The Unthinkable

By The Steel Angel

Chapter Three


"It feels almost like a vacation." Alex said happily as she walked down the linoleum clad hallway of Beverly Hills Highschool, in between her two best friends in the world. To her right, Clover looked to be in deep thought about something. "Clover?" Alex quipped. The blond turned her head to face Alex.

"Sorry Alex. Major dilema here." Clover said. When Alex didn't say anything, Clover took it upon herself to extrapolate. "Well, I already made plans on Saturday for Dustin. You know, that totally hunky exchange student from France. But Anthony just asked me to go to the movies with him the same day. I couldn't say no, he's a hottie too... but Jenna said that Lilly said that Anthony is one of the biggest stalkers in the school, so I don't know if..."

Alex giggled as Clover rambled on about the latest school-wide gossip. It always helped to have a best friend who was up on EVERYTHING that was in, and totally on top of what wasn't in. Sometimes she wondered if it was because of Clover, that the three girls maintained their popularity. She turned to look at her other best friend, and frowned when she did.

Sam's eyes showed traces of fatigue. There were bags under her eyes. She walked with a slight slump, and she stopped to yawn every few minutes. "You okay, Sammie?" Alex asked. Sam turned to look at Alex, and gave her a sweet smile. Alex smiled back. There was something about Sam that almost reminded her of her own mother. She felt safe with Sam. Secure.

"I'm fine. Just up late studying for that chemistry test." Sam said. "Stoichiometry is tricky stuff."

"Stork-o...what?" Alex wondered aloud. Sam chuckled, and gave Alex's shoulder a slight pat. Alex sighed. At least she wouldn't have to worry about what she'd gotten on that Chemistry test until the next day. Why should she let a simple little thing like chemistry ruin her favorite period of the day?


"Today's Soy Bean Pizza day! Yay!" Alex cheered, and ran into the cafeteria. She manuevered around the different tables like a stealth bomber. She staked out her place in line and glared at anyone who came within a three foot radius of her, almost like a mother bear protecting its cubs.

"Will Alex, Samantha, and Clover please report to the Principal's office? I repeat, will Alex Hernandez, Samantha Simpson, and Clover Spencer please report to the Principal's office." The loudspeaker blared. Sam and Clover looked at each other. Neither of them had done anything wrong... today. Alex sighed, and relinquished her position in the lunch line.

"You know, the second we walk through those doors, the floor is gonna open, right?" Clover mused, as Alex rejoined them. The three girls began to walk toward the exit to the cafeteria, and the large double-doors that guarded the rest of the school. Alex put a hand to her chin.

"Maybe it won't be so bad since we're already prepared for it?" She asked. Sam remained silent.

"Please. Falling is falling. Though sometimes, I wonder how Jerry manages to make us fall into a ten story building from ground level." Clover said, as she pushed the doors open. It was silent on the outside. Not a student to be seen. Sam and Alex walked cautiously out into the hallway, expecting the floor to drop at any moment. When nothing happened, Sam breathed a sigh of relief.

"Okay, so maybe we're just in trouble with the Principal." She said, as one of the lockers to their left swung open. A large suction force began, sucking the girls into the locker. "AhhHHhHhhhh!" Sam screamed.

"You think Jerry could pick one method of transportation and stick with iiiiiiiiiiiit!" Alex yelped, trying to grasp the walls of the slick WOOHP tunnel. The three girls grunted loudly as they slammed into the red couch. The force of their landing had knocked the wind out of them, and left them slightly in a daze. "Now I'm never gonna get my Soy Pizza... thanks a lot, Jerr." Alex whined.

"Food is the least of your worries at this point in time." A female voice said.

"Huh?" Clover asked, rubbing her eyes, trying to focus. A female figure was standing on the other side of Jerry's desk. She wore rounded glasses, and the standard female business suit. Her long chestnut brown hair was tied back in a ponytail. Her feace showed an expression of nervousness. Even sadness. "What's going on?" Clover asked. "Where's Jerry?"

"Jerry was attacked last night." The woman said.

"Attack? Who could attack Jerry? WE can't even attack Jerry." Sam said quickly. The woman pressed a few buttons on her console, and a video feed started up. It was choppy, but it was definately a fight scene. Only thirty seconds or so. It showed a person clad in a black outfit, and Jerry, fighting. The person in black pulled out a small device and... the screen went black.

"The Assassin used a WOOHP issued EMP emmitter. It disabled all Xpowder frequencies, WOOHP Surveillance feeds, and Security overrides for a period of three minutes, before we could get the backup system fully online. It was enough time for the assassin to... deliver the crushing blow." The woman said.

"Crushing...Blow...?" Alex wondered aloud, not wanting to believe what she was hearing.

"By the time we got the doors open, the assailant had vanished." The woman said. "Jerry was lying on the floor... his heart gave out." The woman said.

"Jerry's...dead...?" Alex asked softly.

"Luckily, we got to him before his condition finalized. We were able to get him a fresh heart within a half-hour span. But... he was legally dead for a period of almost five minutes. And we still don't know if the new heart will take. His chance of survival without some form of brain damage is at less than five percent." The woman said.

"Who did it?" Clover asked, clenching her fist. "The old guy may have ticked me off from time to time, but he was still OUR Jerry. No one tries to kill him and gets away with it."

"The assailant left no evidence behind. Not so much as a hair folicle." The woman said. "But we may know how to find him."

"How?" Sam asked quickly.

"Follow me." The woman said, and walked out of the main lobby, down to the catacombs of the WOOHP underground complex. Sam followed quickly behind her, and was followed by Alex, who looked to be on the verge of tears, and Clover, who looked more angry than anything else. The woman led the three spies into WOOHP's medical wing, and to a heavily guarded room. The two guards stepped aside.

"Is this Jerry's room?" Alex asked. The woman nodded, and opened the door. Inside, were two very familiar faces. "Brittany!" Alex gasped. The asian spy looked up. She was kneeling beside the bed where Jerry was lying. His face showed no emotion, and his eyes were closed. Monitors behind him beeped and glowed eerily, showing heart rate, brain waves, and anything else that could be measured in ghostly green lines.

Brittany stood up. There were two boys in the room as well. Brittany's partners. "Oooh!" Clover squealed, rushing toward the bed where Demitri was standing. Clover wrapped both of her arms around one of the poor boy's arms, and leaned her head against his shoulder. "Do you believe in love at first sight?" She asked, staring into his eyes dreamily. This earned a growl from Brittany.

Alex walked up to Jerry's bed, standing beside Brittany. "Who could have done this...?" She asked, almost silently. Brittant turned to look at her.

"From the video that we saw... we think that it's the same person who we fought against at the Grimway Weapons Research facility." Brittany said, and returned her solemn gaze down to Jerry. "Whoever that Assassin was, knows about WOOHP, knows about us, and probably knew that Jerry knew about him. He took all three of us down without much effort... if he could take Jerry down..."

"Then it'll take all six of us to bring down this bastard." Fabiere said, and slammed one of his fists into an open palm.

"That doesn't explain how we'll find him." Clover said, still hanging on to Demitri's arm. Brittany calmly walked over to them, and forcibly seperated the two. She stood between them, to prevent any further physical contact.

"When we fought this guy, I managed to give this some good use." Fabiere said, and pulled out a pack of chewing gum. Sam arched an eyebrow at him.

"Gum?" She asked.

"Chewable Gluable Tracking gum. I'd totally forgotten about it until this morning, when we got the call that Jerry'd been attacked." Fabiere said, and put the gum back in his pocket. Sam growled at him.
"Amateur! If you wouldn't have been that stupid, maybe we could have saved him!" She said with disdain.

"He ins't dead yet, Sammie..." Alex said softly.

"He's got a five percent chance of pulling through. Do you really want some brain damaged robot version of Jerry? It'd be like someone just vacuumed all of his personality out, and left us with the shell." Sam said.

"What are you suggesting, Sam?" Brittany asked.

"The only humane thing. Pull the plug." Sam said, and kneeled down beside Jerry's bed. She brushed a hand over Jerry's cheek. "Jerry meant more to me than almost anyone... I don't want him to come back as someone who isn't himself..." She said, nearly on the verge of tears. The woman put her hand on the back of Sam's neck.

"We're doing all we can to make sure that Jerry fully recovers, Samantha. As long as there's a one percent chance she he'll be okay, we'll keep trying." She said. Sam didn't say anything. She just stood up, wiping at her eyes. The woman turned back to Fabiere. "Track the gum. We'll send Alex, Samantha, and Clover to find whoever's shoe the gum is stuck to. Then, we'll have our assassin"

Doctor Gelee was still amazed that some villains still did things the old fashioned way. Arcane "Hideouts" and "Lairs" were a thing of the past. Yet, still, some of these villains had a love affair with the past. This, Doctor Drakken was one of those types. Blind ambition of World Domination. No real plan after that.

He'd chartered a Jet that was heading toward Doctor Drakken's latest "Secret Hideout". Some secret, Gelee had found it in minutes using the Internet. So, he'd used the rest of his time on the jet to research Doctor Drakken, his accomplice known as Shego, The red headed girl known as Kim Possible, and her blond sidekick, Ron Stoppable.

Needless to say, he wasn't very impressed with Drakken's resume. Some of his plans had excellent potential, but he could never close one out. Always, always, always, Kim Possible had shown up to put a dramatic stop to the plan in motion. That said, Doctor Drakken was indeed, ingenious. With an IQ of nearly 180, his intelligence rivaled that of Newton, Einstien, or even Gelee's own intelligence quotient.

Doctor Drakken would no doubt have the mind and the means with which to impliment his plans. And if Gelee should possibly be stumped by a computer glitch, having another brilliant mind to give him a fail safe wasn't a bad idea. But that wasn't the main reason why Gelee wanted Drakken's help.

His partner, Shego, was a bit of an enigma. She used to be a member of Team Go. A superhero family. But she abdicated her responsibilities as a hero to become an evil henchmen. Her fighting skills were nearly unmatched. The only time she'd ever been bested in a fight, was with the afformentioned, Kim Possible.

If anyone was to give him long enough to impliment his plans, it would be her. She'd be able to keep Kim Possible occupied long enough for him to activate the ozone machine. After all, Kim was probably following him right at that moment. She'd mentioned something about the storage device used to store the access codes leaking radio waves. That didn't give him a lot of time.

As the Jet flew over the vast expanse of the Atlantic ocean, he looked out the window and finally found what he was looking for. It was a small man-made island. He calmly stood up, and walked down the narrow corridor of the plane, toward the cockpit. One of the flight attendants stood in his way.

"Can I help you, sir?" The attendant said sweetly.

"Yes, you can. I'd like that parachute." He said, pointing at the small emergency parachute strapped onto the flight attendant's seat.

"I'm sorry sir, those are issued only for-" The flight attendant began. Dr. Gelee calmly raised his ahnd, and grabbed her around the neck, squeezing her windpipe.

"I wasn't asking." He said, and jerked his hand, snapping the flight attendant's neck. Luckily, he was out of visual range of the other passengers on the plane. He reached over and grabbed the small parachute from the seat. He slipped it on, and walked over to the sealed door of the Boeing 757. The mechanics were easy enough to figure out. A pressure release at this altitude would send the plane careening right in to the middle of the fabeled Bermuda Triangle. All of the passengers would either drown, become shark food, or float helplessly on a life raft while the sun cooked them alive. Pick your poison, humanity.

Dr. Gelee grabbed the pressurized manual release on the door, and used all of his strength to pull on it. The two massive steel bars yeilded with some effort, as the doctor began to twist them to an unlocked position. He heard some commotion in the passenger cabin. They must have spotted him. Seen what he was doing. No matter, they wouldn't live long enough to tell anyone that he was the culprit. In a mere three days, he could go wherever he wanted in the world without fear of reprocussions. A world without humanity was a world that would survive the test of time.

He pried the bars close to him, until they wouldn't yeild any further. He grinned, and turned back toward the passenger cabin. "Consider yourselves lucky. You won't die in the apocalypse that humanity has brought upon itself." He said, and raised his foot up, and kicked through the door. It swung open, instantly de-pressurizing the cabin. The Doctor was sucked out of the open hatch violently, so much so that he couldn't reorient himself. Which way was up? Which way was down?

A few tense seconds were too much. He grabbed the rip-cord of the parachute, and deployed the large life-saving floating device. It caught the air, and swept him back up into the sky. He breathed a sigh of relief, at least the parachute had told him which way was up and which way was down. He gazed up, and saw the sillhouette of the jet. One wing was dipping dangerously. The pilot was losing control of the plane in the monsterous wind. Human kind could never stand face to face with the forces of mother nature.

As he drifted down toward the small island, he noticed that there were already guards on the outside, staring up at him. They didn't matter to him. Just pawns. They wouldn't survive the attack he was about to level upon humanity. But one of the people did catch his eye. It was Shego herself, standing on a small landing strip. As he drifted closer, he saw that she was standing almost lazily, with her arms crossed over her chest. She looked disinterested.

When he was about ten feet from the ground, he detached himself from the parachute and fell to the ground, bending his knees to absorb the shock of the impact. The parachute itself caught a tradewind, and floated helplessly over the island, out toward the vast expanse of the ocean. He looked up at the woman. She was clad in a black and green suit, and had a frown on her face.

"And you are?" She asked. Doctor Gelee stood up, and bowed.

"Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Gelee. Doctor Gelee. And you must be the one known as Shego." Gelee said.

"Uh huh. What are you? FBI? CIA? Secret Service?" Shego asked.

"Not at all. Please, I'd like you to lead me to Doctor Drakken. I'll explain everything then." Gelee said.

"...Whatever." Shego said, and shrugged her shoulders lightly. She turned, and walked back inside the structure. Doctor Gelee followed, slightly curious. She seemed too apathetic to be an effective henchman, or even a guard. Could her reputation have proceeded her?

"Yo, Doctor D." She said, and stopped in the arch of a doorway. Gelee couldn't see inside, but heard a voice coming from the other side.

"Shego! I've finally done it!" A voice crowed from inside the room. Shego's shoulders slumped as she walked into the room. Gelee followed, looking around. The room was huge. It seemed to be the bulk of the entire facility. The walls were the color of brick, with a high ceiling with what looked like a retractable roof. On the far end of the room, stood a huge computer system, and a desk. On the other side of the desk, was Doctor Drakken himself. He stood up, and held his hands behind his back. "After months of planning, I've finally done it! I've finally discovered Kim Possible's weakness!" Drakken cried victoriously. Gelee raised an eyebrow, clearly interested.

"You already know her weakness. You've known it for three years. You just can't do anything about it." Shego quipped.

"Ahhh!" Drakken yelled as he waved a hand at Shego. "This time, the result is going to be different!" Drakken said, and clasped his hands together. "I've developed a robot that is programmed to attack whenever it registers teen slang!" He said with a laugh. Shego just looked at him.

"YOU use teen slang." She said after a moment.

"That is not the point!" Drakken yelled, and then noticed Gelee standing behind Shego. "Who's that?" He asked.

"I dunno. Some old guy who wants to talk to you. Not really my thing." Shego said, and turned to leave. "Call me if you need me." The woman said, and looked Doctor Gelee in the eye. He gazed back, his eyes concealing his true intentions. The gaze that Shego saw was shrouded in mystery. Her eyes gave him nothing in return. Just a cold, calculating scowl.

She walked out of the room carlessly, swaying her hips lightly. Doctor Gelee ignored her. She was irrelevant at this point in time. He turned back to face Doctor Drakken. The blue-skinned man was glowering at him suspiciously. Gelee put his hands up, to show that he was unarmed.

"I'll be brief, Doctor Drakken." Gelee began. "I'm here because I need your help. I require access to your computer uplink system." He said.

"Why would I agree to that?" Drakken asked.

"It's a small price to pay for a share of world domination." Gelee said carefully. "But we haven't got much time. If we're to impliment my plan, we have to get your computer system configured within two days." Gelee said, and held up a small black cylander. "This storage device contains activation codes for the top secret Ozone Machine at the Grimway Weapons Facility in the United States. But unfortunately, Kim Possible can track the frequency of the device."

"Kim Possible!" Drakken exclaimed.

"The same." Gelee said with a nod. "My new apprentice has been trained in many different forms of martial arts and fighting skills, but still, Kim Possible seemed to be untouchable. She made my apprentice look like a freeze frame. Which brings up reason number two that I wish to team up with you." Gelee said.

"You want protection. Shego's protection." Drakken said with a nod.

"Precicely. Do we have a deal?" Gelee asked. Doctor Drakken put a hand to his chin, appearing to be in deep thought. Gelee didn't take his eyes off of him. For all he knew, Kim Possible could break in at any second. He had to act fast.

"I suppose it couldn't hurt... though I'll have to put a hault on my Slang-detecting annihilation droid." Drakken mused.

"Oh, I promise you. You won't need it." Gelee said with a smug grin plastered on his face. The alliance had been struck, and in just two days, all of his plotting and planning was going to pay off.

To Be Continued