-Wild Aces-

Gunfire echoed across the valley range surrounding a small fort that was centered in the middle. From the look out posts and watchtowers, shots were aimed down at a cluster of boulders where four figures were currently pinned down.

"Tell me again, why the hell are we out here?" asked a man with dusty blond hair and narrowed blue eyes. "We're not even part of your damn gang."

"What's the matter Keith, not having any fun?" taunted another blond, but of platinum color with harsh lilac eyes and tan skin.

"Dammit Marik, it's not exactly fun having bullets blazing by my ass!" Keith growled, glaring at the other blond who only chuckled.

"It's about to get worse, gentlemen."

"What do you mean?" Keith asked, looking at a man with long silvery hairand amber colored eyes.

"They have a Gatling gun," spoke the last of the figures, this one having brown hair and cold sapphire eyes.


"… Hell!" Marik finished at Keith's vacant expression as he looked at the others around him.

"Shit!" Pegasus yelled ducking his head down as the Gatling gun began firing. "We're stuck here and none of us can get that shot off. We need someone who can shoot," he groaned, huddling closer to the rock as the gunfire banged against the boulder loudly.

Seto and Marik exchanged looks before looking over at the trench where the other two members of their gang was held down. Nodding to one another they smirked.


At the yell a figure emerged from the trench and ran to them, nimbly dodging the rapid gunfire. Leaping to shelter behind the boulder with the others, he tossed a strand of snowy white hair out of his eyes. "You called?"

"Can you take out that Gatling gun?" Marik asked.

"Which one?"

"What!" Everyone asked trying to look over the boulder without getting shot. To their surprise there was no longer one Gatling gun, but two of them, one on each watchtower.

"Where the hell did they get all this weaponry?"

"There was something about a military supply being stolen," Marik answered. "I heard it was some of Silver Mane's gang though."

"Well as for the Gatling issue, I think I can take the left operatorand his crew out, but the right one will be gunning for me then," Bakura sighed, cocking his shotgun.

"What do you need then?"

Hearing the voice, all five of them turned to see the last member of their group crouching in the boulder's safety from the continuing gunfire.

"Yami? How did you-?"

"I can take out the left Gatling, but I can't get a shot off with that right one aimed right at me. I need something to distract them." Bakura interrupted with a hiss at hearing the round of bullets banging loudly behind him.

"So you need a diversion, why didn't you say so?" Yami smiled, his crimson eyes shadowed by his black hat, gleamed mischievously as he quickly darted back toward the trench.

"Was he smiling?" Marik asked looking at the others.

Keith nodded. "Looked that way."

"Is that a bad thing?" Pegasus asked, not sure what it mattered.

"It's never a good thing," Seto sighed running a hand through his brown locks.

"Oh, but ain't he just the feisty little prick," Bakura chuckled, getting ready to take out the left Gatling crew.

Separate shots of gunfire caught the other four's attention as they turned to see Yami on his horse galloping straight toward them with both of his pistols drawn, firing away at the other shooters along the front of the fort entrance as well as the lookout posts.

"Cocky, over confident, son of a bitch," Seto muttered, ducking as Yami's horse jumped over their shelter, while continuing to shoot at the others.

"Now Bakura!" Yami yelled, continuing to fire, his legs tightening their grip on the horse as he used both hands to fire his pistols at the other shooters, causing both Gatling crews to aim toward him.

"Damn crazy show off…" mumbled Bakura as he lined his aim up before shooting the left Gatling operator head on, then killing off the rest of his crew before they could continue firing the gun. Pulling his gun back down and reloading it quickly, he cocked it once again before effectively killing off the right Gatling crew as well.

"Hell yeah!" Marik whooped, smacking Bakura on the back.

"Don't go celebrating yet, Marik. We still have to get Mokuba out of there," Bakura growled looking at the blond before hearing more gunfire, but this time coming from inside the fort. "Dammit, Yami's already inside."

"That idiot, is he trying to kill himself?" Marik shook his head, before letting out a whistle as five horses emerged from the trench and galloped toward them.

As each horse galloped by, their respected owner's managed to grip the horns of their saddles and pulled themselves up onto their mounts to ride into the fort to instantlybe rained down on by even more gunfire.

"Glad you guys could join me," Yami smirked shooting a rifleman that was aiming at one of his friends.

Growling at the other, Bakura took out a pistol and shot another gunman that had his sites on Yami. "If you weren't such a damn show-off... God have mercy on your soul if I see you smile one more time!"

Amongst all the commotion no one was able to notice that not one of the gunmen took aim at either Pegasus or Keith. Those two continued to ride around their horse while firing shots off at random, not aiming at anything but to give the impression that they were helping out.

With the others occupying the gunmen, Seto nudged his horse to go deeper into the fort; he was in search of his little brother and would kill whatever tried to stop him. Keeping a pistol at ready he pulled the white horse to stop at a cell. "Mokuba?"

"Big brother!" shouted a small kid with shaggy black hair and blue eyes.

Rushing to the cell and shooting off the lock and opening the door, he quickly pulled his little brother into his arms. "Are you alright? Did they hurt you in any way?"

"No, Seto. I'm fine, really." Mokuba smiled, hugging his brother tightly as he was soon lifted up into his brother's arms before being placed on his brother's horse.

"I was worried about you," Seto sighed, getting on the horse behind his brother before nudging the horse once again, causing it to gallop out of the room. Entering into the main corridor, he was surprised to no longer hear the sound of gunfire. Looking at the others, he noticed Marik eyeing one of the Gatling guns, Bakura holstering his pistol, whileKeith and Pegasuswere still on their horse unscathed. "Where's Yami?"

Hearing the inquiry as to where their insane leader was, Bakura pointed up at the catwalk, where Yami, still on horseback was standing.

Looking up at the other, Seto shook his head and smirked while ushering his horse toward Bakura's. "After all that and he still managed to keep his hat on, while the rest of us lost ours as soon as they started shooting at us."

"It's that hair of his, it keeps that hat in place," Bakura chuckled before looking at the young one in front of Seto. "Glad to see you're alright there, half-pint."

Mokuba stuck his tongue out at the white haired outlaw before looking over at Yami to notice that he was coming down the narrow steps, his horse leaping over the last few. "Y'all were great, it'll teach that mean ol' Silver Mane to mess with Wild Aces!"

"Oh yes, the young one does have a point. I'm sure that this Silver Mane will definitely think twice before messing with you again," Pegasus smirked, his amber eyes boring into Yami's shadowed crimson.

Shaking off the glare, Yami turned to see Marik stuffing sticks of dynamite gently in his saddlebags. "Let's get back," he smiled before ushering his horse to go. Passing by Pegasus, he suppressed the urge to glare back. There was something about him that hedidn't trust... wellfrankly, he didn't trust either one of them.

"I agree, let's go back and get something to eat." Marik smiled looking at the others, finally mounted back up on his horse.

"Finally, you come up with a good suggestion," Bakura smirked, earning a glare from Marik before turning his horseto trail after Yami.

Nodding, Seto nudged his horse's sides, causing the horse to canter off after Bakura, while Marik fell in behind him leavingPegasus and Keith to bringup the rear. It was a good thing that the fort was only about a half a days ride away from the homestead that they were all currently housed at.

Yami yawned lightly as he leaned back against the porch banister while sittingon the railing with one of his legs bent upletting the otherhang leisurelyto the side. His black hat was dipped down further into his face, covering his eyes, allowing his chiseled tan chin to be seen as well as the tips of his golden bangs.

"What's bothering you?"

Hearing the familiar voice, Yami shook his head lightly. "I don't trust them, Bakura," he said softly, not wanting anyone else to hear the conversation.

"Oh and why's that?" Bakura asked, leaning against another banister while crossing his arms. "They seem alright to me."

"I don't know, gut feeling I guess, but I'm goin' to be keeping my eyes on them," Yami sighed, idly retrieving his left pistol and spinning it around his fingers skillfully.

"Alright, but you better come on in, there's some food waiting on ya," Bakura smiled, turning and walking back in the house.

Pushing his hat back up in its proper position, Yami sighed as he looked into the house to see everyone except Pegasus and Keith sitting around the table. Those two were going to irk his senses all day if he didn't figure out their story soon. Shaking his head, he spun the pistol around his finger one last time before holstering it back in place and going into the house to join the others.

Hours later, he was back out on the porch in the same position he was in earlier. His eyes scanning the outward plains from the corner of their vision.

"Um, Yami, can we have a word?"

Biting back a growl, Yami pushed his hat back so that his crimson eyes were locked onto that of amber. Nodding as politely as he could to the man, he turned so that he was only sitting on the railing instead of leaning against the banister. "What is it?"

"Keith and I think that we might know where this Silver Mane character is."

"Really, and what makes you say that?"

"Well back at the fort while the rest of youwere busy shooting away,we managed to find a room full of his plans. He is apparently stationed at a secluded area near the fort and was planning on robbing a bank in Vander Town."

Cocking a defined eyebrow curiously, Yami decided to go along with it, he might as well give them the benefit of the doubt in a sense, since they were new to these parts, or at least that is what they had told him. "Really?"

Nodding, Pegasus smiled. "Yeah, and besides it would explain how he was able to kidnap little Mokuba, since he was so close, and then that would also explain why he left all his men at the fort and remained where it was safe."

"Good point," Yami nodded. "How about this, you, Keith and I will go and check it out. The others can stay here and catch up on some rest. I think they have had enough excitement for one day."

"Excellent idea."

Offering them a smile, Yami jumped from the railing and headed down the steps with the others in tow, as the three of them headed toward the stables.

Saddled up, the three of them headed out to the area where Pegasus had claimed that Silver Mane was hiding out. Yami mentally was having regrets that he should be out here, his gut feeling was giving him a migraine, but he pushed it aside as they soon arrived at the bluff that looked down a secluded area where a small lake sat surrounded by trees and sticking out in the middle of everything was a large building where a few men could be seen coming in and out of it.

"This is it."

"Good job," Yami complimented before dismounting his horse, the others following suit as they all walked closer to the edge of the bluff. "I wonder what he wants in Vander Town."

"I hear that Vanderis the leading town ofcattleranchers as well as having their owntrain depot, making them a very wealthy town."

Looking at the silver haired man, Yami was a bit puzzled at the information. How did these two know so much, when they had claimed that they had only been in these parts for two days and had been robbed by a gang, or that was what they had told Yami when he and his gang had come across them?

"How do you know all this?"

"Simple, my dear Yami-boy," Pegasus taunted glaring at the red eyed outlaw. "I think it's a wise choice to look into the towns I plan on robbing."

"What?" Yami asked,his eyes quickly darting tothe side at the sound of gun clicking, to see the barrel of Keith's pistol aimed right at his head. "What the hell?"

Before he could ask another question, a punch to his face caused him to stumble back lightly.

"I owe you some pay back, Yami-boy." Pegasus glared, shaking his hand lightly to relieve it of the stinging sensation.

Spitting out the taste of blood fromhis mouth, Yami turned to glare at Pegasus harshly. He was mentally berating himself for being such a fool and not wanting to bring along the others. His hands trembled lightly as they brushed across the handle of his guns.

"Ah-ah-ah, Yami-boy," Pegasus taunted, waving his finger in front of the other's face. Seeing the glare he was receiving, he smirked. "You are the reckless one, and your recklessness is going to be the death of you." Seeing the utter confusion, he sighed. "You were the one that killed my younger brother! You shot him when he tried to stop you from robbing a stagecoach heading to Hyperion City."

Hearing the accession, Yami quickly tried to think of all the stagecoach robberies that he and his gang had pulled, to suddenly haverealization slapping him in the face, causing him to growl at his stupidity at not realizing the uncanny resemblance. "You're Silver Mane, aren't you?"

"Ah, aren't we the clever one?" Pegasus smirked, wanting to hit the other again, but restrained himself as he turned to look back at his gang down below. "You see, as payback I plan on taking you as well as your precious gang to your graves. You first of course though."

Growling at the other, Yami made a lunge at Pegasus completely forgetting aboutKeith holding a gun to him. The gun had gone off and tore through Yami's body right under his collarbone. Hissing at the pain, he still felt some satisfaction in noting that he had punched Pegasus, but the momentum from his swing caused him to topple over as well.

"Bastard, he moved too fast," Keith growledbefore bringing the handle of his gun across Yami's temple hard, knocking him out. Offering a hand to the other and helping him to his feet, he looked back down at the bleeding figure. "What do we do with him?"

"Leave him here, let's go back… and then go ahead… and rob Vander," Pegasus wheezed rubbing his stomach from the stinging blow.

Agreeing with the other, Keith climbed onto his horse and waited as Pegasus did the same. "What do we tell the others?"

"That Yami-boy merely went scouting and to go ahead and do the job without him. They are only outlaws after all." Pegasus smirked, nudging his horse in the sides, as the horse took off at steady gallop, followed by Keith's horse.

Arriving back to the house at night fall, Keith and Pegasus snuck back in the house and slept the rest of the night.

"Where's Yami? I've looked everywhere for him, his bunk looked untouched and Phantom is gone as well," Bakura sighed, running a hand through his snowy locks while looking at the others.

"We seen him last night, and he said that he was going to go back to the fort and look for some clues as to where Silver Mane disappeared. He did mention something about going ahead and robbing a town east of here, called Vander." Pegasus offered, leaning in his chair casually.

"Vander, he didn't mention anything about doing a heist in Vander," Marik looked at the others curiously. "Did he?"

"Not that I know of, andhe usually tells us everything," Seto shrugged while cleaning one of his pistols carefully.

"He was only mentioning it last night; he said that we could go ahead and that he would catch up with us later." Keith smiled, eyeing Pegasus, who nodded.

"Are you sure?" Bakura asked skeptically. None of this sounded like Yami, and out of the rest of the gang he felt that he knew Yami better than anyone.

"Positive, he said that you all could manage without him. I agree with him, since you are the Wild Aces, one of the most prosperous gangs around." Pegasus praised.

"Peggy there has a point," Marik chuckled, seeing the glare tossed at him from the silver haired man. "Besides, Yami said he'd meet up with us later, what could be the harm in doing a little heist?"

Reluctantly agreeing with the crazy blond, Bakura sighed before turning and walking toward the door. Coming to a stop at the doorway, he looked over his shoulder to see Mokuba get ready to beg Seto if he could go. "Don't even think of it, half-pint. You have to stay here!"

"I wasn't even going to ask you!" Mokuba pouted, sticking his tongue out before crossing his arms.

"I answered for your brother, since I know how much of apansy he is when it comes to those 'puppy dog' eyes." Bakura smirked walking out the door.

"I am not a pansy!" Seto snapped before looking back at Mokuba. "You stay here!" Issuing the order, he turned and picked up all his things before heading out the door with Marik, Pegasus and Keith following him.

"Damn, I never have any fun!"

"And don't SWEAR!"