-Wild Aces-

With Yugi resting at the local inn and Ryou tending to his wounds along with Malik, Jou, and Seto keeping an eye on things, Yami took the time to tend to his horse. Tying the reins to a post in the town stables, he gently ran his hand over the bleeding wound and winced as he felt the horse shudder under his touch.

"Damn horse must have nine lives," Marik mused, leaning against one of the stall walls while patting his own horse on the muzzle. "That or Peggy's aim was worse than his looks."

"Nothing was worse than his looks," Bakura chuckled, getting ready to take a swig of the whiskey that Yami had brought, to only have it jerked out of his grasp. "Hey!"

"It's not for drinking!" Yami snapped, setting the bottle on the ground as he kneeled back down to get a better look at the graze wound.

"What else is whiskey for?" Bakura glared, casting a curious glance over to Marik who only shrugged.

"It can also be used to clean a wound," Yami sighed, rolling his eyes. "You two wouldn't know that though, since you can't get past the drinking part."

Marik and Bakura both pouted at the remark before glaring at the other outlaw. Watching the other take off his bandanna and pour the whiskey over it, they both gave a mental whimper at the loss of their favorite drink.

"Good waste of whiskey," Bakura muttered before hearing a snort and turning to get a slap in the face by Phantom's tail. Spluttering, he growled and looked over at Yami in hopes that the other would scold the stallion, but at hearing a bark of laughter, he whirled around to pin Marik with a glare.

"Shut up!" he growled, glaring at the other to only be ignored as Marik continued to laugh at him, and to make matters worse Marik's horse started to whinny in an almost laughing manner as well. "Yami, make them stop!"

"You deserved that," Yami countered, smirking at the other outlaw while ignoring the glare thrown back at him. Shaking his head, he turned back to the task at hand and gently placed the whiskey soaked bandanna against the wound to almost fall back as Phantom stomped his left hoof.

"Easy boy," he soothed, using his free hand to stroke the stallion's broad neck. He winced lightly as he thought about the burning sensation that the liquor was causing the horse to feel, causing the stallion's body to twitch lightly.

"If I'd done something like that to Renegade, he'd kicked me clear outta the barn," Marik muttered, earning an agreeing whinny from the said horse. Glaring at the palomino, he pouted lightly as the horse snorted before leaning over the stall door to pull his hat over his eyes.

Chuckling lightly, Bakura leaned against the stall keeping his own horse while crossing his arms. "At least Silver Mane is out of our hair now," he smirked before letting it slip into a light frown. "However, we may still have a problem if Keith is out there."

"He's already been dealt with," Yami stated, not facing the others, keeping his gaze locked on the wound before him.

"What do ya mean?" Marik asked, pushing his hat up out of his eyes while watching the shorter outlaw tend to the injured stallion. "We didn't see him anywhere, what did you do… throw him off the train?"

Glancing over at his companions, Yami smirked lightly. "In a way, he threw me off the train and I took him with me," he sighed, turning away to wince as he felt a twinge in his side.

Chortling, Bakura couldn't help but find the mental thought of Yami getting being thrown off a train and taking Keith with him to be amusing. "I'd paid good money to have seen that," he smirked, choosing to ignore the glare Yami was giving him.

"So what happened?" Marik asked. "Did you take him out the same way you take out everyone else?" he mused, using a finger to tap the spot right between his eyes, causing him to go cross-eyed a bit before looking back to find Yami shaking his head.

"He would've killed me," Yami sighed, getting to his feet while patting Phantom's head.

It was a shock for the other two outlaws as they heard the other speak. Ever since they had known each other, they knew that Yami had been able to hold his own and was a talented fighter as well as being a dead shot with his pistols.

"Keith had me on the ropes with a gun aimed right me, and he would've shot me dead on if it hadn't been for Phantom plowing into him," Yami continued, smirking as Phantom neighed in response. "He stomped the hell out of him."

Bakura and Marik both flinched and gulped as they looked down at the black hooves of the horse. Just the thought of those hooves biting down into their skin and crushing their bones caused them to wince.

"Remind me never to piss off your horse again," Marik winced, nervously rubbing his right arm.

"Hmm, I would have paid to have seen that too," Bakura chuckled, looking over at the confused stares he was getting. "What? You can't tell me you wouldn't have wanted to see Keith getting trampled to death!"

"Trampled to death… that sounds awful…"

Hearing the gentle voice everyone turned to find Ryou entering the barn with a small box full of bandages and ointments.

"Ryou, what are you doing here?" Bakura asked patting Bandit as the horse nudged his arm before neighing a greeting at the friendly white haired doctor in training.

Stepping up to the others, Ryou smiled lightly. "Well I came to actually check up on Yami, since he didn't give me a chance to check over his wounds or anything," he sighed, doe brown eyes looking over at the red eyed outlaw.

Glancing down at his sliced opened hand, Yami sighed lightly. "I'm fine, really. The most damage being a mild graze to the cheek, a slice in the palm and possible bruised ribs…"

"Maybe so, but still yet, the slice and the graze could get infected," Ryou pointed out, pulling out the ointment and spreading a bit of it on a bandage strip.

Noticing the glare he was receiving from Bakura, Yami let out a groan before hissing as Ryou gently tapped his cheek with the coated bandage.

"Sorry, I guess I should've mentioned that it stings," Ryou chuckled, ripping the cloth to leave a piece over the graze on Yami's cheek. "Now give me your hand."

Rolling his eyes, Yami gave the other his hand and bit back a painful yelp from the sensation of the stinging ointment.

"If that was any deeper, I'd have to sew it up," Ryou cringed, not liking the painful expression on Yami's face.

Glaring down at his now bandaged hand, Yami shook his head before chuckling as Phantom nuzzled his shoulder. Patting the horse with his good hand, he turned to his little one's friend. "So how's Yugi?" he asked softly, continuing to stroke his horse's mane idly.

"Actually, he's the reason I came in here," Ryou smiled, looking at the others to notice concern creep into crimson. "Nothing's wrong with him," he continued, waving his arms to show that everything was fine. "It's just he was asking for you."

"He's awake?" Yami asked, seeing the other nod, he smiled brightly.

"And he wants to see you," Ryou chuckled, watching as Yami quickly put away Phantom before all but running out of the stable before coming to a dead stop at the end of the barn. "Yami?" he asked, not knowing what was going on as he rushed over to the outlaw to see the posse they had encountered standing there with all their guns aimed down at Yami.

Hearing the gasp coming from Ryou, Bakura looked over to Marik before running to his love to notice Yami standing stalk still in front of a mob. "Shit," he mumbled, looking over at Marik to find that he too was shocked at the sight.

"I guess running would be out of the question," Marik mumbled, watching the posse closer. He could see some riders doubled up with each other, the rider on the back leaning against the other rider since they were barely conscious.

Looking down the barrel of the rifle right in his face, Yami glared lightly before reaching up and brushing the gun away with his hand causing all those around him to cock their weapons.

"Hold it right there!" the lead rider snapped, popping his rifle back into place. "I don't know who the hell you think you are, but I noticed you on that train back there, as well those three behind ya attacking us!"

"I was on the train, but I wasn't part of Silver Mane's gang," Yami stated, placing his hands on his hips to feel the holstered guns hidden underneath his duster.

"How do we know ya ain't lying to save ya sorry hide?"

Looking up at the bearded sheriff, Yami shook his head. "You should've looked closer and you'd found him somewhere in the tracks with a nice bullet between the eyes," he countered, glaring at the rest of the mob since they continued to keep their rifles aimed at him.

"Then why did they attack us?" another rider asked, motioning the barrel of his rifle toward Bakura, Marik and Ryou.

"To keep y'all busy while I tried to rescue someone very important to me," Yami replied, turning to glance back at his friends. "That's why I was on that train. I was there to take care of not only Silver Mane, but to save my little one as well."

"He's telling the truth," Ryou stated, eyeing the posse carefully. "My friend had been taken by Silver Mane and his gang. Yami was only doing what he had to do."

"He should've left the proper authorities deal with it," another rider growled, puffing out his chest lightly so that the silver star shaped badge flickered in the sunlight.

"Hmph, all the proper authorities I've seen couldn't find water in a well," Bakura muttered, causing Marik to chuckle lightly.

"Now if you'd please put those rifles away and step aside, my little one wants to see me," Yami growled, glaring at the posse as they looked at him with unreadable expressions.

"We're not finished talking to you."

"Too bad, because I'm finished talking to you," Yami bit back, glaring as he side stepped around the posse to head toward the inn where Yugi was waiting for him. Taking a few steps, he came to a brief stop as a bullet hit the ground only inches away from his foot.

Looking over his shoulder at the one that had taken the shot, he smirked lightly before turning and walking away. "You missed."

Bakura and Marik both shook their head at their companion's actions. Sometimes Yami was even crazier than they were… which was very scary once you really thought about it. Taking a deep breath the two of them turned back to the posse to find some of them confused and shocked at Yami's attitude.

"I guess that leaves the three of you to answer our questions," the sheriff sighed, looking back at the others.

"I'll answer anything you need to know, sheriff. I've been traveling with them for a while now and I'm a doctor's apprentice from Vander," Ryou offered, offering the posse a gentle smile before looking over his shoulder at Bakura and Marik. "Maybe you two should head to the inn and rest up as well."

"Be careful," Bakura whispered, waiting for Marik to start walking away before leaning over to give Ryou a gentle kiss on the cheek before running off after his companion.

Sighing in content at the kiss, Ryou looked back at the posse, "So what can I help you with?"

"Yami, you're all right!" Yugi yelled, amethyst eyes gleaming in happiness as they looked up into relieved and happy crimson eyes.

Closing the distance between them in an instant, Yami sat down on the bed and pulled Yugi into his arms for a gentle, yet firm embrace. "I'm fine, little one, and I'm glad that you are awake… so how do you feel?"

Snuggling up to his outlaw lover, Yugi breathed in Yami's spicy scent before letting out a content sigh. "Arm's a bit sore, but I'm feeling a lot better since you're here," he whispered, smiling before his mind went back to the incident on the train concerning his lover's faithful horse. "Yami… I'm really sorry about… about what happened to Phantom."

"Shh… don't even worry about it, Yugi," Yami smiled, caressing his little one's back. "Phantom is just fine, the bullet only grazed him."

Hearing the news, Yugi smiled brightly before cuddling into Yami's embrace. "That's great! I'm glad he's alive."

"I'm telling ya right now, if they hurt Ryou in anyway there will be some serious Hell to pay!"

"I know Powder, I know. Would ya give it a rest though? I mean ya know they ain't going to shoot Ryou… he's too well… well he's too innocent looking. However, if you'd stayed back there I'm sure you'd be dead already…"

Hearing the voices as well as the door opening, everyone turned to find Bakura glaring at Marik.

"What are you two talking about, who'd hurt Ryou?" Joey asked, looking over at the other two outlaws curiously.

"Didn't Yami tell ya?" Marik asked, looking over at Yami to watch him shake his head. "Oh well we had a run in with the same posse that was after Silver Mane."

Yugi winced lightly as his bandaged arm brushed against Yami. "The posse is here… are they after you guys… Yami… they're not going to take you away from me are they?" he panicked, looking up into crimson eyes.

Shaking his head, Yami caressed Yugi's cheek lovingly before leaning down and giving the other a soft kiss to calm his nerves. "Relax, I'm not going anywhere," he promised, using his other hand to run through Yugi's silky hair.

Frowning, Seto crossed his arms. "Well this is a fine mess we're in," he grumbled, looking up to notice the other's looking back at him. "Think about it. No matter what Ryou tells the posse, they are going to learn about us being outlaws… so either way we're in trouble."

Tightening his hold on Yami's shirt with his good arm, Yugi buried his face in the crook of the outlaw's neck. He didn't want Yami to be taken away, especially since Silver Mane was out of the way and they could do what Yami had promised him.

"Joey… isn't there something you can do? Since you're a deputy and all?" Malik asked, looking over at the other blond.

"Eh… well… um… I really don't know," Joey muttered out. "After all this I'll be lucky if the sheriff back home doesn't string me up by my boots," he sighed, mentally cringing at the thought of facing the elder authority.

Hearing the door opening, everyone turned to find Ryou entering the room. Seeing that he was being watched, he ran a hand through his hair. "Well I have some good news… and some bad news."

"How about telling us the bad news first," Yami sighed while continuing to embrace and comfort his little one the best he could.

Sighing, Ryou took a seat beside the small table in the room. "Well the bad news is that they will have to take ya in… since you are outlaws and wanted," he sighed, looking over to see Yugi tighten his grip on Yami and let out an almost inaudible whimper.

Crossing his arms, Bakura growled lightly while leaning up against the wall. "Well that's just great," he grumbled. "Probably saved a lot of lives in taking out that bastard and yet we're still getting arrested."

"Ya should know by now Powder that the authorities around here wouldn't know a good thing if it bit them in the ass," Marik chimed in. "I mean we never killed anyone unless they opened fire on us first…"

"A few members of the mob especially wanted to get a hold of you Marik. They really didn't appreciate having dynamite thrown at them," Ryou grinned, looking back at Marik who merely shrugged.

"I learned it all from Yami," Marik chuckled before letting out a yelp as Yami stomped his foot. "Ow, what the hell was that for!"

Shooting a glare at the blond, Yami continued to try and soothe Yugi's nerves as he felt the other's grip tighten on his shirt.

"What? I only told the truth! I mean I know I'm the one with the small dynamite obsession…"

"Small?" Bakura asked, arching an eyebrow while crossing his arms.

"… but I'm not the one that started the whole 'throw-the-dynamite-at-people' thing!" Marik grumbled, shooting a glare at Bakura for interrupting with a jab before looking back at Yami to find the other's glare even harsher.

Curiosity getting the better of him, Yugi blinked as he looked over at Marik to notice the other actually cringe lightly. Looking up, he could see why as he noticed the deadly gleam in those dangerous, yet alluring crimson eyes. Did something happen while he was away? Or was Silver Mane actually being a bit truthful about Yami's temper… shaking his head, Yugi lifted his head away from Yami's shoulder.

"What is he talking about, Yami?" he asked, watching the dangerous gleam fade as crimson eyes softened to look back at him.

"Yami going into a 'mess-with-me-and-die' mode," Marik put in before letting out another yelp as Bakura stomped his other foot. "Dammit, Powder! What the hell was that for!"

"You two quit picking on him," Malik chimed in, walking over to Marik who smiled before letting out another yelp as Malik whacked him in the back of the head.

"Dammit, not you too!" Marik growled, glaring at the other while rubbing his head.

"If you'd keep that trap of yours shut, then I wouldn't have smacked ya" Malik huffed, looking at the outlaw before grabbing the other by the collar of his duster and dragging him over to the other side of the room.

"Yami…?" Yugi asked again, looking up into those crimson eyes to watch as Yami dropped his gaze in shame.

"I just wanted you back so bad… that I didn't think about what I was doing," Yami sighed sadly while tightening his grip around Yugi in case the other tried to pull away from him. "I was so worried about you and everything… I lost my temper."

'So Pegasus was right… Yami does have a nasty temper… but he did it because he was worried about me…' Yugi mused, smiling warmly as he tightened his grip around Yami's waist before nuzzling his face against the other's chest. "It's all right, Yami… I understand… but what exactly did you do?"

Letting out a breath in relief, Yami buried his head in Yugi's wild tresses before mentally flinching at the other's question. Swallowing the sudden lump in his throat, he tried to think of how to explain all that had happened. "Well… um ya see…"

"Let's just put it this way, Yugi," Bakura butted in while crossing his arms over the back of a chair that Ryou was sitting in. "Yami was determined to get you back, even if he had to throw dynamite, threaten with rattlers, or put a bullet between someone's eyes…"

"Or let his crazy stallion stomp someone to death," Marik chimed in before dodging another blow to the back of the head by Malik. "Hah! Missed," he grinned before letting out another yelp as Seto whacked him in the back of the head. "Dammit!"

"Thanks, Seto," Malik beamed.

"No problem," Seto smirked, looking back at Marik to notice the glare he was getting.

Hearing all that Yami had done, Yugi mentally shuddered but on the outside he tightened his grip around Yami. Hearing muffled apologizes from the outlaw, he chuckled lightly at finding that in his heart he could forgive Yami and move on. "Don't worry, Yami, I'm not mad at you… just don't do it anymore, all right?"

"As long as you're safe, I'll be able to keep that promise," Yami smiled, pulling back enough before leaning down and claiming Yugi's lips with his own in a gentle, yet passionate kiss.

Rolling his eyes at the couple, Bakura looked back down at Ryou. "Ok, so ya told us the bad news… so dare I ask what the good news is?" he grumbled, eyeing the other curiously as he noticed Ryou blush and give a sheepish grin.

"…Um… well about that…" Ryou squirmed, trying to get comfortable in the chair while feeling Bakura watching him sharply. "Ya see the good news was sort of just for me, Malik and Yugi. They said we were just in the wrong place at the wrong time and were too innocent to know who we were dealing with…"


Almost falling out of the chair from Bakura's outburst, Ryou yelped lightly. "Well I tried to tell them different, but they wouldn't listen…"

"Why those no good sons of bitches…" Bakura rambled off, ignoring the looks the others were giving him as he started toward the door to only have Seto grab him by the back of his duster, pulling him to a stop. "Lemme go I got a posse to deal with!"

"Quit being like Marik and think for once…"

"Hey!" Marik growled, glaring at Seto to only be ignored by the brunet.

"… That posse is probably just waiting for us to get riled up enough so that they can actually pin something very bad on us. If we were to attack them, then they could definitely throw us all in jail and trialed for killing a lawman," Seto sighed, letting go of Bakura as the other snorted but nodded in response.

"Oh yeah, I do have some good news for the rest of you as well," Ryou chimed back in, causing all eyes to look back at him. "Now don't hit the roof or anything, but you all will be trialed…"

"And you expect us to not go through the damn roof!"

Ignoring Bakura's outburst, Ryou shook his head. "The trial however will be held in Vander, because that is where the Judge is currently visiting."

"And this is all good news… because…?" Marik ventured, looking back at Ryou curiously.

"Because Malik, Yugi, Joey and I know the Judge," Ryou smiled, looking back over at his mentioned friends to see them smile.

Yugi grinned warmly as he looked over at Ryou before turning to look up at Yami. "It's Judge Hopkins, and he's very close friends with my Grandpa!"

"Not bad, you all are pretty lucky for Judge Hopkins to be the one to trial y'all," Joey smiled. "You may get out of having to go to jail, especially if Yugi and Ryou can sweet talk him for ya…"

"And what makes ya think I can't sweet talk him?" Malik pouted, eyeing Joey with a slight glare.

"Eh, well… Malik, hate to break it to ya… but you tend to be a bit on the bossy and crazy side," Joey replied.

"No wonder him and Marik were made for each other, both of them are crazy… it's just Malik would be the one to think up all the plans, since we all know that Dynamite over there only has tumbleweeds for brains," Bakura chortled, earning a glare from the pair of violet eyed blonds.

Rolling his eyes, Yami looked back over at Ryou while running his finger's through Yugi's hair. "So when are they wanting to head back to Vander?" he asked, causing the others to stop their glaring match and look over at them.

"Apparently they want to leave out in the morning. They have a few men to attend to at the infirmary here," Ryou replied, getting comfortable in his seat once again. "Um not that it really matters, but they also told me to tell you not to run off."

Each of the Aces rolled their eyes at the last remark.

"Ever get the feeling that you're being watched?" Marik griped, eyeing one of the deputies that were across from him.

"Just ignore them," Malik offered, keeping his horse next to Marik's while tossing the deputy an annoyed glare.

Marik snorted while looking down at his bound hands that were tied against the horn of his saddle while another deputy riding in front of him was holding the reins to his horse, pulling him behind. Looking over at Malik, he sighed lightly. "I don't think this was really necessary."

"I guess they wanted to make sure that you wouldn't throw anymore dynamite at them," Joey offered with a slight smirk.

"Don't start," Marik grumbled, shooting a glare at the blond deputy.

Siding up to the others, Ryou sighed. "I didn't think they would actually do this to y'all," he said, looking at Marik before glancing over to Bakura who looked ready to kill the deputy that was leading in front of him.

"It's not your fault," Seto countered, as he was pulled up to the others since the deputy leading his horse rode up closer to some of the other riders. "This is just a precaution… although I do think they went a bit extreme."

Understanding what the brunet was talking about, all heads turned to look in the center where Phantom was walking. The horse's reins being held by the sheriff while a canvas had been secured around its muzzle since it had bit a few of the deputies that tried to get around him. On his back sat Yami, who was currently in a position similar to Bakura, glaring a hole through the back of the sheriff's head.

It had not been a good morning. When the Aces had been tied up, they had made a few complaints but they soon yielded to the request. Then when the deputies had went to get the horses… well that had been a fiasco from the start. Two of the deputies were kicked out of the barn, one was bitten and another one was kicked through a stall.

It had taken an hour to get the horses saddled up, all the horses had eventually behaved- all except Phantom- who had reared up and bit another one of the leading sheriffs. That led to him being muzzled with a canvas sack. Nothing much more happened after that… until it came to when everyone was getting mounted on their horses and sheriff took Yugi away from Yami.

If the other Aces hadn't stepped in… well they would be short a lawman and Yami would probably have been shot on the spot. Either way, the red eyed outlaw was still pissed and looked on the verge of killing the sheriff in front of him, who now had his arms around Yugi since the little one was seated in front of him.

"I think I'm going to ride on up and check on Yugi," Joey smiled lightly while getting a nod from the others before giving his bay horse a firm nudge to the sides, getting the horse to canter lightly up to the leading sheriff.

Reaching the sheriff, Joey nodded to the older man before clearing his throat. "Hey buddy, how ya feeling?"

Amethyst eyes slowly turned to look at the blond sadly as Yugi sighed. "My arm hurts… and I wish I was riding with Yami," he said softly, fingering the bandage around his injured arm.

"I know buddy, and I bet Yami would rather have ya riding with him as well… as for the arm… well don't think about and maybe the pain will go away," Joey offered before looking down into narrowed, unbelieving amethyst eyes.

"It's a bullet wound Joey, not a scratch," Yugi grumbled back, wincing as his finger brushed up against the wound.

"Don't worry, all y'all will be back home in another hour or two and then you can get checked up with the doctor there again while we take these outlaws to the courthouse," the sheriff rasped out, keeping his eyes on the trail a head of him.

"No, I want to go the courthouse as well!" Yugi snapped, turning to look over his shoulder and up at the older lawman.

The sheriff snorted while rolling his eyes.

Looking back over at his companion, Yugi sighed lightly. "Tell Yami that I wish I was back there with him," he smiled lightly as Joey nodded with a warm smile on his face.

"Sure thing buddy," he chuckled before pulling back on the reins a bit so his horse slowed down enough to keep up to the outlaw behind them.

"Thanks," Yugi whispered before loosing sight of his companion and looking ahead with determined amethyst eyes. He only hoped that Judge Hopkins would listen to him.

Hanging back to ride along side Yami, Joey sighed lightly. "Ya know, if ya keep glaring like that you're going to end up scaring the hell out of folks," he jibbed, trying to get the outlaw to loosen up.

A narrowed crimson eye veered off to look at Joey from the corner before turning to glare back at the sheriff before them. "Would you prefer me to smile as well?"

Blinking at the question, Joey looked the other over curiously. "… Well yeah, I mean smiling would be a good thing…"

"No! Don't tell him that!" Bakura yelled, glaring at the blond before looking over at Yami. "Don't you dare smile! You'll get us all killed with one of your crazy stunts!"

"How the hell is him smiling going to hurt us?" Joey asked, looking back at Bakura curiously.

"Ya never seen him smile before at a time like this," Marik offered, getting a confused look from Malik as well as Joey.

"Trust us, it's never a good thing," Seto offered, shaking his head.

"I'm lost," Ryou mumbled, shrugging lightly as he looked over at his friends.

"He's smiled before and nothing happened… so what would be the difference?" Malik asked, looking at the others.

"Let's put it this way, darlin', Yami was happy those times and so smiling was a good thing," Marik sighed. "But now that we're in a tight spot and Yami is in a pissy mood… well ya don't want him to smile because then he'll do something crazy."

"Oh c'mon, how bad can he be? He's not the one that sleeps with dynamite or shoots out other people's windows," Malik countered.

"Don't bring that up again and leave my dynamite out of this! It never did anything to you!" Marik growled, glaring at Malik lightly.

Rolling his eyes at the blond duo, Seto shook his head. "I don't care if Yami smiles, just as long as he doesn't do something stupid!" he yelled, narrowing his eyes up at the outlaw being guided behind the sheriff.

Amused narrowed crimson eyes glanced over their shoulder to look back at the blue eyed brunet. "What's the matter, Seto? Don't you trust me?" Yami asked, smirking slightly before turning back to glare at the sheriff once again.

Watching the small exchange, Joey could feel the hairs on his neck stand on edge. When Yami was with Yugi, he was nice… but when he was pissed… well now he had to agree with Bakura, Marik and Seto, Yami when pissed was very scary.

"Let's get a move on!" The sheriff yelled, nudging his horse, causing the older chestnut stallion to lurch forward into a gallop.

At the sheriff's command all the other horses galloped after the leading horse. It wouldn't take long before they reached Vander and for the Aces that could be a good or bad thing, deciding on how the Judge would hold their trial.

"Are you sure about this Yugi?" Ryou asked, looking down at his shorter companion as they walked into the inn that the Judge was currently staying in town.

"I'm not letting them take Yami away," Yugi sighed, looking around the inn before noticing the inn keeper polishing off the bell on his counter. "I'll just have to talk to Judge Hopkins and tell him everything… I mean I'm sure you don't want Bakura taken away."

Ryou nodded. "You're right, I don't, but they are still outlaws…. So how can you be sure that he'll not have them sent off?"

Offering the other a smile, Yugi started toward the inn keeper. "Because I have a better idea on what could happen to our Aces."

Looking over his friend, Ryou shook his head. It was clear that Yugi was up to something that much was for sure.

As soon as they had made it back to Vander, Yugi had run into the General store to see his grandpa and hugged the elderly man before running off to get his friends. However, Malik had been held up because of customers, Joey had to face a disgruntled sheriff, and so that only left Ryou, who was currently tagging along with him.

Walking up to the inn keeper, Yugi was getting ready to ask the man about where the Judge was staying when a familiar voice caught his attention, causing his to tense.

"Yugi, is that you?"

Ryou chuckled lightly as he noticed the rigid stance of his shorter companion before turning to look at where the voice came from to see a short young girl with blonde hair twirled up in a fashionable bun wearing a long expensive dress coming down the wooden steps.

Forcing himself to turn around, Yugi flinched as he heard a concerned gasp erupt from the familiar voice's throat.

"Yugi, you're hurt! What happened are you okay? Shouldn't you be in the infirmary resting? Ryou I thought you were a doctor's assistant!"

Ryou and Yugi both exchanged glances before rolling their eyes and looking back at the frantic blonde that was still rambling on over the injury.

Wincing and biting back a hiss as the other touched the wound, Yugi took a step back before using his free arm to keep the girl at bay. "Rebecca, calm down! I'm fine really!" he yelled, trying to cover up the groan that was etched into his voice.

The blonde shook her head lightly while regarding the other with her blue eyes. "You don't look fine to me! You look haggard."

"Thanks a lot," Yugi mumbled, looking at the blonde while still keeping her away at arms length. "Look where's your Grandfather? We need to speak to him."

"He's upstairs, by why do you want him for? He's going to be going to a trial here in a bit. It seems the posse that was sent out finally managed to catch a nasty gang of outlaws," Rebecca rambled on.

"More like the outlaws came quietly," Ryou whispered as Yugi nodded in agreement before bother of them glared at the blonde when she had insulted the gang of outlaws they had come to love.

"Rebecca… just tell us where your grandpa is! It's important that we speak to him!" Yugi snapped, his right eye almost developing a twitch in annoyance.

"Well fine, be that way," Rebecca huffed, pouting at the two while crossing her arms. "He's upstairs, third door down and to the right."

"Thank you," Ryou muttered, remembering to be polite before running after Yugi, who had already made it half way up the steps. Racing after the other, he soon managed to reach the other just as they came to the appropriate door.

Knocking on the door, Yugi took a deep breath before a familiar elderly face opening the door.

"Why Yugi and Ryou, what are you two doing here?"

"Hello again Judge Hopkins," Yugi smiled, bowing his head respectfully to the elderly man in the door way. "Ryou and I would like to have a few words with you about the trial that you will judge soon."

"Do you have some valuable information?" the elder asked, eyeing the two carefully to notice the bandage on Yugi's arm. "And what happened to you?"

"Um, it's kind of a long story," Yugi sighed. "Don't worry about me though, I'm fine, but there is something that we have to tell you about the outlaws that will be on trial…"

"I see," Judge Hopkins sighed, rubbing his chin lightly. "Well you two come on in and make yourselves comfortable, since it looks like we have a lot to talk about."

Stepping into the large room, Yugi watched Ryou take a seat before looking back at the elderly man. "You can say that again…"


"What are you doing?"

"What does it look like I'm doing, Powder?"

"Dammit, if my hands weren't tied I'd knock the hell out of you!"

Yami rolled his eyes lightly at the two before watching as Marik once again brought his bound hands up to his face before gnawing on his wrist that was being rubbed by the rope. Quirking an eyebrow at the action he noticed Marik catch his gaze.

"What?" Marik asked, looking back at Yami to watch as the red eyed outlaw rolled his eyes. "It's the rope! It's itchy as hell!"

Cold blue eyes surveyed the rest of the courthouse, choosing to ignore the other three outlaws that were currently sitting beside them on the long bench over in the corner. Seto sighed as his eyes locked onto concerned honey, spotting Joey sitting in one of the benches on the other side of the room with Malik right beside him.

Aside from the Aces, Malik and Joey there wasn't much of a crowd in the courthouse. The posse that brought the Aces in were there as well as the local sheriff that would toss glares down at Joey every once and a while and there was also a young blonde haired girl in a frilly dress with her hair styled up in a bun sitting near the desk where the judge would sit.

Guessing the girl had to be some kin to the judge, Yami sighed while looking around the rest of the room before flinching as Yugi's grandfather entered the room to throw a heated glare in his direction. Quickly turning away, he dropped his head before bringing up his tied hands and rubbing them down his face.

"Looks like if this trial doesn't get ya, that the old man will," Bakura stated, eyeing Yami lightly.

"Tell me about it… Hell and just my luck, he has a shotgun in the General store too," Yami groaned.

"Maybe you're lucky and his aim is terrible," Bakura offered with a smirk.

"That really comforts me," Yami deadpanned, shaking his head.

Hearing the courthouse doors slam, all the Aces turned to watch Ryou run in to sit beside Joey and Malik while Yugi came in to sit beside his grandpa.

Yugi was a bit concerned as he noticed the look on Yami's face as well as the uncomfortable body language of the outlaw. Not sure what to think about it, he looked up to catch the glare his grandpa was giving the outlaw. "Grandpa, don't," he sighed, having the glare turned down on him, causing him to inwardly flinch.

"Yugi, he's an outlaw and you never told me! He could've killed you….!"

"Grandpa, Yami wouldn't do that!" Yugi snapped, cutting his grandfather off. "He loves me and I love him! He saved me when Pegasus had me taken away!"

The older man sighed while running a hand through his spiky gray hair. "Yugi… you still should've told me about who he really was."

"I know, but I knew you would turn him away or turn him in and I couldn't stand it… I…I can't stand the thought of loosing him," Yugi whispered out, almost jumping out of his skin as his grandpa touched his shoulder.

"I understand Yugi… and I guess I owe him some thanks since he brought you back in once piece," the other smiled, happy when Yugi smiled back before reaching up to squeeze his hand with his good one.

"Thanks, grandpa."

Another sound of a door closing and the sheriff in the front of the courthouse stood up. "All rise for Judge Hopkins!" he bellowed out as everyone in the building stood up- all except for a white haired outlaw.

"Bakura, stand up," Yami growled, looking down at the other.

"I can't!" Bakura bit back.

"What's the matter, Powder, forget how?" Marik teased, earning a glare from the other.

"Bastard, my legs are asleep!" Bakura growled causing the rest of the Aces to sweat drop.

Shaking his head, Yami leaned over and lifted Bakura as much as he could before grumbling and giving Marik a kick. "Help me lift him up!"

Pouting at the other outlaw, Marik helped lift up Bakura to look up as the sheriff shot them all a glare before notice an elderly man taking a seat at the large desk up in the center front of the building.

Waving his hands, the sheriff cleared his throat, motioning for everyone to sit back down.

Bakura grunted as both Yami and Marik let go of him, causing him to land with a thud back on the bench. "Dammit you two!" he snapped, glaring at both of them as they sat back down to smirk at him lightly.

"You all knock it off," Seto growled, causing all the others to roll their eyes before looking up front at the Judge that decided their fate.

Judge Hopkins cleared his throat lightly while looking over the information that was laid on his desk before looking over at the sheriff. "So tell me Sheriff Jones, what has been going on."

"And here come the lies," Marik sighed, rolling his eyes.

The sheriff continued to explain everything that he knew from what information they had gathered from Ryou earlier, to what had happened at the train to what they heard of Silver Mane.

"So you managed to catch a few members of Silver Mane's gang as well," the Judge remarked, receiving a nod in return. "I see."

The Aces all shot curious looks at one another as the trial continued. Each member of the posse told of what they had experienced when they had encountered the train, pointing out to whatever Ace they had seen and what not.

"Hmm, gentlemen from everything you have told, I have come to realize that the Wild Aces basically did your job for you," The Judge smirked, causing all those in the room besides Ryou and Yugi to have their jaws drop in shock.

"One of the Aces had managed to get on the train and detached a mob of outlaws that were part of Silver Mane's gang, the same gang that was responsible for killing many military men while stealing a canon and who knows what else they have stolen over time. Not only that, but apparently that same outlaw was attempting to rescue someone that had been kidnapped as well," the Judge continued on.

"He's talking about Yami, isn't he?" Marik asked, looking at Bakura curiously.

"You are an idiot," Bakura grumbled, shaking his head.

"But sir… they are still outlaws and wanted for account of robbery and a few killings of their own. I have reports of them making a heist on a stage coach not to long ago and there were no survivors," the sheriff rasped out.

Yugi flinched as he thought about the stagecoach incident that Pegasus had told him about, the one where Yami had shot his brother. Running a hand through his hair, he looked up and gasped as he noticed Yami taking a stand.

"That time was a fluke," Yami sighed, looking ahead to narrow his eyes at the sheriff before looking over at the Judge. "Sorry if I speak out of turn… but maybe you should hear our side, or my side of the story…"

"Go ahead," The Judge smiled, nodding his head.

Nodding back in respect, Yami took a deep breath. "The stagecoach was sort of a practice run for us. We used to be only a trio, but then when we got a fourth member, well we had to do a practice run to work out all the kinks. Well when we approached the stagecoach one of the drivers spotted us and so a chase began."

"It didn't last long because the driver took a deep turn, causing the coach to turn over and the harness attached to the horses broke loose. We circled the coach to only have a guy with short silvery white hair jump out and start shooting at us," Yami sighed. "I ran him down and he and I fought for a bit until I thought I finally knocked him out and turned to go back to the wagon… well when I looked inside there was a few bags full of cash. There had been two others on the carriage, but my friends were holding them at bay."

"Or at least until I jumped since a bullet hit just a few inches away from my boot, causing me to jerk back and pull out my own guns and aim at the one that shot at me. The other was getting ready to pull the trigger so I dodged again, but as I turned, he took another shot and I did too, hitting him dead on while he managed to graze my neck with a bullet. The others with me and him both opened fire and well… we all survived and they didn't."

"I see," the Judge sighed before looking back down at the sheriff. "It was Hyperion coach, right?" seeing the nod, he looked back down at his notes. "Ten bags were reported stolen from that area, and seven were returned, I take it you took the other three and left the others to be found."

Yami nodded. "I later found out that the one I shot was Silver Mane's younger brother if that makes any difference," he said before sitting back down.

Yugi blinked as he heard the story. So everything had been done in self defense. Yami had never taken the first shot! Grinning, Yugi felt silly for being worried about Pegasus actually telling the truth about Yami.

"Well since I have heard of a few other things, I've recently been given a great idea over the recent developments. I have seen that the Wild Aces, even though they are outlaws have not been the ones responsible for some the more deviant crimes that I have heard off. I'm also aware of them rescuing a friend of mine as well as putting an end to Silver Mane and his gang," The judge smiled.

"So I have decided to drop all the charges against them," he chuckled, watching the awed faces of the outlaws look at him as if he had grown heads. "I however have a proposition for them that a friend of mine thought would be the perfect thing for these outlaws to redeem themselves."

Ryou chuckled before looking back at Yugi who was smiling lightly before turning as he felt Malik tap him on the shoulder.

"What's going on?" he asked, eyeing Ryou curiously.

"You'll find out, let's just say Yugi had another 'special' plan," Ryou chuckled, turning to look back at the judge.

"The four of you seem to have great teamwork from what I can understand great skills as well. However, I don't think you should be outlaws anymore, the West has enough of those as it is, and I think the lot of you has done what you've done in order to survive… or at least I hope that is the reason. That is why I have decided to make you all into certified Bounty Hunters," the Judge stated.

"What?" Bakura blinked, not believing his ears as he looked over at the others. "Did he just say what I think he said?"

"I think so," Yami breathed, not sure whether to believe it or not.

"I see that you are shocked, and well I must admit the idea shocked me as well, but when a friend of mine mentioned to me all that you could do and what you had done for him… well I was impressed and he thought that this would be a good job for you all. What better way to catch outlaws than to have your own band of outlaws to track them down," The judge chuckled. "So what do you say?"

The Aces looked at one another before smirking lightly.

"You have yourself a deal, Judge," Yami stated, smiling as he turned to see Yugi beaming at him with a hidden gleam glistening in those amethyst eyes.

"Good, now Sheriff if you'd be so kind to cut their binds. Our new Bounty Hunters are to feel welcome here," The Judge grinned as the sheriff sighed before doing as told. Chuckling, he got to his feet before calling out a dismissal thengrabbing some papers and walking toward the Aces. "Sign your names here and you'll all be free to go."

The Aces quickly wrote down their names before nodding to the Judge in respect. The older man was sure one hell of a guy in their book.





All the Aces turned to immediately be hugged by the ones that had stolen their hearts.

Yami smiled while hugging Yugi tightly, mindful of the injured arm as he picked up his little one before lightly swinging him around in his arms. "Yugi," he whispered, burying his face in the other's wild mane before hearing the sound of a clearing throat, causing him to turn and look into aged violet.


"Take care of him Yami," the elder sighed, patting Yami on the back. "Or else…"

"Don't worry, I'll protect him with my life," Yami promised before leaning down and rubbing his nose against Yugi's, causing the little one to laugh before hugging him.

"A bounty hunter, that sounds exciting," Ryou smiled, hugging Bakura.

"Yeah I guess," Bakura replied, hugging Ryou lightly while brushing a kiss against his temple. "I'm just glad that we're free… I was worried that I'd have to leave you behind."

Smiling, Ryou leaned up to give Bakura a soft kiss. "I know, I was worried too, but now you can relax and come home so that I can cook for you."

"Hmm, I'm feeling hungry already," Bakura smirked before leaning down and giving the other a tender kiss.

"That means I'm stuck with you, doesn't it?" Malik sighed, looking up at Marik to catch that endearing little pout that the other had. "Not that I mind, since you are one hell of a kisser and I need a bit of excitement me in my life… just no more dynamite in my house."

Marik rolled his eyes before pulling Malik to him and kissing him.

Joey and Seto looked at each other lightly. "So how did it go, pup?" Seto asked, noticing the blond cringe as the local sheriff looked at him.

"Well I still have my job… but I sure got an ear full as well," Joey sighed. "How about you, I mean now y'all will be Bounty Hunters."

"I don't mind. We'll all get paid for what we do and this way Mokuba will be safe and everything," Seto smiled. "I do have a proposition for you though."

"Oh and what's that?" Joey asked.

Pulling Joey to him in a hug, Seto ran one of his hands through the blonde's hair. "That you make your stay at my place permanent. Mokuba likes you and you know how I feel about you."

Giving the brunet a kiss, Joey smiled. "Home is where the heart is…"

It had been almost six months since the Aces had been dropped of their charges and became the Bounty Hunters that were now cleaning up the West. The happy couples had all grown a lot closer and started moderate lives together. Those passing months had been very busy though since one of the couples had to build their home almost from the ground up, but good thing their Grandfather had a lot of connections.

"Well I have to admit, this place is something else, and it didn't take that long to build it," Ryou smiled, relaxing in one of the rocking chairs that decorated the large porch of the two story ranch house.

"That's only because half the town pitched in and everything," Malik smiled before turning to look around for the owners of the house to not see them anywhere. "Where are Yami and Yugi anyways?"

Marik, Seto, Joey, and Bakura all burst out of the house being chased by Yami, who was shirtless.

"Damn you all to Hell! Bastards, have ya never heard of Privacy!" he yelled still running after the others.

Ryou and Malik both shared looks before bursting out laughing.

"I don't see what's so funny."

Hearing the voice, the two turned to see Yugi looking rather rumpled standing in the doorway. The other's shirt was unbuttoned and his hair was tousled and there were a fewbite marks visible around his neck and shoulders.

Exchanges glances with one another again, they burst out laughing once more, knowing what their lovers had interrupted and knew that Yami would have their hides.

"Just wait till I get a hold of you!"

"Dammit, Yami! It was an accident, Marik made me do it!"

"What! I never did a thing, it was all Powder's fault!"

"Both of you shut up and run!"

"Dammit, Yugi! Call him off!"

Yugi smirked lightly as he watched the other's running away from his rather pissed lover. "Sorry guys, but you're on your own!"



A train had just come to stop at the large town of Pleasant Hills. Many passengers climbed off the train and left to do their business.

Dusky blue eyes watched all the passengers before coming to stop on a familiar figure dressed in an expensive suit. Walking up to the other, he tipped his hat in greeting.

"You have news for me?"

"Yes, sir. Silver Mane's gang has been wiped out."

The figure from the train smiled as he looked at the other male. "Splendid, with Silver Mane out of the way, we have a new territory to claim."

"But sir, there might be a slight problem. Silver Mane's territory is now in the care of Bounty Hunters."

"You may see a problem, my friend. I however see a challenge."

"I see, sir. So do we continue with your plans?"

"Yes, I think in this new challenge, we will be the ones to make the first move."