Meet the Skywalkers

Author: LVB

Summary: AU. Anakin and his family are meeting up for their weekend away at their Naboo lake retreat. What happens when his 18 year old daughter brings home an unwanted guest?

Disclaimer: Star Wars belongs to George Lucas. No infringement intended.

A/N: Was just reading some fic and this idea popped into my head! I always thought Leia would have been daddy's girl had Anakin not turned and that just got me thinking about what Anakin would have thought of his daughter's choice in men. Especially regarding a certain Corellian smuggler…oh and just to make it easier, I'm using the American spelling of 'mom' instead of using 'mum' like us Aussies do.

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Prologue: The Proud Father

Anakin Skywalker was a proud father. Sure, he had his moments when his children aggravated him to no end, like when Luke had taken his speeder for a joyride when he was thirteen or when Leia "accidentally" broke his customised light saber. But for the general part of his time as a father, his children had astounded him to no end.

They were both the perfect mix of their parents. Luke had the golden hair of his father but shared his mother's calmer nature. Leia on the other hand was a dazzling brunette but was completely outspoken and irrational, much like her father on his worse days. They were good kids. Their lives had certainly been hectic and both he and Padmè often wondered how they ended up so balanced.

After Palpatine was killed, Padmè had quickly been voted the new Supreme Chancellor. Unfortunately, the first year of her job had to be postponed due to the arrival of their two little bundles of joy. Bail Organa had kindly filled in for her while she took her maternity leave.

That wasn't the only disruption in the Skywalker family's lives. For a while Anakin's future as a Jedi had been under scrutiny, with the council torn on the decision of what to do about Anakin's blatant disregard for the Code. In the end, Yoda and Mace had determined that Anakin's abilities and loyalty to the Order had earned him the right to not be expelled. Secretly, he knew Obi-Wan had argued in his favour, ultimately winning over the two highest Jedi Masters.

So Anakin had taken his place on the council yet again. They had officially given him the title of Master but since he had a new role to take, he was limited to a more passive position. He had become one of the most powerful and respected Masters in the Jedi Temple. They only called him out if absolutely necessary.

So Leia and Luke had grown up with a Jedi Master for a father, a Supreme Chancellor for a mother, a Jedi Council full of adopted uncles and two babysitter droids who often got shut down in the first half hour. Leia had become very interested in the political scene, so she spent a lot of her time with her mother in the Senate. Padmè had also organised for her daughter to spend lots of time in the palace at Naboo. At the age of seventeen, she had secured her position in the political system, and was creeping up to the position of Senator.

Luke had taken after his father however. He showed even less interest in the political scene then Anakin had. Something which he was very proud of. From a young age, he had been training to be a Jedi and had spent all the time away from his family at the temple in Coruscant. Obi-Wan had graciously taken Luke as his padawan. For once, Anakin was actually quite glad. His mentor and his son got along famously.

So life had never been dull for the Skywalker family. But Anakin and Padmè both knew their children could be trusted so when the twins turned eighteen, they gave them their blessing to move away from their respective homes on Naboo and on Coruscant. Leia had travelled to Alderaan to spend more time learning about the Senate from her godfather Bail Organa and Luke found permanent residence in the temple. But sure enough, one weekend a month they would meet at their family's lodge by the lake at Varykino.

And so Anakin Skywalker thought his life was content. Until one weekend his daughter bought home a guest.