This is my very first fan fiction! Anyways, I got the idea for this story when I was thinking of what to write and then I remembered that there was a short story in Legal Drug that I loved and decided to add onto it. The first one will be a lot like the manga, but I'll make it my own in latter chapters. Enjoy!

Oh, and I don't own Legal Drug or any of its characters.

Kazahaya sat in his room and sighed. Running his fingers through his light hair, he wondered if he'd ever see or hear from her again. It had been years since he'd heard from his mother. Since his parents had finally divorced, he had received fewer and fewer calls and letters until none at all. It wasn't like he cared; his mother didn't seem to like him that much, anyways, abandoning him with his weird father.

"Kazahaya!" Kakei, Kazahaya's father, called from the living room.

"What dad?" Kazahaya called back as he descended the stairs from his room to where his father was. On his way out of his room, he passed the guest room, wondering for the umpteenth time why they even had one; no one really visited.

Kazahaya met his father in the living room. The teen looked at his father in an odd way, Kakei seemed like he had something important on his mind. "Son," He said, "You know how I've been dating for some time." He paused and Kazahaya waited patiently for him to continue. "Well, I think I've found someone. Son, I'm thinking of getting remarried."

Kazahaya didn't know how to react, and stared blankly for a few seconds as this sunk in. He decided to act as his father would like. "Good for you!" Kazahaya said excitedly as he clapped his hands together, "You're still young enough to sow some oats, Dad! I'm happy for you!"

Kakei sighed and then smiled at his son. "Thanks," He said. He then added, as he turned to the front door that was just opening, "Then would you mind if I introduced you to your future mother?

"She's here already?" Kazahaya wondered as his father's lover entered the house.

"Come on in!" Kakei called, even though the black-garbed person with sunglasses was already inside.

"Hey there!" The man said, one hand raised in casual greeting.

There was a moment of awkwardness as Kazahaya studied the muscular, deep voiced 'woman'. "Jeez, Dad," Kazahaya whispered to his father, "don't you think this chick is a bit…manly!"

Kakei looked at his son as though he were crazy. "Kazahaya," Kakei said, "I was hoping you'd call me 'Mom' from now on, 'cuz actually, he'll be 'dad'." He gestured at the dark garbed man.

The man laughed. "What a sissy boy you have!" He exclaimed as he placed an arm around his blonde love.

"The great thing is," continued Kakei, seeming oblivious to his sons unease (understatement), "Your new dad also has a son about your age."

"You better be nice to him," The black-garbed man said, speaking in such a way as to give the impression that he was glaring behind his dark sunglasses.

Kazahaya couldn't take much more. "All of a sudden I've got a brother too! And he's the same age!" He yelled in shock. Suddenly, there was someone behind him and he looked up and behind him to see a black haired boy who looked almost exactly like his new 'dad'. 'He's huge!' Kazahaya thought as he tensed under this boy's sudden examination of him. Suddenly, the boys hand shot out and his fingers slid down Kazahaya's chest. "Gah!" He screamed as he jumped back, "What the hell are you doing, you freak!"

The black haired boy, on the other hand, ignored him as he walked calmly away. "Tchh, weird, he really is a dude," He muttered, looking at his hand in slight surprise.

The boy went to the man who looked just like him. "Since we're all getting to know one another," the man said, "meet your new mother."

"Hello!" Kakei said cheerfully.

"Don't be so trusting!" Kazahaya said, wondering how the two 'love birds' could ignore the fact that he had just been touched by a strange boy, "Be a little cautious, will ya?"

"Hey, Mom," Rikuo said, ignoring Kazahaya, "Just remember, I really like Bento."

Kakei looked at his son and then moved from his lovers grasp. "Be reasonable, Kazahaya," He said softly, trying to calm his son, It's too complicated if we're both fathers. Don't worry, I won't play favorites when I make the bento."

"How," Kazahaya replied, "does you switching from being my dad to my mom make things less complicated?"

The man dressed in black laughed again. "Now I've got two rambunctious boys in the house!"

"Aw, shut up…" Rikuo muttered.

"I…I can't take this!" Kayahaya shouted before storming back upstairs to his room and slamming his door.

Kakei turned and said apologetically. "I'm sure he'll get used to it, just give him time."

"I'm sure," The new 'Dad' said.

"Here, let me help you get your bags. I'm so glad that we're finally living together. Too bad Kazahaya left before I could tell him." Kakei said.

"Ah, well, another surprise for him in the morning!" The man said.

"Oh, Rikuo, you can sleep in the guest room, its right next door to Kayahaya's." Kakei said, pointing up the stairs, "Saiga," He added, his tone suggestive, "You sleep with me."

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