Disclaimer: None of these characters except for the one (Liege) that I created belong to me. Riddick, Jack, Imam and the whole setting of this story in the Helion System do not belong to me.

Chapter I: The Opening

'Exactly what the hell am I doing here?' Jack thought as she stayed the edges of the busy hallway. She took a shaky breath and continued down the hallway, trying to forget she was forced into this situation by her mentor.

After Riddick had left, she trusted Imam to take care of her and he did. In a manner of speaking. For five years he home schooled Jack, then decided it was time to send her to school. Of course, Imam just happened to have a religious retreat to a another planet in the Helion system, so Jack was sent to a boarding school.

'Didn't even think boarding schools existed anymore…' Jack thought glumly as she unsuccessfully tugged down the black pleated skirt that made up only half of the annoying uniform. She had to wear a white collared shirt that only went three quarters down her arms. She almost threw a fit when she learned she had to wear a tie. The black strangling device was loosely tied around her neck and at the bottom it held a silver pin depicting the school seal.

She had made up the fact that she had to wear this uniform by wearing her working boots, which threw off the entire outfit but she didn't care. Her thick-soled, black knee-high boots reminded her of Riddick and she wasn't going to let that go.

Jack hadn't been to her room yet, nor did she know who her roommate was, if she even had one. Digging around her shoulder bag for her schedule she barely noticed that someone had stopped in front of her until she saw a pair of boots similar to hers in front of her face.

Standing up her eyes drifted up the well-muscled legs, the pleated skirt, the open white shirt that revealed a white wife-beater underneath and finally the tie that was literally tied around her neck.

Jack stood staring for a few seconds until the girl raised her eyebrow and smirked. Glaring, Jack wanted to punch this girl's face. How dare she mock her?

"Shut it." Jack growled, hoisting her strap over her shoulder.

"Cool it, I'm not laughing at ye. Just laughin' with ye."

"I wasn't laughing…"

"Of course ye weren't," the other girl quickly said and turned Jack to the hallway and started to walk down, making sure Jack was next to her. "No point in asking if yer lost. So what's a pretty lass like yerself doin' in this hellhole?"

"My mentor sent me…" Jack grumbled.

"I see…well, I go by Liege. What's yer name?"

"Jack." She replied. 'What kind of name is Liege, anyway?'

"The good kind. In this here…'institution of education'," both she and Jack smirked at that, "there be a fierce hierarchy. I'm closer to the top then most, but ye don't even want to be at the top."

She continued as they exited the building and walked further out on the campus. Jack quickly learned about what to do, where to go, what to avoid and most importantly, who to be with. She liked Liege, but still wasn't sure why she picked her up in the first place.

"Liege, do you know who I'm rooming with?"

Liege laughed and was tempted to ruffle Jack's hair. "Me, of course. They wouldn't trust a young one like ye with anyone else."

An almost silent whisper descended on the streets as a figure nimbly moved through the shadows. Another figure stood at the doorway of the house, pulling a shawl over their shoulders, trying to keep warm. A small floating light appeared in the shadows for a second, then disappeared.

The figure in the doorway breathed a final breath of fresh air then moved back in the house, closing and locking the door behind them.

Walking up the stairs, the figure passed two bedrooms, one used, one half-empty. Entering the second one, the figure slipped into bed and rested their hand on the other who was previously sleeping. This person rose from their rest and positioned a robe over their shoulders. Treading quietly across the floor and out the door, the person walked the length of the hallway to a pair of thick wooden doors. Quietly opening one door, they slipped inside and pushed the door shut, their hand lingering on the iron pull.

"Evening." A voice rumbled, just as dark and smooth as the shadows it came from.

"It is good to see you are still alive." The figure turned around, the dim revealing it was a man.

"You know why I'm here. Where is she?"

"You know she is not here. She is back on Helion Prime, attending school. I sent-"

He was cut off by a sharp blade put to his throat. Swallowing, he stared at the man who held the weapon.

"You mean she is alone. On a planet. By herself." He growled out, feeling his muscles twitch in anger.

"She is safe where she is. Around people her age and still receiving education. Let her be, I believe she is getting along well."

"Holy man, I told you to take care of her, not to drop her off at some school."

"Mr. Riddick, I understand you would rather her be with me, but she need to make this contact with a community. It is a safe one, I'm sure."