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Final Shot Chapter 1

"Zeke...he..he killed Yoh" Anna said trying to conceal the tears coming from her

eyes. Anna starts to run towards Yoh saying to herself that he is just sleeping and

fooling them all. She reaches Yoh's body and holds it in her arms and cradles it like

it was a newborn child. Yoh's group (Lizerg,Len,Rio,Foust,Trey,Morty and Jaco) ran

up to there good friend Yoh who was in Anna's arms. They all stare in disbelief and

remember there fondest memories of him the boy Yoh Asakura. Morty was the first

one to burst into tears while Anna was almost about to break. " He He was one of my

very best friends that actually believed in me understood me. I dont believe that he is

dead! He cant be! He tried so hard to make us all forgot about our problems. How

can he be?" "Morty shut it!" said a weary yet harsh tone to it. "A...Anna" Said

morty. Anna had started to tighten her grip around Yoh and squeeze his cold body

that used to be so warm.

Zeke just sits there in awe that all of yohs friend cared about him so much and yet

they seem so hesitant about something. "hmmm you guys are quite odd a lot of you

are not even shedding a tear yet a sound for Yoh I shall tell you some things that Yoh

never told you. Yoh himself never existed in the first place he was just my other half

nothing more and i shall look after my other half in all means necessary and also

Anna Yoh is not dead if you cant clear your tears just for a moment you could see

that Yoh is breathing just a little but but he wont be if any of you can find a way to save

his soul so I purposely left him alive so Yoh should have seen awhile ago " Yohs

group all look up and stare at him in complete thought that Zeke saw as losers. He

continued "uuuggg you guys i thought that you were smarter than this Yoh is not

dead yet i left some soul inside him so i can point something out for him and also so

Anna can prove her love for him also you guys better do something fast or Yohs soul

will be gone" all the friend pause i then its complete silence then a a big

"OHHHHHH!" then a sharp accent voice shot out of then ohhh humphYoh

doesn't need us he is a strong shaman besides just

because he saved us we may have not wanted to be saved right Foust,Rio,Trey,Jaco

and Lizerg!" they all studder Len restates "Lizerg remember when Yoh yelled at you

and threw a punch at you. Foust remember when you were fighting Yoh in the primary

rounds and Yoh said that he will never forgive you for what you did to Morty. Trey

remember what the darkness in your heart is you are afraid of Yoh. Rio Yoh cut off

your due(hair).Jaco remember when you first joined the group and Yoh said my bad

for letting you join. Come on guys if Yoh said all this stuff then why are we still

standing by his side!" all in sequence they all say "YA!"len then thought to himself to

try and remember on what Yoh did to him ..."crap" he muttered under his breath he

didn't do anything bad to me wait his reaction to the last thing i told him! "Yo Len!"

said Rio "what did master Yoh i mean Yoh do to you?" Len stuttered "remember

the fight in the cave?" "Yes i do short pants you said 'I want to destroy you more

than Zeke'" Len stuttered "well he toyed with me by using that small medium of

his." "ohhh" --

Author note: my hands are tired sorry that this was such a short chapter