Why hello there, long time no see guys.

I don't know how many of you are still reading this... if you've been waiting all this time and seeing that alert in your inbox excited you, I apologize. I don't have a chapter to give you.

I will be blunt, this fic is never going to be finished. I apologize if you've been waiting and hoping, but Constable and I don't talk anymore. Long story short we both changed, as did our interests, and we just drifted. I'm not really sad about it, it's something that happens as you get older, and really, that's life. I felt I owed you all an explanation after all this wait though, so here we go.

First of all I want to thank all of you who enjoyed this fic. In retrospect I have any issues with it... heck, I'm not even a fan of yaoi anymore (blasphemy, I know), but I know many people loved in and spite of everything it is still my baby. I pretty much grew up with this thing for a year and I know it meant a lot to a lot of people. For those of you who sent all those kind words and encouraged me, this is for you.

I figured it was only right that I warn those of you who are eagerly waiting that there will be no more chapters. I also figured for those of you who were curious, I'd quickly explain what was going to happen. So yes, SPOILERS AHEAD! I warn you, the whole idea is pretty silly, so if you laugh, do try to keep in mind that I was 14 when I wrote this. Also if there are plot holes, I apologize. The plot may have actually run better than this, but I lost the file that had my plot notes so I'm going by memory.

Anyway, let me explain what I remember: For those of you who guessed, Luffy is, of course, the sage of light. His brother Ace is the sage of darkness. Oooh, crazy times. The two of them were originally supposed to just do their job come judgment day and all was supposed to be fine.

Ha, like things were going to be that easy.

Now first of all, Luffy and Ace were really damn unlucky. When they were very young their parents were murdered by a certain Captain Kuro. Oh how unfortunate! Of course, Kuro, being the sneaky bastard he is, didn't actually get caught. He escaped... and he was also a dick and totally adopted Luffy and Ace and abused them for years. Oh the humanity! Of course, this ended up not being a good thing, since after years of abuse Ace finally snapped and his powers were triggered. He caused a massive housefire, killing Kuro inside and nearly killing himself and Luffy as well. Fortunately, he and Luffy escaped...

...Only to end up in the hands of Crocodile and the Baroque works. Ooooh dear. It turns out the Baroque Works have this grand horrible plan involving the sages. See, Crocodile made a deal with a certain demon known as Akuma. If Crocodile could get Akuma a host so Akuma could work toward attaining a physical form, in return, Akuma would basically help him take over the underground. Naturally, the best choice for this host was one of the two sages. So Luffy and Ace are captured and messed with like crazy. Ace isn't able to be used as a host since his powers had already awakened, but Luffy did in fact work. Sooo Luffy got himself a crazy demon inside him, which sucked.

When this happened, it triggered Luffy's own crazy powers. With his powers Luffy managed to seal Akuma away so the demon couldn't control him and he and Ace hightailed it out of there. They made it to the city, where they were found by Shanks. Shanks, being the cool guy that he is, totally adopted Luffy and Ace. Luffy and Ace lived with Shanks for a few years and all was grand... annnd then that darn demon in Luffy's head managed to break free. Akuma proceeded to murder Shanks, since he needs life energy to gain himself his own body and then he high-tailed it out of there before Ace could stop him.

After this Akuma wanders around, possessing an unaware Luffy and going about murdering people so he can get energy. One of these people was Tashigi. This was a bad idea since Taishigi was Smoker's partner in the police force. Suffice to say, Smoker was kind of upset, so he proceeded to try to find Akuma. Akuma, meanwhile, was continuing his oh-so-fun murdering spree... unfortunately for him Luffy was more capable than he gave the kid credit for so after weeks of being mind-controlled Luffy snapped out of it. The boy was very confused when he came to... and in his confusion he ended up being caught completely unaware as he crossed paths with a certain Don Krieg and his gang. Don Krieg and his gang proceeded to pull some dirty tricks and beat Luffy pretty bad. Luffy still manages to beat them, but he is severely injured. His injuries are enough to allow Akuma to regain control.

And this, of course, is when Smoker finds him. Akuma tries to fight, but Smoker is not happy and Akuma/Luffy has lost a lot of blood. Smoker manages to get a good hit and severely injures the kid. The demon proceeds to run away and finally passes out due to blood loss.

This is where Zoro comes in.

Blahblahblah the story you saw happens. Any time Luffy was acting weird, he was being possessed by Akuma. Speaking of which, Akuma managed to get control again in that last chapter and he proceeds to hunt down Smoker and kill him. Oh dear. He manages to get away with it, though Zoro is confused and suspicious. There's also some crazy mini-arc wherein Don Krieg shows up and wants revenge, so he tricks Luffy and captures him and Zoro has to rescue him and Luffy snaps and causes a crazy power surge and this attracts Crocodile's attention. Dananana.

So after all that drama and Zoro being suspicious and Luffy having no idea what's going on Crocodile shows up and triggers something crazy so Akuma has full control. Akuma proceeds to reveal what Luffy is and destroys the boarding house and Zoro's all "dfgslkfsdfjsdjk!" Akuma proceeds to leave with Crocodile and everyone in the now destroyed boarding house is like "well crap." Ace then proceeds to show up and be all "GODDAMN GUYS WHERE IS MY BROTHER?! Oh... that explosion was him, huh? WELL!" and he proceeds to give lengthy exposition on his and Luffy's pasts.

Zoro is all "Well that is cool but I WANT TO GO SAVE LUFFY AND GET HIM UNPOSESSED!" and Robin's all "Well I used to work for Crocodile but I don't anymore so HEY let's go track them down!" So they do.

Annnd they track posessed!Luffy down just in time for Crocodile to basically use Luffy's body as leverage and force Zoro to sacrifice himself so Luffy will live. This in turn causes this crazy ancient ritual that gives Akuma his body and Akuma's all "AWESOME! I'm going to go destroy the world now!" and Crocodile's all "WHAT ABOUT OUR DEAL!?" and Akuma's all "Bitch please" and kills Crocodile. Meanwhile Luffy, who has his body back, is like "OH GOD ZORO YOU ARE DYING PLEASE DON'T DIE!" Akuma laughs at this and heads off to prepare for the whole destroying the world thing.

So Zoro is dying in Luffy's arms... and then Ace is the BEST BIG BROTHER EVER and is all "You really love this guy, huh? Well, I don't really have anything but you since you killed Smoker sooo... right" and he gives his life and powers to Zoro so Zoro will live. So Ace dies and Zoro becomes the new sage of darkness. It is pretty sad and HEY now Luffy and Zoro have to use their awesome powers in an epic final battle to save the world.

But hey, at least before they do that they get to have sex, which is all people really ever read this fic for. Nevermind that it would have been offscreen.

So right, Luffy and Zoro go off and fight Akuma and it's crazy and dramatic but they do win. Awesome, right? They saved the world, whoo! Except wait, one small thing.

Luffy really is dead. See, when that lady read Luffy's file that said he and Ace were already dead, she wasn't lying. Luffy and Ace died in the fire. Their spirits were only forced to remain on earth since they had a job to do as the sages. Annnd now that the job is done? You guessed it, Luffy's out of there.

So yeah, it is sad. Luffy and Zoro share one last tearful kiss... and then Luffy fades away forever. It's sad, but Luffy is happy... after all, he made a lot of great friends and met the love of his life. So at least he dies happy.

Yeah. That is the end. I'd say "feel free to stone us" but looking back I must say that the whole thing was rather ridiculous. Hopefully hearing it all isn't too depressing, since I'm starting to worry the plot you guys thought Constable and I were building up probably seemed better in your heads. At least you all finally know how it ends? Ahahaha... yeah ugh I'm sorry.

...Okay, I'll stop being mean. In all seriousness, for what it's worth... this fic had it's issues, it's cheesy, but I did have fun with it. I think Constable did too. If anyone deserves my thanks, it's her. She caught me at a really immature point in my life... and really, she taught me a lot, looking back. Constable, if you ever read this, thanks a lot. I know we never finished this... but really, the better parts have always been yours. I was just riding on your talent. For what it's worth, I really did have fun writing this, and I hope in spite of everything you did too. Thank you so much for this.

Also, to those of you who read this and followed it for so long, thank you. It really does mean a lot, this is a monster of a fic and to have so many people tell me they enjoyed it was truly a pleasure. I'm sorry we couldn't give it the ending it deserved, but I hope with this you all can at least happily put this thing to rest. Thank you for following this for so long, thank you for your kind words, and thank you for inspiring me. Were it not for you guys I probably wouldn't have gone on to write more fanfiction. You all gave me confidence and strength, and I thank you.

Also, special shout outs to Dichana, AlibisDragon, and Saiyako. I don't know where you all are now, but we must represent. You three seriously impacted my life and inspired me, so thank you for everything. I'm not really into this stuff anymore... but for what it's worth, Saiyako, you'll always be Zoro to me.

So yeah... TL;DR, there's an explanation of the plot, I'm sorry if it disappointed. Thank you all for reading this fic. If you ever get into any of my other fandoms, do feel free to stop by, to get reviews from all of you is always a pleasure. Thank you for all of your support and thank you for helping me grow. I'm not in this fandom anymore, nor really into this pairing... but this was a major part of my life and I appreciated every moment of it. You all mean more than words can describe... I can only hope in return this fic at least made you smile a few times.

Thank you for everything, God bless.