Of course!" they answered enthusiastically. "Every princess and queen should need their guardians to come along, right?" Makoto, the Princess of Jupiter, stated, receiving nods of agreement from the others. Content, she grinned, and threw back her dark brown hair, which was tied in a ponytail.

"True," Serenity replied, then picked up her cases once more. "Then..let us depart now."

"Wonderful! Planet Earth, here we come!"

The process of teleporting was complex, as Serenity had found out, only they made it safely to Earth not bearing a scratch on themselves whatsoever. Though the process was sure time consuming. By the time they reached the Earth Palace, it was close to sunset.

"Queen Serenity," Queen Gaia greeted with an warm smile as the two embraced. "And this must be Princess Serenity." she said, gesturing to the silent Serenity.

"Pleasure to meet you," Serenity replied politely, bowing respectfully for good measures. Queen Gaia was delighted, her round face beaming like the radiant, orange sun overhead.

"Welcome to the Earth," she said, her dark eyes sparkling. "I am sure Tranquility and Endymion are here..somewhere," she mumbled, searching around for her two sons. "My, they are nowhere to be seen!" The Queen held an expression of surprise on her face, followed by a look of slight embarrassment.

Just then, a mop of black hair was seen in a distance. "Oh, there is Endymion right now," Queen Gaia exclaimed, rushing forward to greet him. "Endymion, where is your brother?"

"He is down by the lake, tending to the horse Mother," Endymion answered simply.

His eyes met Serenity's...and the two found themselves staring into each other's eyes. 'Who is she?' Endymion asked himself. 'She is so...beautiful..like an angel.' Endymion realized that he was staring at this golden-haired beauty, and he cleared his throat, averting his gaze.

Serenity blushed, realizing her mistake of not introducing herself. She did a chivalrous curtsey, and extended her hand out to him. "My prince," she greeted calmly.

Endymion caught her hand, planting a gentle kiss on it. "It is our honor to have you here. Welcome," he gestured to the kingdom, "to the Earth Kingdom."

Serenity could not help but smile, all doubts about Tranquility ceasing to exist.



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This story written March 2001, and posted February, 2002.