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Zeke was shocked to see that all of Yoh's so called friends had just deserted him in his time of need! Anna was the only one who was looking like she cared. For Anna had ran to Yoh's side and picked him up tears flowing down her cheeks.

"This is stupid! We do not need Yoh to beat his brother/ other half", said a funny accented person. Then all of Yoh's friends agreed and got out there spirits to fight for themselves, not Yoh. Meanwhile Anna was muttering to herself. Then stopped and got up up go join the fight.

" Len I think that I might be able to seal Zeke's movements for a little bit", said Anna. Len nodded.

Time ran as all of Yohs friends failed to fight. They were all panting for breath to fight some more when Zeke started to talk, "So it would seem that little brother has no friends again all he has is a short HUMAN!" Morty shivered. While there was no response from Yoh's friends. "You guys are really Mother Fucking idiots. Cant any of you see that Yoh is still breathing and that he heard all your words that you people said about him!" At those words everyone froze then saw a headphone boy start to get up. They were all very scared. Yoh then stood all the way up with his head down. Rio asked "Master... Yoh?". All that his heard was complete silence. Yoh then lifted his head so every one could see Yoh's severally hurten face that no one cared about him when he so much cared about his friends. And they seemed top care about Yoh none at all. Yoh was too deep in hurt thoughts to see Anna crying on her face and about to lunge at Yoh to make him feel better. But Zeke then beat her to it. Zeke had teleported in front of Yoh with his arm standing a barrier to get some recovering distance from the others. Yoh in a low voice all that you could hear was "really?... I thought that you... guys... liked having me around... death I guess wont be so bad." Everyone froze truing to make out of what Yoh had just said when they saw that Zeke had given Yoh a big hug to make his little brother feel better. Zeke had only said this. "I will do anything for you little brother as long as you are happy"

"Yoh... Yoh.. has just betrayed us?" said a weak desperate Trey who seemed quite lost in the conversation. Zeke then took his arm and devoured for real this time yoh's soul and said this. "You so-called 'friends' had a chance to save Yoh from death on which you just had to show Yoh some returned friend ship but you failed."

the next mourning

Len woke up panicked as everyone else who had the dream of they not liking Yoh. Len just said this when they came to Yoh sleeping soundly in bed "I never said any of that. Yoh is one of our best friends." they all ha nodded and went back to bed.


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