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The Man With The Dark Voice

"Come here you little freak!" said a man with a dark voice. Morgan just ignored the man and kept on running. The man had been chasing her for hours. She didn't know who he was but she had a good idea who sent him. She kept on running until she came to a village. She ran into the village and hid behind a pile of wood. She turned around and looked at the man making sure she stayed out of sight. The man was tall and had on a dark, hooded cloak. He had to be from the lab, the doctor was still after her.

For the past year, she had been at a lab where people with strange powers were sent. They were called mutants. A year ago, she had discovered that she had the ability to manipulate electricity. She thought it was pretty cool until her parents found out about it.

She belonged to a rich family who all lived in mansions scattered around France. Morgan never felt like she fit in. All she wanted was a close family who cared about each other. Instead, she had a family who was too busy with world affairs to even pay attention to each other. Morgan only saw her parents about once a day. Her father was busy running his factories, while her mother held extravagant parties. It was not an environment where she felt loved.

Her situation got even worse when her parents found out about the powers that Morgan possessed. They made sure that Morgan was quickly locked away so no one could discover her powers and most importantly so the family reputation would not be harmed.

The place where Morgan was sent was horrible. There was a doctor who performed horrific experiments on the mutants. All of the people at the 'hospital' had different powers. The doctor there claimed he could correct the mutations. The truth was all he could do was torture the mutant until it died. Morgan had only by chance escaped. The experiments on her had not killed her. She had nowhere to go all she could do was run and hope for the best. Anywhere was better than the lab.

Morgan stayed crouched behind the wood. She knew that if the man caught her she would go straight back to the lab and this time there would be no escape. "Come out come out where ever you are", said the dark voice. Morgan remained still. "I know you are around here. I see your blood on the ground." Morgan thought to herself, how could I be so stupid? She had been cut in the arm earlier during her escape. Just then, she looked up to see the man towering over her. She had no choice; she had to use her powers. She grabbed his ankle, his body was instantly jolted, and he fell to the ground. Morgan jumped up and ran out of the village and into a nearby forest. She had to keep going because she knew the man would be on her trail soon.

The man came around and said, "I was just going to take you back to the lab, but now I'm going to kill you!" He stood up and was a little dizzy but found the trail of blood and was back in pursuit of Morgan. He followed the trail into the forest. The forest was dark and silent. The snow here was deeper and it was hard to walk in. this would surely slow down the injured mutant. He kept on running until he finally came to her.

"Here you are. Now it's my turn." Morgan was on her knees exhausted. She didn't have the energy for another jolt. The man grabbed a nearby club and hit her in the back. She fell all the way to the ground. She knew that she was not going to get out of this one. She tried to get up but she was hit again on the back. "How do you like it?" He hit her a final time and then pulled out a gun. "It's been nice knowing you." Morgan heard a shot and then felt a sharp pain in her back. The world grew dark and cold. Before long she was out. The man laughed and walked off. His job was finished.

This was yet another late night idea I had. Please let me know if I should continue.