Chapter 4

"will you………….."

The note

If you want Tohru back meet us at the midnight show. Here's your pass this should be good to get all of you back stage. That is where you shall find her. Enjoy the show. If you try to find her before then we will kill her.



" We need to get her back" Shigure said.

" We will" said the police officer "now if you all come with me we will try to find the rest of your group."

By the time they got there everyone else was already there. Shigure's group, Yukis group (except for Tohru), and Hatori was explaining Tohru to the police officer. Shigure gave the note to the police officer and he said "Ok, I guess all we can do is look for her until the concert so how about all of you guys calm down and wait till the concert. Then go back stage and, we will set up a plan to get her back if we see her earlier then we will contact you. Here' a cell phone" he handed the cell phone to Hatori " All we can do is look for her until the concert if we hear anything we will call you.

"Ok" Hatori said, " If we hear anything else then we will be sure to contact you."

"Ok" said the officer.

"Will you sing at the midnight concert?" Ivon asked Tohru "If you do we will allow you to go and never bother you again. Just sing like you use to"

"How many songs" Tohru asked

"5" he said

"I'm nothing like I use to be are you sure I can still sing like I use to"

"Yes it's five hour's away we will help you this will be great please say yes"

"Ok" Tohru said as long as my family is not there.

"I am so sorry we already invited them, " Ivon said

"O well they would have figured it out either way so lets get started."

Tohru said

"Great," Ivon said, " I'm glad you agreed."

" Why the midnight show?" Yuki asked

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