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Okay, now for the epilogue! This pretty much takes place in the years following the story.

June 16, 2008

Danny burst out of the school cheering, with Sam and Tucker right behind him. They had just finished with their graduation ceremony, and they were finally out of Casper High after a long senior year.

Over the last three years, the three of them had changed significantly.

Tucker had hit an impressive growth spurt during sophomore year, making him about six one. He no longer wore glasses. In junior year after solving a crisis at a computer company, he was given a big reward and was able to afford contacts. But he was still the same old techno-geek.

Sam had grown adequately in height. She was about five ten. She still stuck to her Gothic ways and she had grown much more pretty. She had started catching some of the guys' looks around junior year. But Danny, who was still her boyfriend, gave them a death glare, shooting down their hopes.

As for Danny, the changes made to him had been most significant. He had also hit a growth spurt, making him an impressive six three, so now he towered over Maddie and Jazz, who were both five eight. He was just about even with Jack. His face had hardened out, not really giving him that babyish look in his eyes. The years of ghost fighting had really built up his strength as well. Several others knew and a few girls like Paulina were becoming attracted to him. But Sam was the only girl for him.

Speaking of ghost fighting, his powers had become silver-blue late into sophomore year, and he felt like he had completely perfected them by now. Any ghosts he saw didn't stand a chance.

As for Jazz, she had been going to University of North Dakota for the last two years. She was studying to be a brain surgeon, hoping to prove what she always said she would be.

Now, Tucker had received a scholarship to a bunch of computer colleges. He was going to one in New York in the fall. Sam and Danny just couldn't stay away, so they both arranged to go to a college in Pittsburgh.

"Yes!" Danny shouted, "Out of there for good!"

"You know it dude!" Tucker shouted and high-fived him. Sam grinned and high-fived Tucker, and then kissed Danny.

"Um, guys," said Danny.

"Yeah?" said Tucker.

"Um, you know what today is, right?"

Tucker scratched his head in confusion. Sam sighed, and then said, "It was three years ago we found out that the fainting spells he had were killing him."

"That's right," said Danny, "That was the scariest time of my life."

"Mine too," said Sam.

"Ditto," agreed Tucker.

"So," said Danny, "I've come to a decision. Tonight, when we and our families have that graduation party, I'm telling them my secret."

"What!" shouted Tucker, "But they'll all flip!"

"They'll understand. Especially if you guys back me up. You will, won't you?"

"Of course, Danny," said Sam, "We'll always have your back."


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Later that night, at the graduation party at the park, things went along normal for a while. Jack and Maddie talked about their latest ghost hunting gear to the parents, Jazz was reading, Tucker was playing with his PDA, and Danny and Sam were off on one of their romantic walks. They had become weekly since sophomore year.

With the party coming to a close after food, games, and talking, Danny shouted over everyone, "Everyone, quiet down please!" Everyone continued talking, not hearing him.

Danny smiled at Sam. She nodded and suddenly whistled very loudly. Everyone instantly stopped and Danny said, "Guys, I have something to tell you all."

"What?" said Jack, "That you're going to college? We all know that, son."

"That's not it, dad. Listen. Or better yet, watch."

Danny took a deep breath, and then transformed right in front of him. Everyone except Sam, Tucker and Jazz gasped.

"Suffering spooks!" shouted Jack, "Danny, you're the ghost kid!"

"It's okay!" shouted Tucker and Sam, "It's not like they say on the news. Danny's a good ghost!"

"Yeah!" shouted Danny, "I fight other evil ghosts."

Ryan (Sam's dad, if you remember) said, "I don't like the idea of a ghost being around my daughter."

"Dad!" shouted Sam, "I love Danny! He would never hurt anyone good!"

Maddie sighed, "I just don't see why you wouldn't tell us."

Danny answered, "Well, I'm a ghost. You guys are ghost hunters. That wouldn't look good, would it."

Jack sighed, "No, I guess not. Alright, I guess we'll let this go. But we'll have to discuss this some more later. For now, let's get back to the party!"

Danny changed back and smiled as everyone started talking again. Jazz walked over to Danny and whispered, "Just so you know, I've known for a long time now." Then she walked away with a smile, Danny watching in awe.

July 8, 2012

Twenty-two year old Danny Fenton and Sam Manson sat in Danny's living room. Sam had received a college degree in writing, while Danny had received one in crime fighting. He was able to convince the people at the college that his ghost powers were put to use for good through witnesses, and they coughed it up.

"Sam," said Danny.

"Yes, Danny?"

"We've known each other for seventeen years. We've been in love for eight of those. We've been through so much."


"Well, there's one thing I've been wanting to do for a long time." Then he reached into his pocket and pulled out a black box. Sam gasped, Could this be what I think it is?

Danny opened the box. A ring lay inside. Danny got down on one knee and asked, "Sam, will you marry me?"

Sam seemed taken aback. She looked positively speechless. After a moment, she took the ring and kissed Danny. When they pulled apart, Sam said, "You can take that as a yes." Then they hugged and kissed again.

October 18, 2012

"Do you, Samantha Manson, take Daniel Fenton, to be your lawfully wedded husband?"

"I do," answered Sam. It was her and Danny's wedding, the happiest day of both their lives. They had invited all of their friends and family. Among the crowd was Tucker, with his fiancée Denise Sawyer. They had met in college and were to marry next March.

"And do you, Daniel Fenton, take Samantha Manson, to be your lawfully wedded wife?"

"I do," answered Danny with a proud smile.

"I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride."

Danny first placed the wedding ring on Sam's finger, and then the new husband and wife shared a long, passionate kiss. Everyone clapped in joy.

April 9, 2025

"What happened next?" asked a young boy, who looked to be about ten.

This boy was Connor, Danny's first son. Two years after marrying, he and Sam had him. He was now ten. Two years after having Connor, they had a second baby. It was another boy, and his name was Bennett. He was almost nine. They were both half-ghosts like their father.

After a humongous ghost invasion had terrorized Amity Park a few years ago, Danny fought off all of them and saved everyone. Everyone then realized that Danny was a good ghost. He was made a private crimefighter. People called him when trouble arose. Danny's life was perfect. Sam was now a novelist. She was writing her stories based on Danny's actual ghost adventures.

As for Tucker, he was living a happy life with Denise. He was president of a computer company and was the father of a boy and a girl. Jazz had lived up to her word and became a brain surgeon. She had married to a boy named Robert Jenkins in 2014, a man she worked with in her office. Jack and Maddie were still ghost hunting, although they were on the verge of retirement.

Danny had told his boys about theirs and his powers a few years ago, and since then, they always kept turning to him for answers. They were both improving with their powers. He was now telling them when he first got his powers.

"Well," said Danny, "Your grandparents had set up the ghost portal in their basement. They plugged it in, but it didn't work. Then I went to check it out later, I hit the 'on' button by accident, and I got the powers there."

"Cool…" Connor and Bennett both said.

Sam said, "Yes, he was always cool."

Connor asked, "So when did you and mom first find out that you love each other?"

Danny smiled, "There's a long story behind that."

Bennett said, "We've got time, daddy."

"Well, it all started at the end of our first year of high school. I started having fainting spells but we didn't know why…"

The REAL End

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