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Chapter 1 The Terror that is Tsunade

Today is just one of those typical other days in the hidden city of Konoha. The city is still busy and people are going about in their own lives. In fact, it was too monotonous for some people and that "some" people includes the Fifth Hokage, Tsunade. And for most people, seeing the Hokage bored is not a very pretty sight.

Tsunade yawned. "Its times like these that makes me wanna kill somebody… No work, no play… hmmn… Hey, Kami-sama! Work your magic! Can't you see I'm bored stiff over here? C'mon send me a sign or anything!" she yelled as she drove herself insane at each passing moment.

It wasn't until she looked out the window, did she realize the answer to her problems…

'Hmm…' she thought deeply 'So many Jounins out there… not to mention the new Chuunins… Can't afford them lazing around, ne? They're probably doing something worthwhile…' "Ha! I'll just try and talk to them" Tsunade exclaimed. "and by talk meaning: either to annoy, terrorize or scold the jounins and chuunins… Tsk! Tsk! You're so bad, Hokage-sama!" said by the Hokage's inner-self, while smiling evily and rubbing her hands together. "So, whose the lucky victim?"

As Tsunade's inner-self debated on whom to terrorize today, Tsunade herself had already the perfect victim to start her little escapade. "Shut up!" she told her inner self "and let's find that favorite masked pervert of ours! (cough Kakashi cough)" and with that, and a few hand movements, she vanished in a puff of smoke.

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