This should give us all some closure. I have been working on this since May and now I can move on.

This is what happened after the story (or so I want you to believe):

Princess Adriana gave up her selfish ways and became a nun. No kidding! She now helps mold young minds at an all-girls academy in the Swiss Alps.

Her non-identical twin, Alana, became a model. She is the new face of Crest Toothpaste and can be seen in commercials throughout Europe.

Their sister Saara chose to stay and help her father rebuild his country. She is the chairwoman of several Byzantine charity funds.

Isadora is now a UN ambassador representing New Byzantium. She is also launching her own cosmetic line.

One of the younger twins, Merisa successfully started her own radio talk show, specializing in fashion and social advice for teenagers. She is earning a PhD.

Princess Natalia hopes to become a TV news anchor. She wrote an autobiography, Through the Eyes of A Princess, that sold more copies than Hilary and Bill Clinton's combined.

And then there is Lela, who prefers to be called Lee. She is attending Princeton University in the USA in order to become a marine biologist. Lee has already developed a technology that saved thousands of dolphins and whales, making her the 27th richest person in the world. She held a grand banquet last week; guests included several presidents and prime ministers, Oprah Winfrey, and Kim Possible and her best friend/boyfriend.

The girls still hold their royal titles, though they've moved on to better things. Team Possible stays in touch with all of the princesses (occasionally getting rides).

As for Kim and Ron's future, we'll have to wait and seeā€¦

I leave you with simple parting words: THE END!