The Unthinkable
By The Steel Angel

Authors Notes - Inspired by reading Racewing's Totally Spies/Kim Possible Crossover. I love both fandoms so much, that I decided to combine them. Note. This takes place AFTER the Kim Possible series finale, "So the Drama"

Chapter One

Jerry stared down at the video monitor that was playing on his computer console, almost in disbelief. It was a security feed from one of the most celebrated and guarded technological research and development centers in the world. As he looked down and saw the crime being committed, he couldn't believe his eyes. Could this really be happening?

He had to be absolutely sure before he took any kind of action. One careless move could send the whole country into chaos. He had to pre-empt this person quickly, stealthily, and effectively, before the media got any kind of inkling that something may have been wrong.

"Shall I deploy the girls, Jerry?" The robotic female voice chimed. Jerry took a deep breath, and took a step backwards, turning to face GLADIS' "body". He was the head of WOOHP. It was his call whether to use force or not. Why was he hesitating? The decision was so easy. He'd made the call hundreds, perhaps even thousands of times during his tenure, but for some reason, this decision seemed to grate on him.

"Use the B team. Brittany, Demitri, and Fabiere need more practice anyways. This is just a robbery, they can handle it." Jerry said. He hoped he was wrong. Oh god, how he hoped he was wrong. Because if he was right, and this burglar was who he thought it was, then he may have just condemened an entire WOOHP spy team to defeat, or ever worse.

He turned to walk back to his desk, with his hands grasping his own wrists behind his back. His eyes were tilted toward the ground. It was just a coincidence, wasn't it? Coincidences happened all the time, everywhere in the world... yet somehow, deep down, in the pit of his stomach, he knew that it wasn't a coincidence. His time at WOOHP taught him that there was no such thing as a coincidence. Not when it was this big.

He took a deep breath, focusing himself. He couldn't appear to be doubtful in front of his suboordinates, especially not teenagers. He leaned back against his desk, regaining his calm composure as he heard the faint screams of two boys and a girl growing louder, and louder, and louder, until finally, the three spies landed face first on the couch placed specifically underneath the WOOHP entry tube.

"Hello spies." Jerry greeted. Brittany sat up, groaning. She was wearing a blue nightgown. She reoritented herself, and leaned her head on her partner's shoulder, the dark skinned Demitri. He wrapped an arm around her, and began to rub one of her shoulders lightly. The asian girl yawned, and then spoke in a soft voice.

"You really need to work on your time, Jerry... it's the middle of the night!" She whined. Demitri smirked. Fabiere, the third member of the group, shrugged slightly. His blond hair always seemed to be in the right place. He looked like he'd just stepped out of an Ambercrombie and Fitch magazine, despite having been asleep for five hours.

"Yeah Jerry. I have a track meet tomorrow. Regional championships you know." Fabiere said, and stretched out his back. Demitri still didn't say anything. He'd always been the quietest of the three, which is part of the reason that Jerry had assigned him to be on the same group with Brittany and Fabiere.

Brittany was a born leader. Gifted in her movements. She'd picked up most of her WOOHP martial arts training exceptionally fast. She had a cool, calm, rational and logical mind. She could anticipate the consequences of her actions quickly, and act accordingly. Plus, she had been trained in part by WOOHP's A team.

Fabiere was also extremely extroverted. Jerry had access to all of WOOHP Agents' school records, and was quite impressed when he saw Fabiere's resume. Football, Basketball, Baseball, Track, Swimming, and Wrestling. Needless to say, he was physically the strongest of the bunch. Also, a brilliant tactician. He had the mind of Voliere, and the body of Hercules.

Demitri, was different. He was more of a shy, inclusive type of person. He kept to himself, not putting too much weight on school, extracurricular activities, or much else in life. He was, however, a computer genius. He set WOOHP computer skill records seemingly without trying.

When Jerry had first put this team together, he honestly didn't know how it was going to work out. Before them, they had always used same-sex teams. Three girls, or three boys. Jerry decided that it was time to try a co-ed team, and he was pleased with the results this far. Of course, WOOHP's policy of not dating any fellow employees was still in place. Something that he was well aware of Brittany and Demitri breaking, but he had never called them on it. Let teenagers live their own lives, he'd decided.

"I'm sorry, but the situation is urgent." Jerry said calmly.

"And you didn't call Sam, Clover, and Alex... why? It's like, ten oclock on the west coast. It's one oclock in Miami." Brittany argued. "...Wait a minute, WOOHP Headquarters IS on the West Coast. How'd you get us here so fast?" Brittany demanded. Jerry chose to ignore the question.

"I would have, but the girls need their beauty sleep. Chemistry tests tomorrow, you know." Jerry said lightly.

"Hello-o? Regional Championship! Track!" Fabiere said loudly, just in case Jerry hadn't heard him before. He had heard him loud and clear of course, but he couldn't tell Fabiere the real reason that he was using Brittany's team. He waved his hand to a large video screen in the WOOHP lobby, which activated as if on a motion detector.

"We just got word of a break in at the Grimway Weaponry Research and Development Center in Charlotte, North Carolina. The theif in question was able to bypass some of the top security alone, without help." Jerry said, and played a clip of the theif, who was shrouded in black, sneaking past security like it was nothing.

"So you want us to find him and bring him in. That's cake." Fabiere said energetically. "Maybe this will give me the warm up I need for tomorrow's meet."

"Why send WOOHP agents on something as trivial as a robbery? Shouldn't the police be handling this?" Brittany asked. Jerry looked at her.

"Brittany, this theif was able to sneak past the top security in the world. We have no idea how dangerous he or she could be in hand to hand combat. We need to secure the building, and bring this criminal into custody. A custody that can hold him or her." Jerry said.

"Sounds good to me." Fabiere said, and stood up. He took out his wallet, which acted as the male counterpart to the female spies' Xpowders. He pressed a button on the inside, causing his orange jumpsuit to cover his body. Brittany and Demitri stood up as well, each doing the same thing. Brittany was covered by her own sky blue suit, and Demitri donned his own black jumpsuit.

"What kinda toys do we get tonight, Jerry?" Brittany asked, finally beginning to shrug off the effects of being suddenly woken up. Jerry nodded at GLADIS, who began to move the three spies down a conveyor belt.

"On this mission, you will be equipped with state of the art gadgetry fresh from WOOHP's own R&D center." GLADIS' voice rang. A metal claw tossed a heart shaped backpack to Brittany, and two rounded backpacks to Demitri and Fabiere. Brittany opened hers up, and looked through it.

"Hmm... not a bad selection. I love these Streamline Feline Catsuits." Brittany said. Demitri took out a can of what looked like shaving cream. He looked at it oddly for a few moments.

"GLADIS, what's this stuff? I've never seen it before." He asked.

"Stuntan Lotion modifed into a male version. Stun-fun Shaving Cream." GLADIS answered.

"Huh... cool." Demitri answered, and pulled out another gadget. "Laser chapstick... hey, Wolverine Claws." He said. "I love when we get to use these. Makes me feel like Wolverine from the X-men." He said, earning a few silent stares from Brittany and Fabiere.

"You're such a nerd sometimes..." Fabiere said, looking through his backpack as well. "How come I never get any weapons? All I ever get is tracking stuff." He said, and took out a bottle of what looked like Bubbles, and a pack of bubblegum.

"Because last time you had a weapon, you froze my feet to a gaint rock in the middle of a mudslide?" Brittany supplied. GLADIS interjected.

"Chewable Gluable Tracking Gum, and Bubble Blaster Invisibility Shield." She said. "Use them all wisely, and with caution." She said as the three spies reached the end of the conveyor belt.

"Remember, girls." Jerry reminded. "Please, bring the culprit back alive." Jerry said.

"No problem Jerr." Demitri said with a soft smile. Jerry smiled back.

"Good luck, Spies." He said, and sent the spies plunging down to the second floor, where a jet was waiting for them.

"Jerry, you did not tell them..." GLADIS began, but stopped when Jerry held up his hand.

"They'll find out soon enough. I can only hope that they'll have enough firepower to complete their mission." Jerry said, and turned back to his desk. Brittany and her teammates were highly trained WOOHP sentries. They could handle one criminal, couldn't they?

"Why is it, that Jerry can WOOHP us from Miami Beach to Los Angeles in like, three seconds, but we always have to take a three hour jet ride back to the East Coast?" Fabiere complained from aboard the WOOHP jet that they had been riding in for the last three hours.

Brittany was at the helm, as she always was. Her piloting skills had improved considerably since she had to be rescued by Sam, Clover and Alex. Demitri was sitting next to her, with his laptop open, typing away at his keyboard like an secretary hyped up on a gallon of coffee.

Fabiere was sitting behind them, sprawled out on both seats, using one of them as a leg rest It was like this every time they ever had to travel somewhere. Brittany flew or drove, Demitri turned into a hermit, barely looking up from his computer screen, and Fabiere complained. The whole way.

Thankfully, Brittany had long since learned to tune Fabiere's whining out. She turned to Demitri, putting the jet on auto pilot, since they'd be landing soon. "What'cha doin', Dee?" She asked. Demitri looked up at her slightly, then turned back to his screen.

"Getting some info on this Grimway place." He said, then leaned back. "Security is tighter than NASA and the Pentagon put together. But I cracked it." He said, sounding slightly proud of himself. Brittany smiled.

"What'd you find out?" She asked. He pointed to his screen.

"They're working on an experimental beam weapon that injects Ozone into the atmosphere. You know, a way to rebuild it because of all the global warming that's been going on. But other than that, nothing big is going on here." He said, then blinked. "W...wait a minute. Something weird is happening." He said, and started typing at his keyboard.

"What? What is it?" Brittany asked.

"Someone's accessing... Someone just broke into the security grid. Codes codes codes... oh man, they're stealing the codes!" Demitri yelped.

"So what?" Fabiere asked, poking his head into the cockpit to be included in the conversation.

"To fire this beam, you need access codes. Whoever is breaking into this security grid is stealing the codes. So they can steal the beam, and actually USE it." Demitri said.

"Who would wanna steal a stupid ozone machine?" Fabiere asked. Demitri glared at him.

"Do you understand NOTHING of Ozone Thermaldynamics!" He demanded. Brittany and Fabiere exchanged confused glances with one another. Demitri sighed. "Okay, look. Ozone is a very unstable element. If someone fires this beam at the wrong intensity, or the wrong angle, it could wipe out the Ozone layer completely. Our atmosphere would be gone." He said. Fabiere still looked confused. "NO AIR! VERY HOT IN THE DAY AND VERY COLD AT NIGHT!" Demitri shrieked.

"Ohhhh." Fabiere said. "Well, we can't allow that."

"Coming in for landing." Brittany interruped, having taken manual control of the jet. If Demitri was right, and he usually was, then they couldn't afford to let whoever it was get away with this. She tilted the jet into a steep dive, then pulled up at the last moment, throwing on the air brakes and reverse thrusters, hovering safely to the ground. "Everyone, catsuits." Brittany said. The two boys nodded, and used their X-wallets to change into their Streamline Feline Catsuits.

Brittany took her Xpowder out, and dialed WOOHP Headquarters. "Okay Jerry, we're here. Do you have a location of the theif?" She asked, as she changed into her catsuit as well.

"The only thermal scan we can see is on the third floor." Jerry said. "Approach with caution. And again, good luck." Jerry said, before cutting contact. Brittany turned back to her two partners.

"Okay guys. Third floor." Brittany said. "And remember. Quiet." She said, and held a finger up to her lips. The others nodded, and dropped out from the hatch of the jet, looking around for any signs of guards, or worse, aides of the criminal inside.

"Security. Three oclock." Demitri whispered. Brittany reached into her backpack, and took out her can of Stuntan lotion. She motioned for the two boys to head toward the building. They nodded, and started creeping along the soft grass stealthily. She creeped up behind the guard slowly, not wanting to alert him to her presence. She hated to knock out innocents, but this mission was key. She had to immobilize him.

Once she was close enough, she took the cap off the bottle. She noticed that it had an extendable spray nozzle for victims at a distance. WOOHP has thought of everything, she thought. She leveled the bottle at the guard, and pressed down on the cap. A clear mist shot out, and hit the guard right on the side of his face. He groaned slightly, and reached for his radio, but couldn't muster the strength. He fell to his left, barely hanging on to consciousness.

She replaced the cap, and ran back toward the backside of the building, to find Demitri and Fabiere, already equipping themselves with the Wolvering claws. "Stucco. Hard to climb without these." Fabiere hissed.

"Third floor, guys. Cut a hole in the window when you get up there. Once you get in, use the Bubble Blaster Invisibility shield." Brittany said.

"I'll go first." Fabiere volunteered. He drew his fist back, and thrusted it forward, causing the blades of his Wolverine Claws to stick into the stucco. He slowly begain to climb. "Hope you guys have done your pull ups, because you're gonna be lifting with your arms. Nowhere to rest your feet." Fabiere groaned. Demitri and Brittany looked at each other. Demitri stepped aside, and gestured to the shadowed stucco wall.

"Ladies first?" He asked. She rolled her eyes at him.

"Fine. Move, you big baby." She said, and started climbing up behind Fabiere. Demitri brought up the rear, climbing up behind Brittany.

"Hey, this was a good decision. I've got a perfect view of your-" Demitri began, before he was immediately shushed by Fabiere, who was already at the third floor. He took out his laser chapstick, and started to slowly cut a person-sized hole in the large glass window. Once the circle was completed, he too the large circle of glass, and pulled it out, creating a large open hole. Brittany reached into Fabiere's backpack, and grabbed the bubble container. She hopped through the hole in the window, and coated herself in the bubble-shield.

"What do we do with this thing?" Fabiere asked, gesturing to the large piece of glass still in his hands. Brittany sighed.

"Just slide it through the hole and leave it next to the window. Hopefully, we'll be in and out of here. Burglary? Bah, he probably just didn't want to wake up his Top Spies in case a real emergency happens later on." Brittany said. Fabiere chuckled, and slid the piece of glass through the opening, and let it rest on the ground underneath the window sill. He stepped inside, and let Brittany coat his body with the Bubble shield. "You're last, Dee."

Demitri nodded, and jumped through the window. Brittany took a deep breath, and blew a large pink bubble around Demitri's body. A shield that would protect them from the sight of anyone who happened looking over a video camera. If they came across any guards in person...well, then then their job would get a lot more difficult very, very quickly. "Jerry said that our thief is on the third floor. So, let's split up. I'll go straight, Demitri, you go right, and Fabiere, you go left. Whoever spots the theif first, lets the others know ASAP. Got it?" She asked. The two boys just nodded, and split up in their different directions.

The hallway was quiet as Brittany walked silently, using her Xpowder to scan for any thermal activity in any of the lab rooms. Nothing. Nothing, nothing, nothing. She felt a chill run up the back of her spine. She hated it when it was this quiet. She'd grown up on horror movies, and whenever it was this quiet, was when something insanely horrible was about to happen. She tries to block all those thoughs out of her head. "Mission, Brittany. Focus."


She spun quickly to find... nothing. But she'd just heard something, hadn't she? The fear at the pit of her stomach seemed to be growing. The anticipation was agonizing. She took a step backwards, and felt her bubble pop. She shrieked, and whipped out her catclaws, spinning and holding them at the ready. She found herself face to face with a...

Laser chapstick?

"Fabby!" Brittany screeched, and hit him, open handed, in the chest. "Don't do that!" She glared at him, though she saw that he was pale, and panting as well.

"YOU don't do that! This place is bad enough!" Fabiere accused. Brittany shushed him.

"Okay okay... we're both visible right now... so let's move fast. We have to find that theif and get out of here. Now." Brittany said. Fabiere nodded, and took off down the hallway with Brittany right behind him. Fabiere held his X-wallet up against the right side of the hallway, speed scanning for any kind of motion. Brittany did the same to the left side, until her Xpowder went off. Demitri's voice came back, in a hushed whisper.

"Guys, I found the theif... Computer station on the left wing. Hurry up." Demitri said, and cut contact instantly.

"Left wing. Got it. Let's go!" Brittany yelled, and veered to the left, running as fast as her legs would carry her down the hallway. She turned a corner, only to be greeted by Demitri barrelling into her chest, knocking her backwards against a steel door. "Ooof!" She weezed, and looked up. Standing there, was their thief. Dressed in all black, with a black skull cap on to conceal the criminal's hair. Brittany squinted. She couldn't even tell if it was male or female, let alone WHO it was. All she could see was eyes. What color were they?

Unfortunately, she couldn't focus long enough to tell. The criminal bent over, and placed to contacts in his or her eyes. Now the eyes glowed a sinister red. Fabiere yanked Demitri and Brittany up to a standing position. "I don't know who you are, but no one tosses my friend around like a rag doll except ME. Now, you're coming with us one way or the other. We can do it the easy way, or the fun way.." Fabiere said with a grin, and began to crack his knuckles. A low chuckle was heard, and then a whisper from the thief.

"Amateurs always feel the need to talk big." The thief said, and leapt forward, spinning in the air and delivering a roundhouse kick to Fabiere's jaw, that sent him flying through the air, into the metal door. Brittany dropped down into a fighting position, and stepped in front of Demitri, who was still down from the thief's initial attack. The thief seemed to hesitate, but then leapt forward again. Brittany drew out her catclaws, and leapt at the thief.

Brittany swung her arm in a sharp arc, but the Thief caught her wrist, and twisted with a crushing grip. She yanked Brittany forward, and slammed her elbow into Brittany's shoulders, causing her to cry out. Who was this thief? No random burglar. The motions were too fluid. Too precise. This was a professional. A career criminal? "I don't know who you are, but you are going DOWN!" Brittany screamed, and leapt to her feet. The thief stood calm, almost proddingly.

"Brittany," A voice behind her said. She turned her head. It was Demitri. He tossed her his can of Stun-fun shaving cream.

"Thanks Dee." She said, and turned back toward the Thief, who was now an inch from her face. "Wha..."

"Never take your eyes off your opponent. That's rule number one." The thief said in a low whisper, then thrusted her head forward, slamming her forehead into Brittany's skull. Brittany stepped back, dizzy and disoriented. "I'll take that." The thief said, and grabbed the shaving cream out of Brittany's hand. The next thing she felt was nothingness. Numbness. She'd been stunned. She fell backwards limply.

"They send such amateurs to stop me... pitiful." The thief said, and grabbed a small disk out of a computer system. "I'll be taking these codes. And thanks for the warm up." The thief said, and took off down the hall. Brittany sighed deeply. She'd been beaten. No, THEY had been beaten. Their whole team, by one thief not much bigger than herself. Was his or her plan really to wipe out the Ozone layer? That was insane... she'd have to talk to Jerry about it later... But right now, she was so tired... she couldn't move, and the floor was carpeted. She might as well sleep while she could... because she might not be getting any sleep for a while after this.

To Be Continued.