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Chapter One

Yuki, kyo, Shigure, and everyone else woke up bright and early to the smell of Tohru cooking breakfast. Tohru was humming a song she knew from before she started living with the Sohmas. She was cooking eggs, bacon, and hash browns (she never made before) when she heard everyone in the dinning area. There was Hatori sitting at the end of the table and Shigure at the other and Haru, Momiji, Kagura, Honajima, Uotani, Kisa, and Hiro sitting in the middle between Hatori and Shigure.

"Good morning every one" Tohru said with excitement.

" Good morning Tohru" everyone said at the same time.

Tohru placed everyone's food on the table in front of everyone. Before she knew it the food was gone in the blink of an eye. Only Hatori, Kagura, Hiro, Kisa, and her self still didn't finish. They all couldn't wait for the day ahead.


"Tohru, Tohru" Momiji yelled with great excitement.

"Guess what, Guess what," He yelled even louder than before.

"I just won 12 tickets to the new Amusement park called Fun It Up (not the best name) on the radio" Momiji said still trying to catch his breath.

"Wow" Tohru said with excitement in her voice "Whom are you going to take with you"

Momiji answered " You, Yuki, Kyo, Kagura, Haru, Hatori, Shigure, Kisa, Hiro, and your friends Honajima and Uotani."

"Are you sure that's who you want to take" Tohru said with a little shyness in her voice.

"Yes" Momiji answered, "I already asked everyone if they could go they all said yes so can you Tohru?"

"Of coarse" Tohru answered

Momiji said excitedly "Yeah I can't wait to go!"

"Me neither" Tohru said excitedly

End Of Flash Back

Beep Beep "There's the bus" Shigure said, "everyone read?"

"Yes" everyone answered

"Then lets roll" Shigure said with excitement

Everyone got on to the bus and everything was great. There were fights the whole way there but it was worth it when they got there. It took about 2 hours to get there because of traffic and everything. When they finally got there everyone separated.

"See you all later" the bus driver said

"Good by" Momiji said "see you later"

When everyone separated into groups Hatori, Kisa, Momiji and Hiro where in one group. In another group there was Shigure, Kagura, and Haru. The last group had Kyo, Tohru, Yuki, Honajima, and Uotani. Hatori came up with the groups and everyone followed his orders.

"Everyone stay in your groups it might be a dangerous place" Hatori said

While Tohru's group were walking together they walked paced a mysteries guy screaming to the parks manager saying, "we don't have anyone to sing for our midnight show our last singer has a cold." "How will the show go on."

The park manager said trying to settle him down "I will try to find someone to fill in if I cant we wont have the show."

As Tohru and everyone walked by the man looked and saw Tohru He thought he recognized her but it seemed she didn't recognize him. Then he started to follow them as they got on the rides he waited at the exit like he was waiting for some one else. He followed them very slowly and mysteriously as he tried to remember where he's seen a girl like Tohru before. When everyone went to the restroom Tohru went to get some drinks for everyone. When she got everyone's drink she turned around while carrying her drinks and the man said "Tohru"

All of the sudden Tohru screamed as she dropped all the drinks. Everyone turned and looked at Her and the man. Yuki and everyone else did not hear her scream.

"Tohru is that really you"

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