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The Girl is the Key

That evening, Aleera woke before all the others. She was full of energy and ready to go. Aleera almost forgot where she was for a second. She felt somewhat normal. She felt good. She looked over at the still sleeping girl and smiled. Who would have thought a child could make me feel so good. She carefully got out of the bed, not waking the girl. She walked over and looked out off her balcony at the dense Transylvanian forest. The sun would set soon and her master would rise.

She turned and walked over to her fireplace and removed a loose stone. Inside the hole was the journal. She took it out, sat in her chair, and began to read.

November 4,

Today is my birthday, but you would never know it. Days here run together. It is like one long day, a terrible day that will never end. Sometimes I just wish it would. I wish this would all end and my suffering would stop. They came today to my cell and took Elena, my cellmate. I tried to stop them, but it was no use. Once they took her, I knew that that would be the last time I ever saw her.

She struggled as they took her away her last words to me were be brave, one day you will find your way. I could hear her screams in the laboratory. They kept getting louder and louder until they just stopped. I knew then that she was gone, and my time was running thin.

She was the best friend I ever had. She was too a mutant and could move things with her mind. I cried and cried when I heard her pain, but cried even more when her screams stopped. I want to escape this place so I can find my way as she said I would… I will never forget her.

As Aleera finished the entry, a tear ran down her cheek. How horrible it must have been for her, she is only fourteen, and she has been through so much. Aleera turned to look at the child who began to stir. She put the book away and sat on the edge of the bed. "Feeling better?" asked Aleera. Morgan nodded and said, "A little bit." "Good, I'll go get you some food," said Aleera as she got up and walked out.

Meanwhile on the other side of the castle the count awoke. He had it; he knew what he would use the girl for. He laughed to himself aloud as he thought of his plan. Now he just had to get his brides on his side. He knew he would have no problem with Marishka; she would always do as he asked. He also knew that Verona would help because she would always sacrifice a life to get what she truly desired. Now Aleera, she would be more difficult to persuade. He didn't know why she was so attached to that filthy human, but he would soon bring it to an end.

The count left his room and headed for Marishka's room. He walked down the hallway quickly, excited about his plan. They would finally have what they had desired the most. He walked into Marishka's room to find her just getting out of bed. "Do you ever get up on time, Marishka?" said the count. Marishka jumped and said, "Master, you scared me." Marishka stood and embraced the count. "Come, there is something I need to discuss with you and Verona." The count held out his arm and Marishka took it as they headed for Verona's room.

They walked into Verona's room and found her gazing at the stars. She turned as she heard them walk in. She was surprised to have such an early visit from the count. "What's the occasion?" asked Verona. "Have a seat," said the count to his wives, "I have a brilliant plan." "What is it?" asked Marishka anxiously.

"I know how to awaken our children," said the count with an evil smirk. The eyes of his brides lit up instantly. "How my lord?" asked Verona, "We've tried everything and failed each time. Without the monster we cannot awaken them." The count smiled and said, "We have not tried everything…" There was silence before Marishka said, "The girl?" The count nodded, "The girl is the key. Every time we failed before we could not keep the air electrified. This girl however has the ability to manipulate electricity." Verona cut in and said, "If we put her in the machine, she could awaken them." "Exactly," said the count. Verona's smile faded to a frown when she said, "But that would surely kill the child." "Yes my dear Verona, but just think of it. Instead of just one child that isn't even ours, we will have thousands of children that are all ours," said the count sitting between his brides.

"Let's do it," said Marishka without hesitation. The count looked at Verona waiting for her answer. After a moment Verona spoke, "That is a great idea. When do we begin?" Dracula smiled and said, "In a couple days, we must call Igor in to prepare the lab. It will take a while. But soon, our children will live."

"What about Aleera?" asked Marishka, "I do not think she will cooperate." The count nodded and said, "Do not speak of it to her. I will tell her when the time is right. I feel she will just get in the way if she knew." He put his arms around his brides and said, "Soon my brides, our children will rise."

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