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"M-A-D D-O-G-S, Middleton is the very best!" The peppy 14-year-old faltered through a back-hand spring and quickly recovered with a classic cartwheel. "GO MAD DOGS!" She looked at the senior cheerleaders nervously, hoping she hadn't choked as bad as she expected.
"Puh-lease! Our squad is only for girls with elite skills," Bonnie said coldly.
"I think she has potential. There's still a whole summer to practice," Kim Possible retorted. "Besides, I'm still captain-for the next two weeks, at least." She smiled at the freshman-to-be reassuringly. "You're in, Jen."

On the other side of the gym Ron was holding mascot tryouts.
"No, no, no! You lack the essential mad dog spirit. Are there no worthy replacements out there, Rufus?" He looked at the mole rat hopelessly.
Just then another audition began. This person started by doing Ron's famous foaming-at-the-mouth routine. It was just a warm-up. Everyone was awestuck as the mascot wanna-be nailed a back handspring along with a ton of gravity-defying flips. By the end Ron was on his feet with excitement.

"Now that's what we're looking for people! This guy knows how to get the crowd riled up like its opening day at Bueno Nacho. Do you have a name, O Great One?"

"Yeah." The costume head came off to reveal a tumble of coal black hair. Ron couldn't hide his surprise. "Its Charlene. Everyone calls me Charlie."

Later-- at their favorite Mexican Restaurant…

"I just can't get over it, Kim," Ron sat in the usual booth, munching on a Naco. "Who would expect those wicked moves from a-" he searched for the appropriate words. "A little girl?"

"That's totally sexist, Ron" the redhead responded.
"I talked to Charlie after tryouts. She says her mom's been making her do gymanstics since pre-k. Her parents think she's not girly enough or something."

"Can't argue with that," Ron sipped his Grande Slurpster.
Kim was getting annoyed. "You know girls can do anythings guys can. Take me, for instance. What if my mom and dad thought women shouldn't save the world?"

"That's different, KP. Nobody else is like you. You're extra special."

"Thanks." She blushed.
Since the two of them started going out after the Prom, things had only gotten better. Not only were they closer as a crime fighting team, Ron got to save himself the humiliation of asking out the other cheerleaders and being rejected every time.

"I'm not saying it's a bad thing for females to do whatever they're good at. I guess I'm just bummed about giving up the whole mascot thing in a couple of weeks."

"Its okay, Ron. We'll still be together after gradu-" Beep,beep,bee-beep!

"What up Wade?"

"Hey, guys. Kim, I've got one weird mission for you. I mean- its pretty big, but I don't know if you can handle it-"

"I can do anything, remember?" Kim said determinedly.

"Alright, but don't say I didn't warn you," Wade continued. "There's been a major kidnapping. The youngest daughter of the emperor of the New Byzantine Kingdom."

"There's a new Byzantium?" Kim raised her eyebrows, remembering ancient history class.

"Yeah, they don't get much tourism. The whole country is just a 30 mile island in the Sea of Marmara, right between Europe and Asia."

"And they want us to find the kidnappers, right?"

"Actually-no. I'm sending you a picture of the missing Princess Natalia."

Kim gasped when she saw the photo printout. Other than her darker, wavier hairstyle and deep blue eyes, the princess looked just like Kim!

"Whoa! Royals really are beautiful." Ron gazed at the picture dazedly.

"Ron, snap out of it!" Kim snapped. "Don't you see the freaky resemblence?"

He looked back and forth from the picture to Kim several times confusedly.

"Hey, that's just plain weird!"

"I know. That's why we need Kim to go undercover disguised as her.Global Justice has a new way to travel through the time-space continuom. It should allow us to send her back to the exact time of the dissapearance, so nobody knows the princess is gone."

"That way I can do some inside investigating in the Royal household."

"Sorry, Kim. All you can afford to do is act like the missing heir. We can send Ron to do the crime solving, and GJ has its top agents on the case. Anyone can do the saving this time, Kim. But you're the only one who can pull off the royal role. Otherwise the criminals can use all that publicity to muddle up the evidence. A missing princess means field day to the media. They need you."

"So I'm just supposed to sit around and do nothing except try not to get my tiara dirty?"

Ron was amused by it all: "Wow, this is a first. The hero becomes the damsel in distress!"

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