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Chapter Fourteen

Kakei smiled as he walked through the crowd of friends and family members, his arm linked in Saiga's.

"With that dress on," Saiga said to Kakei, "I can barely tell you're a man."

"You can check tonight." Kakei said in return, leaning his head on his husbands arm.

"Kakei-san!" Hana called, jumping up and down and waving madly at the new couple. "Over here!" Hana was already pushing through the crowd towards Kakei as she said that, though, pulling Kota and Yuki behind her.

"Hello, Hana-chan." Kakei greeted with a smile as his ex-wife ran up to him.

"Kakei-san, you're so pretty today!" Hana said as she looked over Kakei, admiring the dress.

Kakei nodded his thanks at the compliment, but Saiga slipped his arm around Kakei's waist and gave Hana a he's-mine-now look.

"Um, Hana," Kakei said, "Have you seen Rikuo and Kazahaya? Their seats were empty."

"They're probably in the car making out," Kota joked.

"Kota!" Yuki said, glaring at her older son, "Don't joke about them like that, Rikuo's responsible."

"Sorry," Kota said, "But I'm probably right, you know."

In the car…

Kazahaya leaned back as his lips met with Rikuo's, pulling the dark haired boy on top of him. "Rikuo…" Kazahaya murmured as Rikuo pulled away and started to work on removing Kazahaya's tuxedo rented for the wedding.

"Hm?" Rikuo leaned back down to kiss his boyfriend as his fingers continued to struggle with the buttons.

"Rikuo," Kazahaya said as RIkuo pulled away again, "There's someone watching us…" Rikuo stiffened and turned to the window where he saw Hana, Yuki, Kota, Kakei, and Saiga all with their faces pressed to the window.

"Erm…" Rikuo slowly got off of Kazahaya, let him sit up, and then sat as innocently as he could in the car.

"Responsible?" Kota asked his mother.

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