Part III

Cecile von Spitzberg couldn't help but notice there was something strange going on under her roof. After having conducted an emergency meeting with the three nosy maids of the castle she had reached her decision. If Gwendal wasn't going to end up an old maid she'd have to take matters into her own hands!

Er…end up a hopeless bachelor rather.

She sighed as she thought back to his father. He was such an incredibly handsome man. It would be a real waste if all those good genes went to well- waste. Konrad and Wolfram were beautiful too, but one of them was bound to end up with the young Yuuri. He was just too cute!

If she wanted grandchildren Gwendal was her only hope! Assuming Gunter didn't have a secret obsession for him and beat Anissina to the punch. Cecile slammed her hand upon the tabletop, frightening the three maids. She smiled quickly, "Sorry about that," she apologized.

It was up to her to ensure that she had some adorable little red haired grandchildren. Or it would be fine if they had dark hair too, she did adore Gwendal's beautiful brown hair. Cecile tossed her own golden locks over her shoulder.

"Would you inform Anissina that I would like to meet with her in the library in two hours?" She asked the tallest of the maids, who readily agreed.

The former queen rubbed her hands together anxiously as she concocted her plan. All she had to do now was tell Gunter to inform Gwendal to meet her in the library and then she would lock the door on the two, trapping them from all escape. The other brilliant aspect of the plan would involve the actual reading material.

She called forth a few servants to issue her orders. With a maniacal laugh she sought out Gunter to finish with her diabolical plan.


The two opposing doors to the library opened punctually, two hours later. Anissina and Gwendal caught one another's eyes, noticed that Cecile was absent, and both turned to leave. Only the doors were shut and locked behind them. They were trapped in the library together.

"I was supposed to meet my mother," Gwendal announced, trying the handle of the door in frustration. Anissina moved to stand behind him and gave the knob an inquisitive glance. He turned back to face her. "You were to meet her too?" She nodded her head.

"It smells of a set-up to me," Anissina remarked. She walked towards the shelves of books and idly picked one up. Her eyes nearly bulged out of their sockets before she hastily replaced it on the shelf.

"What was it?" Gwendal asked, coming up beside her and trying to peer over her shoulder at the book she quickly put up.

"Nothing," Anissina answered, avoiding his eyes. She reached for another book and was even more appalled by the title. This time Gwendal too read the title and began to cough uncontrollably, a trickle of blood coming out of his nose as impure thoughts raced through his mind.

"I have a feeling the books have been replaced," Anissina declared, handing Gwendal a handkerchief she pulled out of the front of her dress.

Gwendal took the handkerchief to wipe his nose, before he realized where it came from. "Why do you have tissue in the front of your dress?"

Anissina began to sputter indignantly as she took the bloody kerchief from him and started to place it back in the front of her dress before throwing it to the ground in disgust. "Why are you thinking perverted thoughts?" She shot back.

"I asked first," Gwendal stepped towards her, a ghost of a smile crossing his lips. He was amused to discover Anissina flustered. Normally she was so calm and composed. "Can I look to see if you have any more?"

Blue eyes grew the size of saucers. "You pervert! You can't ask a lady something like that!" She hit him upside the head with her hand. Gwendal rubbed his bruised head, but didn't back away.

"Does that mean you don't want me to ask?" He inquired softly. "I can't help but think these things after reading the titles of these books."

Anissina backed away, leaning heavily against the bookcases. "These are hardly books. Its more like your mother's secret stash of porn and erotica." Gwendal placed his hands on either side of her face, caging her against the shelves with his body.

"It's obviously a ploy to get us together," he stated, resting his forehead against hers. She was nearly as tall as him and he enjoyed the fact that they were practically eye-to-eye.

"So it would seem," she agreed.

"You remember the first time we met?" He asked softly. She was so very cute when she was flustered and he found himself being drawn towards her.

She shook her head slightly. "I don't."

"Me neither," he whispered as he leaned down the fraction of an inch and kissed her slowly and deeply. He pulled back, both having eyes with far-away expressions to them. "I think mother may have known what she was doing."

Anissina grinned mischievously. "Did you want to go through the library for some creative ideas?"

Gwendal reached his arms around her waist and then lifted her against his chest, sliding one arm under her knees and the other holding her tight at the waist. He walked towards the large leather reading chair in the corner of the large room. "I think we can come up with our own."

"I don't know, you can't tell the difference between a bear and a penguin," Anissina teased.

She earned a scowl from Gwendal. "I can guarantee you won't care what it's called," he assured her as she wrapped her arms around his neck.


Outside the library doors stood a small crowd. Cecile, Gunter, Greta and her 'dolphin', and the three maids were trying to eaves drop. It had been at least three hours and not a sound had been heard after the exclaimed discovery of the literature in the library.

"I don't get it," Greta pouted. "Did they go to sleep or something? Maybe they climbed out a window."

The adult women all exchanged grins. Gunter looked just as confused as Greta. Cecile locked her fingers together and cracked her knuckles, looking smug. "I'm sure they are just getting to know one another," she assured the young girl.

"They've known each other from childhood, what else is there to know?" Gunter muttered as he anxiously checked his watch. "The Maou should be back any moment now!" He quickly rushed to the front door of the palace to personally welcome back his beloved king.

Yuuri blushed uncomfortably under the enthusiastic welcome and quickly pulled Konrad to shield him from the other man. Naturally this caused Wolfram to become angry and jealous. Murata seemed to be the only one composed.

"Where is Lady Khrennikov and Sir Walde?" Murata inquired just as a loud knocking began at the library door. Greta hurried to open the door, only to reveal Anissina and Gwendal, hair amiss and grinning like idiots.

They quickly bowed in unison towards the Maou before quickly taking off down the hall at a run, laughing all the way.

Everyone stared after them with their jaws hanging to the ground. "WHAT…Happened?" Yuuri demanded.

Cecile grinned broadly, clasping her hands above her heart in a prayer. "I'm getting grandbabies!" She announced.

"Anissina and Gwendal?" Konrad questioned, a thoughtful smile gracing his lips.

"You see Yuuri?" Wolfram probed. "My mother will get her blood grandchildren now, so we can be together. That's not a problem!"

Yuuri cleared his throat and turned to Murata. "Don't we have an English test to study for or something?"

"We've some great books in the Library you should check out!" Cecile called content that she now would have a daughter-in-law and then in nine months some grandchildren to spoil! And maybe Gwendal's atrocious knitting works would start to look like real animals.

As if hearing her thoughts, a loud voice could be heard drifting from the floor above. "It is too a kitty!"