My Favourite Mistake

Chapter 11: Mistakes We Make.

Kagome sat perfectly still on her bed. Her bedroom was closed but not locked. She doubted she'd be getting any decent sleep tonight.

After she untangled herself from Inuyasha's grasp, she told him she was going to bed. Alone. She didn't look back to see the hurt and rejection in his eyes, knowing it would be her fault.

Why didn't she think this through before? Of course he would think he fell in love with the first person who didn't kick him when he got close enough.

It's the puppy rule, you follow whoever feeds you. But she couldn't very well kick him out now.

Sighing she crawled under the blanket and turned out the light.

She'd think about it more tomorrow, she decided.

She'd try to sleep for now.

"Bankotsu!" she laughed, pushing his persistent hands away. "Stop! Come on! I can't breathe!" she screeched. But this was a tickle war. And he was merciless.

His eyes were dark blue, and he was laughing as well. "Oh come on! It can't be that bad!" he told her.

The phone rang somewhere in the apartment, and she took his momentary lack of attention and turned it against him.

In a second they changed positions, she was sitting on top of him, straddling his hips with her hands braced against his chest. He laughed again. "I think I like this even more!"

She mock glared at him. "How dare you tickle me so mercilessly!" she stuck her nose in the air and closed her eyes in distain. "Eek!" her eyes snapped open when her hands were swept out from under her, and soft, smiling lips met her own.

She broke away for a second to giggle. "Well, if you put it that way..." she laughed, kissing him back.

His hands were on her waist, but slowly, they traveled under her shirt, leaving burning trails behind. The phone kept ringing, though neither of them picked it up.

Eventually it stopped, and only the noise from the TV could be heard. Kagome no longer had a shirt, and neither did Bankotsu. Her skirt went flying across the room next, then her panties dropped down to the floor. His boxers soon joined them as well.

"Its just-." He whispered. But she cut him off with a kiss, closing her eyes tightly against the tears. She couldn't hear those words now. This wasn't lust.

Vaguely, Kagome remembered there was a song playing at that particular time, she remembered the lyrics perfectly.

'Baby, baby, when we first met, I never felt something so strong.'

'You were like my lover and my best friend'

'All wrapped into one, with a ribbon on it.'

She kissed him harder, almost sure if she stopped the tears would come and he would know. No, she thought, he must never know.

'And I'll never give myself to another, the way I gave it to you.'

Yes, she decided. This, it hurts too much. Slowly, she kissed his neck, his chest. His lips again, they parted under hers and she tasted him. His hands were holding her, close enough to feel her, but not to love her.

Never again, she decided.

She loved him through and through and he knew it. That's why there was that line, the one she never said back.

'And now that I know it's not meant to be,'

'You gotta go, I gotta win myself over you.'

He moaned her name, eyes closed, back arched. She smiled, and one tear fell. She wiped it away hastily. He opened his eyes and smiled, reaching his hand to her face. She leaned into it, closing her eyes.

Slowly, she lay down next to him, her head on his chest, drawing designs over his skin with her finger. His arms were loosely wrapped around her. She looked up at him.

His eyes were closed, dark bangs just long enough to brush slightly over his cheeks. A dark purple tattoo peeked out from under the hair on his forehead.

"I love you, Bankotsu." She whispered. "I'll always love you… just you." She told his sleeping face. "And I'm sorry." Reaching into her bag which she dropped by the hotel bed, she pulled out a gun. Wrapping his fingers carefully around it, she pointed it at his head. And pulled the trigger.

Inuyasha sat on the couch for a long time after she left. He watched her leave, and close the door. He heard her sit on her bed, then climb under the blankets and turn out the lights. He heard her roll around the bed until she finally fell asleep.

Then he heard her cry.

He though it was just a nightmare, but when he came into her room, slowly pushing the door open, and saw her face, he knew it wasn't.

Mostly, she was shaking, pushing and pulling at the blanket, with tears rolling down her face like a waterfall.

She was whispering something too, but he couldn't make out what. Quietly, he walked closer. Kneeling at the edge of the bed, he listened carefully.

"Bankotsu.." she whispered, clutching tighter at the blanket.

Inuyasha blinked. Huh. That's a weird name. Then he froze.

"I love you, Bankotsu." She whispered again, crying harder. "I'll always love you… Just you." She assured this person in her dreams. "And I'm sorry."

Inuyasha fell back, away from the bed, as if she hit him.

She was still crying, still dreaming, still somewhere where he did not exist. Still in love.

Slowly, he stood up, walked out, closed the door. Sat on the couch. Blinked. Closed his eyes. Breathed in. Out.

Without moving once, he waited till morning.

She woke up with the sunrise. Her pillow was still wet from the tears, and the memories were fresh in her mind, raw just like they were back then.

Groggily, she pushed herself up into a sitting position. Why now? She wondered. Just when she thought she'd forgotten it. Wiping her hand across her face, she grimaced at the raw feeling of her skin.

Grabbing a change of clothes, she made for the bathroom, not once looking in Inuyasha's direction as she passed him by.

Turning the shower to hot, she barely got her clothes of before she jumped under the stream of water. She stood there, maybe for half an hour, not moving, just letting the water wash away the memories.

Turning off the tap, she grabbed a towel, dried her hair, then her body. Pulling on the oversized shirt and panties, she looked in the mirror.

And smiled. It looked fake. Again. Better, she agreed. Once more, and it looked almost like it usually did. Nodding, she pushed open the bathroom door.

Inuyasha sat on the couch, watching her, expressionless. It was almost unnerving. "Hey." She smiled, walking towards him.

"You love Bankotsu." He stated. Her foot froze mid-step, her smile fell, and her eyes filled with tears all over again.

"How... how do you know?" she asked him, wrapping her arms around herself, wishing she didn't shake so much.

"I heard, you last night, in your sleep. You love Bankotsu." He repeated. He watched her carefully.

She stood in the middle of the room, suddenly so small, so not brave, in her big t-shirt. Shaking like a leaf, eyes shining with tears. She didn't say a word.

"Do you have a picture?" he asked. "Of him?"

She blinked once, sniffled, rubbed a hand against her eyes. Then nodded.

"Can I see?" he asked quietly.

She sniffled again, smiling just barely, and extended her hand to him. He walked over, picked up her hand, and squeezed lightly. She walked ahead to her room, him trailing behind her.

He sat on the bed when she pulled her hand away and walked over to the closet. Moving things out of the way, she reached for a small red box. Carefully, she took it out, carried it to the bed. Climbing up herself, she clicked open the lock.

Picking up the pictures, she smiled lightly, tracing the first one, wiping off the dust, and handed it to him.

He studied the man in the picture. He was tall, taller then Kagome for sure, maybe a few inches taller then him as well, with long dark hair, just like Kagome's, but longer, and in a loose braid. His eyes were blue, bluer then the sky behind him, and he was grinning at the camera, like a movie star would. Black jeans and a white shirt, with a dark blue shirt over it, but he could've been a model.

Quietly, he put the picture aside, and looked at the next one. In this one, she was there too. But she was different.

This Kagome was happy. No dark clothes, instead a fluffy white skirt, a white tank top, a blue belt around her waist, her arms around Bankotsu, holding him close, with one of his arms around her as well. She was smiling at the camera, but for real, not like the practiced ones she gave to everyone else.

He flipped through the rest of the pictures, saw them on the beach and at parks and understood what she was like when she was in love.

She sat quietly, watching the empty box until he put the pictures back inside and closed it.

"Tell me about him." He asked her, watching her eyes widen. "Please." He added.

She took a deep breath, looked out the window, and started.

"I was 15 when I first met him. He saved me, really. Since that first moment, I decided I was in love with him. He didn't love me back, I knew that too, but I didn't care…" she told him.

He nodded, watched her tell him about her first love, her first mistake, her first everything. She laughed and she cried, and she smiled, sometimes for real, because she's never told this story to anyone.

"I spilled gasoline all over the room, and his body. Then set the whole place on fire." She looked at him, explaining. "My fingerprints were over everything, they would've tracked me down in no time otherwise." She sighed wistfully.

"I watched the place burn down from the corner, watched the ambulances and fire trucks attempt to put out the fire. It was too late, of course, barely anything was still there." She shrugged, watching the curtain on the window sway slightly.

"I shouldn't have done it. I know that now, I knew it as soon as I pulled the trigger. But I can't change it anymore." She leaned with her back against the bed post, crossed her legs and stared at the ceiling.

"But why did you have to kill him?" Inuyasha asked.

"Naraku." She told him simply. "He collects these things called "Shikon Shards". There are hundreds of them. They give people power. Bankotsu had one, and I was supposed to get it from him. But I couldn't find it anywhere. And since Naraku was worried that he would somehow use it, I had to kill him to make sure he doesn't. He would've killed us both if I hadn't, so I figured better him then me. I still never found that shard, and we're running out of people. There are only few pieces left before the jewel is complete again. I thought of going back to the burned down hotel site and looking for it, since I doubt it was destroyed by the fire, but I figured Naraku already send someone to do that, so I never went." She finished.

"Bankotsu…" Inuyasha wondered. "He was human?"

"Yes." Kagome nodded. "But surprisingly strong, even for a human. I've always wondered about that."

"What if he used the shard?" Inuyasha asked. "To become stronger?"

Kagome shrugged. "Maybe he did, I never found it."

"How does it work?" He wondered.

"I have no idea." She answered. "Naraku doesn't tell us these things. We just bring them to him."

Inuyasha nodded while Kagome pondered the very same thing. Just what was Naraku planning?

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