Just Close Your Eyes

Spike had been watching her since he'd wound up at the Watcher's place. Even chained up in the bathtub, he'd been aware of her pain. And oh, how he longed to take it away. But until tonight, he'd not had a single opportunity. Now, however, he was unchained, if not unchipped, and free to roam around Sunnydale. And who should he spot wandering tipsily around the darkened campus of UC Sunnydale but the object of his obsession, the lovely redheaded witch. He longed to take her, turn her, and keep her forever. But the damn chip in his head made that impossible…well, it made the last two things impossible. But as to taking her, well, he could still do that if Willow would let him. And tonight might just be the night. The pain was rolling off her in waves, along with loneliness and despair so profound he couldn't believe her 'pals' didn't notice. Oh, wait, they did notice, they just didn't care, didn't want to be bothered, wanted her to just 'get over it.' Some friends the little witch had, that was all Spike could think. Demons would treat Red far better than her so-called best mates. At least one demon would.

Spike approached Willow just as she was about to enter the dorms.

"'Lo, Red," he said softly, hoping not to frighten her. But he did anyway.

"Eep! Spike! What are you doing here?" Willow shrieked, her voice somewhat slurred by the alcohol Spike could smell pouring off of her.

"Just looking for some company, pet. Thought I'd see if you were about."

"Sure, Spike. Whatcha really doing here?" Willow slurred. It was clear that any cheer the alcohol had induced was about to dissolve into tears.

"Why don't we go inside, pet? It's not like I can hurt you. And I thought you might like someone to talk to. Unless the Slayer's about. I don't really fancy spending time listening to the daft bint if I can avoid it."

"No, she's with Riley, Xander's with Anya. Everybody's got somebody but me. And nobody wants old mopey, dumped Willow around. They just want me to get over it."

Spike guided Willow inside and they made their way to Willow's dorm room. It wasn't long after they entered the room that Willow picked up a picture of her and Oz and began to cry.

"Why wasn't I enough for him? Why did he leave me? Why doesn't he love me, Spike? Is there something wrong with me?"

"There's nothing wrong with you, Red. You're beautiful. Dogboy was a fool to leave you. You should know that. Wolves are stupid, pet. Not even real demons. Only demons a few days a month. They're like wannabes. You need a real man. Or a real demon."
With that Spike walked up to Willow, took her face in his hands and kissed her deeply. At first Willow responded eagerly, but then she pulled back and pushed herself away from the blond vampire.

"Spike, we can't. I mean, it's not you. You're a great kisser and, yeah, I kinda want to…you know…with you. But, I still love Oz and…it would just be wrong, and…"

Spike cut off her babble by putting his finger to Willow's lips.

"Hush, pet. 'S alright. I know you still love your wolf. But you need someone to show you that you're still beautiful, you're still desirable, to show you that he didn't take any of that with him when he ran away. Let me do that for you, luv. If you need to pretend I'm him, that's okay. Illusion is the first of all pleasures. And I just want to please you. So if that's what you need, just close your eyes."

With that, Spike began to kiss and caress Willow once more. And he tried not to cry when she closed her eyes.

The End.